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No_Character2755 t1_j1rwbt8 wrote

It's funny how fashion recycles. Those glasses were great back then. Then there was a period of them being for serial killers and now they've cycled back into popularity. Look good on him.


Johnny_GazeeboIII OP t1_j1rwhs3 wrote

My dad and older brother currently own a pair and I thought of getting some myself!


No_Character2755 t1_j1rwo0l wrote

Well you gotta decide which group you want to be associated with: serial killers or cool cats? I have confidence you can pull either off.


Johnny_GazeeboIII OP t1_j1rwroc wrote

I come from a long line of cool cats so I gotta go with that one 😂


EloquentEvergreen t1_j1t2obz wrote

Are you sure you don’t want to break the mold, forge your own path? I mean, you can’t really knock the serial killer thing until you tried it. Who knows, you could be a natural!


Get_your_grape_juice t1_j1sw0mc wrote

My dad wore those glasses.

I have no evidence that he ever killed anyone, but he certainly had the personality to do it.


spelczech t1_j1sfwtx wrote

Nice! I worked on Navy airplanes in the late 80's. Is that a T-38?


circlethenexus t1_j1shcge wrote

Definitely a T 38. One of the coolest looking airplanes ever in my opinion! Would love to have one.


circlethenexus t1_j1shkpo wrote

Just an added note: I was at Barksdale, visiting my daughter and son-in-law couple of years ago. We were out on the flightline just as 10 T 38. We’re about to depart. Students and their instructors, of course. What a great sound!


airbornchaos t1_j1tick0 wrote

I was about to say there was a chance that's an F-5, then I realized I could see the wing root. Yes, absolutely a T-38.

Both the T-38 and the F-5 are amazing planes. If I had a billion dollars... (and the medical permission to fly again,) I'd be in the market for one too!


mcm87 t1_j1v6f5l wrote

Way cooler than a trainer has any right to be.


TheDeadlySquid t1_j1slcoc wrote

Definitely a T-38, last plane my dad flew in his USAF career. I was fortunate enough to be there for his last flight.


MotherofChoad t1_j1rqh62 wrote

Your uncle’s smile is contagious. Thank him for his service as well.


Tesalake t1_j1rrkic wrote

Yeah that smile lights up a room!

Ditto. OP, please thank him for his service


jackassjenny666 t1_j1sfz1g wrote

What a great smile!!!! Good looking fella.


Mikey_Mike_1991 t1_j1rnqsu wrote

Did he ever want to go back to duty or was he glad he left?


Johnny_GazeeboIII OP t1_j1rnw41 wrote

He said he was glad he served and wouldn’t change a thing about his service, but he’s also glad he’s out.


Hesaidpoop t1_j1rni0p wrote

Not trying to be racist, but your uncle looks so much like Phil Lamarr.


koolaidisthestuff t1_j1uty54 wrote

I’ve had the theme song stuck in my head since I saw the picture at the top of the thread 🤦‍♂️


60sstuff t1_j1t2dd3 wrote

Dead ringer for the guy in robocop who looks so happy to see that guy be shot to death by the big robot


circlethenexus t1_j1shxkh wrote

Be sure to thank him again for his service! My son-in-law, married to my middle daughter, is stationed at Barksdale. My oldest daughter is also AF, currently at San Angelo just about to retire.


jayk82 t1_j1steom wrote

That is very cool. Please thank him for his service!


da-livv t1_j1t0dgs wrote

He’s fly asf!


paulsdeer t1_j1t46r1 wrote

I thank him for his service. My Dad was career Air Force.


Peacemkr45 t1_j1tb2mb wrote

Typical Tech school photo from the 80's. you weren't actually sitting in the seat as there was no seat. you just kinda crouched down for the pic to be taken.


theatxrunner t1_j1vk193 wrote

I was thinking the lighting looked way too perfect and the angle of the photo would need to be from an elevated position. Def feels like a staged photo op. Still super cool and I would pose for this pic in a heartbeat.


Peacemkr45 t1_j1vo9cf wrote

It was a fun time. I was in Chanute and remember walking around the base. The B-36 is Gargantuan.


shrekerecker97 t1_j1tgcxb wrote

That is awesome. He is in a T38. Do you know what base he was stationed at? My dad may have been his instructor


varignet t1_j1tnmg9 wrote

and then he went to attempt one of the biggest heists in the history of Corporate America at the Nagatomi building in LA. Rip


I-g_n-i_s t1_j1to882 wrote

Uncle got a cute smile that lights up America


Ontheout t1_j1tru4h wrote

If you don't mind me saying, he was one fine looking man! He also is very happy and confident in the cockpit. I wonder-- was he a flight instructor?


Johnny_GazeeboIII OP t1_j1vvub0 wrote

He was a muns troop, just goofing around for a cool photo. I did the same thing when I was in the army, posed in front of a tank even though I never drove it haha


BFNgaming t1_j1tzx0h wrote

Wow! 32 years of service? That's insane. I hope he enjoys his retirement, he's definitely earned it.


Johnny_GazeeboIII OP t1_j1vvo9u wrote

He is! He’s gotten into acting and modeling now!


BFNgaming t1_j1wbws6 wrote

Ah, I thought he looked familiar, has he been in any major movies?


Johnny_GazeeboIII OP t1_j1wc4el wrote

Me and him both actually had some very “blink and you’ll miss it” background parts in a movie called “Cherry” starring Tom Holland. Other than that, he’s done a lot of local stage stuff around here.


BFNgaming t1_j1wqyzs wrote

Oh, that's awesome! I wish you two good health and hope your uncle goes on living his best life like an absolute champ.


KGBspy t1_j1u196l wrote



Hidrinks t1_j1u3m8d wrote

Picture would be perfect for one of those grade school motivational posters


imanAholebutimfunny t1_j1u9brl wrote

He wasn't part of a notorious crew trying to steal bearer bonds was he?


StartingToLoveIMSA t1_j1un1o0 wrote

Is that a 38 he's in? My dad flew those back in the 70's


noeljrG t1_j1v2azu wrote

He looks to young to be a pilot then.


betona t1_j1v37gc wrote

1950s airplane, still in heavy service today.


SW357 t1_j1v79c2 wrote

Thank him, for me, for his service


B_Wigglebottom t1_j1v8s0p wrote

My era and fond memories of the OD’s.


lapsangsouchogn t1_j1rtwq1 wrote

He looks so young! I legit thought that was someone's kid posing in the cockpit.


farmguy4 t1_j1t26hg wrote

Thank you for your service.


_ShutUpLegs_ t1_j1takcq wrote

I'm not sure if it's the glasses and the smile but it looks like your grandad did some limo driving on the side. Picked John McClane up from LAX took him to the Nakatomi Plaza.


TheBunkerKing t1_j1thoxu wrote

Was he a Top Gun or a Bottom Gun?


nescent78 t1_j1tj1si wrote

So it's obvious he wasn't a pilot