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bechingona t1_j2255qt wrote

I have my great grandpa's mugshot, too! He was in Leavenworth for smuggling booze during Prohibition.


phinbar t1_j22f3t4 wrote

"Yesiree, it was me what took that dadgum car and I'd do it again, by cracky!"


Beneficial-Number-78 t1_j21tjap wrote

What did he steal? I take it a bottle of moonshine and his hairline


Eddiebaby7 OP t1_j21xfd5 wrote

I believe it was a car. The real kicker is that through his arrest records we discovered our family last name was actually an alias. He apparently served in WWI and got his pension under his real name. Looks like we have a huge chunk of family we never knew about!


EphraimJenkins t1_j21yonh wrote

Did the apple not fall far from the tree?