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Crome6768 t1_j5tpkij wrote

Practically have to wrangle that keyboard after half a day its gonna be so slippery with grease.


LTVOLT t1_j5tsqcz wrote

what a horrible idea- I don't remember ever seeing anything like this in the 90's at any fast food places


JosheyMmDr t1_j5v1jsj wrote

I saw this in NY in the burger king in times square. whenever you bought a combo or certain amount in your ticket you will get a barcode and with that you will get access to a computer with “internet”


dan1101 t1_j5vgn3s wrote

Why is internet in quotes, could you only browse certain sites?


HunterTV t1_j5w8b3f wrote

If it was NYC late 90's I wonder how long it took for someone to start jerking it right there in public.


Smooth-Dig2250 t1_j5wi3nx wrote

Probably a few hours, given how slow pictures downloaded back then


Josquius t1_j5y3y13 wrote

Ohh captain Janway. Lace. The final brazier


Seth_Imperator t1_j6lzye7 wrote

....Good eyes......She's got a nose....and a nice one with that!


King-o-lingus t1_j5w8f53 wrote

Internet then was not internet now.


dan1101 t1_j5wc7ra wrote

No but there was plenty to see even then.


tonman101 t1_j5x6f4k wrote

In 1998, I lived in VA, and already had cable internet, it was around 2-3 mbps, slow by todays standards, but way faster than dial up.


Jadty t1_j5w8ons wrote

Not much you could have done on the internet back then. Text sites only, pictures, barely any video and had to download it. It’s almost uncanny to think the internet is about 30-ish years old in the hands of consumers, and went from tech novelty to transforming our way of life completely.

I think AI is gonna be the same thing 30 years from now. It is currently in the novelty stage for the consumer side with more professional uses being prominent. It won’t be long until AI does many practical everyday things better than us, and it starts becoming part of your everyday life, for example if self driving becomes 99.999% better than a human in all situations. Traffic will look like a sci fi ballet you see in movies doing crazy shit by all by itself and interconnected, knowing where every other car is going and plotting the best route for each car. You could have AI only driving areas and mixed areas if you wanna drive yourself once in a while. Highways might turn into AI driving only except for maybe emergency vehicles and law enforcement.

Also no more greasy keyboards.


badhoneylips t1_j5x0a5c wrote

I remember owning a book around this time that listed 100 kid-friendly and “cool” websites to visit lol. Literally a printed book full of web addresses with little descriptions.

The internet of this era was awesome — at least as a kid, it was geared towards learning versus just buying crap. A couple years later, we were all writing everything on live journal and making “penpals” with people all over the was seriously magical. I’m skipping some of the dark stuff that I sought out on purpose (a/s/l ??) while way too young, but overall it was just like having all the encyclopedias open at once.


mystic3030 t1_j5x8cv5 wrote

There was definitely more than text sites and pictures available on the internet in 1998….


Realityisjustthat t1_j5xn372 wrote

LMAO...each and every one of you humans' (MUDSILLS) by then: will be cleaning the toilets/laundry or the yards of any place or corporate owner/business you work. Only Billionaires/millionaire, government will have everything - you will work 7 days' a week! Very short version...


Mister_JimBusiness t1_j5ymod9 wrote

Text sites only in 1998??? There were definitely porn videos on the internet by then, because I was a horned up 16 year old and I watched a lot of them


JosheyMmDr t1_j5xmvoy wrote

😂 maybe. i think someone complained because there was an internet nanny software. so, yes they’re were blocking certain sites. I only used the internet to connect to my yahoo email. 😝 fuck i’m old


14thU t1_j5w8j9e wrote

Shit I remember doing that! And there used to be free internet access in the Times Square tourism information place which is now the Pele store!


Burggs_ t1_j5w0zox wrote

Damn bro what a fucking throwback. That BK was shady as shit lol


Lovat69 t1_j5vc760 wrote

What burger king in Times Square? The closest one I can think of is at Herald square.


JosheyMmDr t1_j5vcsib wrote

i’m talking about 2000. probably is not there anymore.


Ok_Ad8609 t1_j5vd4a5 wrote

There used to be one very close to Times Square, on 42nd, but I don’t remember the cross street. Near Madame Tussaud IIRC


Lovat69 t1_j5vgdh3 wrote

Are you sure it wasn't a McDonalds' because I do remember their being one of those there but no burger king. I was very fond of the king and hung out in times square fairly often at the arcades back then. I feel like I would have known.


JosheyMmDr t1_j5xoihc wrote

i’m sure the McDonalds didn’t have computers with internet. Mcdonald’s had a very flashy 4 or 5 story building. I was just a boy from Texas going around NYC and looking for free or cheap internet to send emails back home.

side story. I remember a guy buying big fries and chocolate sundae and dunking the fries in the sundae, he was really happy.

I was thinking ppl are crazy here.


MOS95B t1_j5u9v6p wrote

I'm going to guess major metros and "overseas" primarily, where internet cafes are/were a thing


Coupon_Ninja t1_j5v0t4x wrote

Right?! I did see individual pay phones [edit: at each table] at a Wendy’s off I-70 in Wyoming mid-90s. Guessing for truck drivers to call home or ahead in the middle of nowhere and grabbing a bite to eat.


Nixie9 t1_j5vraw7 wrote

For a while not that long ago Mcdonalds had touchscreen game things on the table. Those were disgusting. I can't imagine how gross a keyboard would get.


truthcopy t1_j6b5bc9 wrote

Yeah, and now you have to touch screens to order and pay in a lot of McDs. At we touch those before we eat.


