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0k_KidPuter t1_j0kyqpp wrote

Axel rose looks like that kid on my block who always asks to bum a smoke, then when i tell him i dont smoke, he promptly tells me to go fuck myself. Seems like a nice kid.


aShittierShitTier4u t1_j0l9694 wrote

You should get some cigarettes just so you can do to that kid like Lucy Van Pelt does to Charlie Brown. That ought to teach him not to bother other people.


skittlebog t1_j0m08rq wrote

I got a pack of Turkish cigarettes once. Gave those out to the guys bumming cigarettes. I never got bothered again.


ChiefBerube t1_j0ni246 wrote

What’s wrong with Turkish cigarettes?


skittlebog t1_j0nkfaw wrote

Nothing wrong with them, it's just that some of them are a lot stronger in flavor than the usual American brands.


BigAssToast t1_j0mx46y wrote

And he 100% bummed that cig off of Lemmy.


0k_KidPuter t1_j0nk9yx wrote

Lemmy 100% stole that pack from a groupies purse. All is fair in love and war.


BigAssToast t1_j0nslq3 wrote

I'd be so happy if I were to ever find out that were true.


lonestarninja47 t1_j0kudsr wrote

Wearing your own band’s shirt


HeavyFuckingMetalx t1_j0lw7zh wrote

Iron Maiden does it.


hamsolo19 t1_j0m1pzq wrote

Yeah, Trujillo wears Metallica stuff when he plays live a lot too.


awkwardcoitus t1_j0mvrrh wrote

Yeah but I feel like that's different. He started playing with Metallica in 2003 so he was likely a fan before.


i-opener t1_j0ktmkt wrote

The show usually starts around seven
We go on stage at nine
Get on the bus at eleven
Sippin' a drink and feelin' fine


palmerj54321 t1_j0laytn wrote

Not to diminish their success and accomplishments, but Duff and Axl look a bit like imposters next to the authentic OG.


Notch99 t1_j0lmak6 wrote

Bet Lemmy’s not wearing sneakers.


Hattix t1_j0mqi0q wrote

Lemmy's ethic was absolutely and completely something else.

He'd say "I'm a public figure. If I'm in public, I'm at work." and never refuse an autograph or a photo.


Oldrocket t1_j0ktz3x wrote

Great drinking game: watch the Paradise City video and you have to drink every time someone nods at the camera


webdevxoomer t1_j0llkl4 wrote

To me, that video always exemplified rock 'n roll - giant stadium, random articles of clothing on the stage, clips from 'life on the road', bouncers tackling people, etc


Oldrocket t1_j0lqabx wrote

Definitely one of the quintessential heavy metal "tour montage" videos. Pretty much every hair band back then did one. Also had to have a ballad at some point. Def Leppard pour some sugar on me and motley Crue Wild Side are a couple of other awesome "tour montage" gems.


heliskinki t1_j0kvv27 wrote

I was at that gig, my first festival experience. G'N'R were at the bottom of the bill, Appetite For Destruction had just been released. Crowd went nuts for them, and a couple of kids died in the crush down the front. Pissed it down all day, absolute mud bath.


Full_Artichoke_8583 t1_j0l2db6 wrote

Lemmy holding a large glass of straight Jack Daniels (probably).


notahouseflipper t1_j0l8t2d wrote

That doesn’t look straight. But he is drinking like a true gentleman with that pinky.


norielukas t1_j0nyskh wrote

More likely to be jack & coke, considering that drink is also known as a ”lemmy”.


AliBarberTheSecond t1_j0n1aed wrote

It'll be Jack and coke considering that was what he drank. When his Dr complained that he needed to drink more water he added ice to it


Ok_Fox_1770 t1_j0m9ei2 wrote

How young everyone was… wasn’t even that long… oh yeah creepin on 40 years ago


Flaky-Wallaby5382 t1_j0l5zb1 wrote

I just wanna pick up axle and put em in my pocket


michaelscarn1313 t1_j0lee8m wrote

Axl’s not really short (he’s like 5’10) it’s just the way he’s standing.


johnnyhammer t1_j0lrdlh wrote

Maybe OP is bragging about the size of his pocket?

Ever think of that?




west-arcane t1_j0nox9n wrote

I've seen him in real life, and he's like 5'7" in actuality.


Big-Pond t1_j0nrmck wrote

Axl is 5’9”. It’s just that Duff is 6’3”


sire_brownstone t1_j0nsdwx wrote

That's Axl's PR inflated height lol. Slash is listed as 5'10", and Axl is visibly a few inches shorter in some pics they have together.


Big-Pond t1_j0nu1fh wrote

Maybe. I always thought slash looked way taller…but I never saw them together without the top hat…


Ronnie_Mustang t1_j0l7o68 wrote

I heard that Lemmy got his name from Jimi Hendrix when they were at a casino and Lemmy would keep going up to Jimi goin "Lemme get $5".


