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notume37 t1_j1zn90n wrote

He looks like his own prototype for Norman Bates.


ComprehensiveHavoc t1_j1zogf5 wrote

It was an autobiography. 🤔


Horrorlover656 OP t1_j22k6p0 wrote

Funny you say that. Around the late 40s, he published a novel by the name of 'The Scarf'. It's about a writer who moonlights as a serial killer who strangles his victims with a scarf. Do check it out! It has the seeds for what became Psycho.


loquacious706 t1_j20klde wrote

If they'd cast him to play Norman Bates there'd be no mystery.

Yeah, that guy did it.


Malfase t1_j1zphyn wrote

Dude looks like DJ Qualls


ThanosWasRight161 t1_j1zpt6c wrote

Jeez I really don’t miss typewriters. Absolutely hated doing papers on the those things. I was correcting more than writing. Word Processors were my salvation


SeesawMundane5422 t1_j207s1y wrote

Just for an interesting conversation… you notice how novels have ballooned in size since typewriters went away? I feel like tracing the Harry Potter books is an illustration of this. Something like 200 pages for the first one in the early 90s to 800 by the end. (Too lazy to actually look up page counts).


BarbequedYeti t1_j1zzidf wrote

white out. type over it. white out. type over it. white out. type ov.. hole in paper. Start all over. White out. type over it.. white out type over it. head ache from all the white out fumes. rinse and repeat for every paper due.... ugh..


fermat9997 t1_j206ijf wrote

Can anyone see what's he's drinking?


RepostSleuthBot t1_j1zjzl8 wrote

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qwertyhell01 t1_j1zpij1 wrote

And was asked to rewrite everything like 50 times...


Skydogsguitar t1_j20ie2h wrote

Hell of a good short story writer.


Sweatytubesock t1_j20xj22 wrote

Hell of a writer, aside from Psycho.


Horrorlover656 OP t1_j22jxwk wrote

Definitely underrated! If you can, read The Scarf(basically where the seeds of Psycho came from). It's about a post world war ii serial killer who strangles his victims with a scarf and is a writer by daytime.


speedcunt t1_j212epa wrote

"The author of, psycho Robert Bloch, writing at his desk. (1950)s"


Cadiz1664 t1_j1zkgof wrote

Is Ed Gein lurking about?


darkorex t1_j1zonux wrote

Caroline's dad


zg6089 t1_j201rpl wrote

He looks as expected


goodshout t1_j2071s0 wrote

Then: what kind of person comes up with a character like that?

Now: ah yeah that makes total sense


PepeMoli t1_j2173yd wrote

He kind of reminds me of Coraline's dad


burrbro235 t1_j217qei wrote

Is he related to Nigel Bloch?


laser_red t1_j221tbw wrote

Name sounded familiar, had to look it up. He wrote some episodes of Star Trek, TOS.


Ckigar t1_j22en84 wrote

“I have the heart of a child. I keep it in a jar on my shelf.”

Robert Bloch