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wacky-ball-sack t1_j1hopid wrote

My dad has always said he’d sell me to see them play


spatial_interests t1_j1hyafk wrote

I saw them play in 2013 for like 60 bucks.


Bruce-Lee-Roy t1_j1k7s1l wrote

  1. With Snoop on 2nd stage. 16 year old me tripping on lot shrooms, changed my life.

spatial_interests t1_j1k7xkk wrote

Yeah, the 90's would be a great time to see them, for sure. Especially on shrooms.


dac2u t1_j1lg0tj wrote

My first concert, I saw them during that same tour in Washington, what an amazing show. Snoop of course had people throw their weed up on stage and smoked it. Brave guy to smoke a stranger's pot


shaundisbuddyguy t1_j1k2ajx wrote

That was a deal. I saw them in 07 and 08 for 80$ a shot. The 07 show for whatever reason was way better than 08 .


spatial_interests t1_j1k3fkl wrote

I was up in the seats, so that was kind of a bummer. And the floor was all seats; not really how I'd prefer to see a band like Tool.


Roxmysox68 t1_j1hqn91 wrote

Cant say i blame him, i mean cmon its fucking tool!!!


couchjitsu t1_j1ikrdf wrote

I saw them at Lolapalooza before I really knew who they were. I'd seen the Prison Sex claymation video on MTV numerous times, but didn't get in to them until a few decades later.


TheDeadlySquid t1_j1inuwl wrote

I’ve seen them twice, no big deal. Didn’t have to sell any children. Also, are those Danner Mountain Lite boots? I have a pair of those. They’re nice and last forever.


ReginaldFbottomIII t1_j1iqve3 wrote

I had tickets to see them an hour away from me.

Then CoViD happened.

Band hasn’t re-scheduled to that city.

To be fair, I’m in the US and the show I was going to was in Canada. The boarder just became widely opened to all only a few months ago.


sneakgeek1312 t1_j1it5w9 wrote

Your dad seems like a smart man. I will se them before I leave this world.


Masterchiefychief t1_j1jpmt2 wrote

They were awesome at r/Bonnaroo this year. So was r/puscifer

Tell your pops to start spiraling out!

They’ll be on tour again next year


rolling_soul t1_j1jwhs5 wrote

He'd fucking need to, the price of their concerts lately.


MrZombikilla t1_j1k0kpg wrote

Seen them 3 times in last couple years. I’d sell you too


ElDuder1no t1_j1hxzzx wrote

Throw that Bob Marley wannabe motherfucker outta here.


TheManRedeemed t1_j1hyogy wrote

How, in all that is holy and half the things that aren't, do you think Maynard is trying to "wannabe" like Marley?

You're either trolling so weakly that your lure sunk to the bottom and confused me, or you straight up have zero idea what you're talking about.

Edit: Ooookay guys and gals ( and everything in between <3 ) I get it. It's a Maynard quote. I had no idea as I've only just kinda been introduced to Tool through my son and think they are great. You could see my confusion if had no context though right?

Also, I'm leaving the comment up. I'm 50+ and man enough to wear my mistakes.


ElDuder1no t1_j1hyuxr wrote

Obviously you're not a golfer...

EDIT: haha in all seriousness relax. Maynard says this before one of their songs off their Opiate album - Cold and Ugly. It's from an early live performance.


TheManRedeemed t1_j1i18e1 wrote

Fuck, you got me so confused on that one my missus asked me if was having reflux again from the expression on my face. I felt like I was having a senior moment.

I'll take your advice and give Opiate a shot. Any other great albums I should get? My boy is coming over for the holidays and I'd love to have a good selection to have playing while we sink some beers and shoot the shit.


daredelvis421 OP t1_j1i3751 wrote

The golfer reference is a quote from The Big Lebowski. If you haven't seen it, would definitely recommend. Every Tool album is great. My personal favorites are Undertow and Aenima. Also check out the drum cam on YouTube of Pneuma if you're new to being a Tool fan.


TheManRedeemed t1_j1i3ssy wrote

Pneuma was one of the songs I heard when my kid played some of their songs for me. I thought it was amazing! The Pot and Sober were also two others he played for me and they were absolutely killer. Thanks for the recommendations I'll give those albums a listen.


Nordbergh t1_j1hz33l wrote

Maybe listen to Opiate and get back to us.


TheManRedeemed t1_j1i046n wrote

This is an older album? I've only just started to listen to them. My son played some last time he came to visit me and they have a fucking amazing sound. I was planning to buy some albums to hear more. Would Opiate be a good one? If not, any more suggestions?


deiulei t1_j1hz8hv wrote

Whoosh. Maybe go re-listen to Opiate before you go off on your rants.