AliBarberTheSecond t1_j0n15up wrote

Nothing to do with Jimi, it was from when he was a kid and would ask for money, "lemme a quid". Google is literally at your fingertips


Ronnie_Mustang t1_j0ojsp1 wrote

Yeah I mean I just heard this from a friend and posted it. I should hope no one takes me as a legitimate source. Glad to hear the real story. So was he involved with Jimi at all? I heard he was a roadie or something for him.


iamsce t1_j0kqtus wrote

If they were walking toward you on the street, you would cross the street.


MrSvenningsBrownEye OP t1_j0kqxay wrote

If they lived next door to you, your lawn would die


Whateveryousaydude7 t1_j0l5era wrote

Duff is one of my neighbors. He’s awesome


Fritz6161 t1_j0lis66 wrote

Living next to 1988 Duff might be a different story, though.


Whateveryousaydude7 t1_j0lk3cm wrote

That’s true. He’s Dad Duff now. But still cool and looks great.


WrathOfKan t1_j0ntcxu wrote

Duff took accounting in business school and would have graduated — he just had one more quarter to complete. In 2011, Duff founded a wealth management firm for musicians called Meridian Rock.


durrrr21 t1_j0lyy32 wrote

Because I don't want them asking to borrow my lighter


Brian_E1971 t1_j0lmv2v wrote

Lemmy is dead and looks better than Axl right now. Fat loser looks like he ate Meatloaf.


AliBarberTheSecond t1_j0n1dfd wrote

Rough downvotes from the axl fanboiz


sire_brownstone t1_j0nrqut wrote

Axl isn't really big anymore. He's actually kind of thin for his age now. If you look up pics of him from 2022, he's as slim as Slash is.


Epsteins_Mutha t1_j0nvec7 wrote

I always thought Lemmy had to be one of the ugliest lead singers ever. He actually didn't look too bad in this photo though.


BoomerDown84 t1_j0lwycc wrote

Leather pants and high tops. Pure 80s drip.


Bowman_van_Oort t1_j0mak0f wrote

of course Axl is wearing his own bands shirt


Burning_Flags t1_j0nvpyd wrote

Is wearing your own band merch allowed?


SwimmingBeneficial93 t1_j0o5hxd wrote

Lenny was a frickin treasure an original and a gentleman. Axl was a big angry baby.


defusted t1_j0m0juk wrote

He's even wearing his own shirt, we should have known he was an asshole then lol


patrickp72 t1_j0ldpha wrote

They look like a display in a wax museum


Electricalbigaloo7 t1_j0lsb50 wrote

Just like old school Sabbath, Zeppelin or Lemmy, I need to drop it down low, and make it heavy, I LIKE IT HEAVY!


TheRealVinosity t1_j0ltexq wrote

I was there that year!

I still have the t-shirt (though it seems to have, erm, shrunk since then).

That was the tragic year that 2 people were killed in a crowd crush.


Thprop t1_j0lxhgt wrote

Ask seems uncomfortable.


MrSvenningsBrownEye OP t1_j0ly7tz wrote

Would you not be uncomfortable standing between Duff and God?


Thprop t1_j0m3h6e wrote

If I were sporting leather pants and grandpap sneakers, yeah, I suppose I would.


Ornery-Fun-1591 t1_j0mozyh wrote

Bad assery right here. All leather, no pleather.


BigAssToast t1_j0mx1x4 wrote

Duff was in 19 different bands.


A_Soft_Fart t1_j0nia7w wrote

Only one of these guys is douchey enough to wear his own band’s shirt.


TakeOnMe-TakeOnMe t1_j0noaoa wrote

Meredith is the only person I know who can properly headband to Motörhead.


coffeymp t1_j0nolpq wrote

Duff & Lemmy prolly drank a gallon of booze.


eyeofapple t1_j0nta2j wrote

When Axl still looks normal


ChronoFish t1_j0olfi4 wrote

Boy that took me back.

Where do we go now?


clickism t1_j0opiy4 wrote

Axl looks like the 1980s equivalent of todays standard “fuck boy”.


egonsepididymitis t1_j0p1glf wrote

Lemmy’s leather crotch: is it part of his pants or part of his belt?


whyunoletmepost t1_j0lil7v wrote

Lemmy reminds me of Champ from the office if he had a cooler older brother.


Skreamies t1_j0mgzx7 wrote

Donnington is a great race track


Kushfriendly420 t1_j0mspus wrote

I started playing bass cuz of duff, i took my dj name cuz of duff, i died almost like duff, im also a rocksrar


AllhandsOnHarry t1_j0nm804 wrote

Without any context they just look like dirty assholes.


Tonyracs t1_j0nvo17 wrote

PoS lemmy