TheManRedeemed t1_j1hzkv4 wrote

Excuse me for not knowing every single song and act that Tool has ever played. Never listened to Opiate. Only heard of Tool through my oldest son and kinda like what I hear.


daredelvis421 OP t1_j1hzuih wrote

It's all good. If you're a Tool fan definitely check that album out. Happy holidays to you.


daredelvis421 OP t1_j1hyysm wrote

It's a quote from MJK on the Opiate album.


TheManRedeemed t1_j1hztp3 wrote

Ahhh. Makes sense now. I had no idea it was a quote as I've only heard a few songs here and there since my son loves them so much. They have a fucking great sound and from the lyrics on the songs that I have heard, Maynard really puts meaning into his words.


boyson83 t1_j1hpoxt wrote

The old Maynard "Mull-Hawk"! I was 10 in '93, didn't start listening to Tool until a few years later. Saw them in Albany, NY for the first time during the Lateralus tour and another ten or so times over the past 20 years. My favorite band of all time!


Saktapking t1_j1i5bfb wrote

God damn the lateralus tour was fucking great.


boyson83 t1_j1iab6x wrote

I actually got to see it on both legs of the tour. I think Tomahawk opened in Albany and Fantomas in Syracuse. The first show in Albany they had the suspended contortionist act (can't remember their name, but they were in MiB 2 I think) they literally did a naked contortion act above the stage painted silver during the intermission. Fuckin wild!


Saktapking t1_j1iajou wrote

I think my favorite time seeing them was they did like a 5-6 date short tour before 10,000 days I think and one of the shows was at Gammage Auditorium at ASU and holy shit were they ON that night.


boyson83 t1_j1ib6o1 wrote

My friends and I saw them at Coachella just before 10,000 days came out. It was amazing. Then we saw them at the Hard Rock in Vegas a couple weeks later. That was a super small show, opened with Lost Keys/Rosetta Stoned. I was living in SD for a few years. I saw the Street Scene show and one night at SDSU also before I came back to NY.


Saktapking t1_j1ib9x7 wrote

My buddy was at street scene and said it was awesome. I was super bummed I couldn’t make it.


boyson83 t1_j1ibyga wrote

Snoop played at the same time if I remember correctly, was a little torn but Tool was the obvious choice. They crowd got way rowdy and people were getting crushed at the front. They stopped mid song and Maynard kept saying "slow down, back up, back up" etc. Shit got a little wild.


MrRoboto12345 t1_j1hlsyc wrote

Wish I knew what kind of boots those were. Digging the socks/shoes combo


xrocket21 t1_j1hss75 wrote

Off the first EP?


merkaba_462 t1_j1hvaho wrote

LP. Undertow came out in 1993.

Opiate was 1992 (although most of Undertow had already been written; record company would only give them an EP).

It's in the song...


Few_Fisherman_2064 t1_j1ibvvb wrote

Love cranking up Undertow. Old Kenwood thru Klipsch Corner Horns. Rattling gutters off the house and popping out dry wall nails. Loved it!


GrayFury t1_j1k55zm wrote

I've got some bad advice for you, little buddy


BigTastey2 t1_j1i9m1h wrote

Thusly exemplifies the opening of thine Third Eye.


mitch-dubz t1_j1i3jzn wrote

This man is timeless.


pipeweedjr_ t1_j1idmlb wrote

If this is from lollapalooza my dad was in the audience tripping on acid and discovering tool for the first time


rhhkeely t1_j1j2sy2 wrote

Green Jell-O days or Tapeworm


Senior-Class1625 t1_j1j5syz wrote

Dad skipped my little league game to go see Tool in Seattle with “the guys.” He said I’d understand when I’m older. I’m 26 now and I totally understand.

Went 3-4 batting in the game which was pretty sick being I was(am) not athletic.


Hershy_ t1_j1khmve wrote

Theres no way hes not singing Sober here


NewClock8197 t1_j1jrkc0 wrote

You gotta check out the O’Keefe Music School Foundation doing a cover of 46 and 2, or the Jamel reaction video. Makes you feel like your hearing this strong sad deeply beautiful music all over again.


plant_lyfe t1_j1jw6lj wrote

Saw them 06 or 07 in a small venue in Evansville Indiana for maybe $30. Melt Banana opened. Awesome show, definitely top 10 show


portagenaybur t1_j1jw77r wrote

I saw them in 93. I bet this is the Lollapalooza second stage because that’s where I saw them.


smooth-bro t1_j1ksm2b wrote

Worked for the tour at the Tacoma Dome this year, watched the whole show from off-stage crew area the day I came back to work from having COVID, trippy set.


pieceofdebri t1_j1kxs2p wrote

Still got a ticket stub somewhere from their show in Dallas in ‘98. My first concert. Amazing.


AuraGuardian1092 t1_j1l2eni wrote

Was lucky enough to see them four times. Each time with my father who passed away this year. Have had a very difficult time listening to them since he passed. Was his favorite band for many years.


I_Beat_Hourly22 t1_j1ib1da wrote

And now he’s an entitled douche who hates his fans for liking his music.