Nixie9 t1_j6b5jqn wrote

I use the app. I only want to touch my own filthy screen


truthcopy t1_j6b6b10 wrote

I actually haven’t been to a McDs to eat in years… only there for road trip bathrooms.


nooshaw t1_j5v1r95 wrote

Saw a few in CA in some Asian restaurants. Get your receipt which has a code to log in for 20 min. of internet.


Jwiere03 t1_j5xi3sx wrote

I've seen this in a Burger King within the last 5 years. Actually I haven't been in a Burger King since. They might still have it.


imakenosensetopeople t1_j5u0dht wrote

Yeah… they make keyboard covers that should have been in use here. I remember seeing them at a Pizza Hut cash register as far back as the early 2000’s.


garry4321 t1_j5ukwbt wrote

This was before Covid, so no one gave a fuck


Evil-Toaster t1_j5wezbb wrote

Let’s talk about how sanitary it is to type on a public keyboard and eat with your hands


Ok_Ad8609 t1_j5vcrbd wrote

DAMMIT I came here to say basically this exact same thing 😆


ibonkedurmom t1_j5tsyjg wrote



MOS95B t1_j5uabav wrote

I like how the monitors are way up in the "You ain't doin' nuthin secret on here" zone


qthrowaway666 t1_j5weq7d wrote

More the bench space needed, the CRTs and towers weren't exactly small form factors


Serious_Mousse5892 t1_j5tvm4o wrote

I bet all the computers share one dialup connection at ungodly slow speed.


Kokukenji t1_j5uuy69 wrote

That's why the guy is just staring at that screen with 2 sentences on it. Next page will load up after a few more bites.


ChartFrogs t1_j5tzcwl wrote



JackMann1792 t1_j5vop83 wrote

For a second I was like "what does American Sign Language have to do with computers?"


pikle_rickle t1_j5u0x0b wrote

All I can think of is how nasty and germ filled those keyboards must have been . Sickness for everyone !


ZakTSK t1_j5tq203 wrote

They've been logged out of Hotmail


EATDABOOTY87 t1_j5xj352 wrote

Bro said ‘man I told that b*tch no tomatoes’


ticktockyoudontstop t1_j5umuwb wrote

“…what handicap?! He’s just in a wheelchair! It’s not like he’s Anne Frank or something”


defusted t1_j5v7b7r wrote

I just laughed way harder at this than I should have


yourpaljax t1_j5vatnr wrote

This image unlocked the memory that there were actual businesses opened in the 90s JUST to access internet on computers.

Wow, times have changed.


descendingagainredux t1_j5vfbov wrote

Internet cafes! I used one, once when I was on vacation and needed to submit something for an online class when those were new. Ok, now I feel old lol


yourpaljax t1_j5vh6qq wrote

That’s what it was! Internet Cafes. You paid for internet time. 😂


Burning_Flags t1_j5w38rh wrote

Them some greasy keyboards and mice


Jadty t1_j5w6zup wrote

Contemplate the greasy keyboards.


TheSaladDays t1_j5wgi1o wrote

I wonder where this random guy is now and how his life turned out. If he was about 20 in the pic, he'd be about 45 now


Own-Opening-5360 t1_j5wyijn wrote

Gotta wonder about the grease and germs on the keyboards 🤣🤦‍♀️


rrover6 t1_j5xgews wrote

Eating greasy finger food while touching a keyboard that other strangers touch while eating greasy finger food😵


Jovial_Jew t1_j5xkeo6 wrote

It was less strange at that time to be around people. One of the things my kids will never get to feel. Sucks.


-Celerion- t1_j5ydlyr wrote

Burger King had computers ???? When??? Man this would be such a bad idea. Greasy keyboard with food all over it.


OoOoReillys t1_j5tr5fj wrote

My local McDonald’s had this too. Community greasy keyboards.. mmm.


gfetti t1_j5tu7cs wrote

That boy barber is on FIRE


deltr0nzero t1_j5xq1o1 wrote

I knew it wasn’t but my eyes told me Ronaldo on first glance


[deleted] t1_j5uzhnh wrote

Not a phone in sight just people living in the moment


Nomadic-Quill t1_j5v5c7k wrote

Nice, you could load all of two web pages by the time you were done your meal.


MuSE555 t1_j5vng94 wrote

For the love of God, those keyboards....


awt2007 t1_j5x2p9x wrote

amazing they didnt have keyboard covers or nothing:D but neat idea for the time when almost NOBODY had access to it all


tvieno t1_j5traik wrote

Waiting for the page to load ...


theghostofgotti t1_j5u8aqx wrote

I bet all of those keyboards had a stuck letter "Y." Guaranteed.


the_average_homeboy t1_j5ue1jk wrote

Looks like surfing the information super highway on the world wide web.


defusted t1_j5v7eql wrote

Back then it was more like surfing the information county road


Weaselpiggy t1_j5ug7bw wrote

Captured history in the making: Sneako gets redpilled


SuperSaytan t1_j5ukf2i wrote

If they were anything like the N64s in Mcdonalds, those keyboards and mice are beyond filthy.


DrewinSWDC t1_j5up5us wrote

How foul must those keyboards have been


meheez t1_j5uqp6t wrote

Just look at that crispy white keyboard.


baderick t1_j5urikh wrote

Where iam from we had 1! Clothing store in "town" with acces to free internet. Good times


RUKnight31 t1_j5uzf2g wrote

NGL I thought that was a young Cristiano Ronaldo for a second


tatas323 t1_j5v25i0 wrote

gross also neck pain


defusted t1_j5v5uan wrote

Lol those were weird times


MikeTony713 t1_j5v6gmi wrote

Didn’t know Burger King had Internet Cafés. Interesting af


Klin24 t1_j5v8eem wrote

At BK, surf your own way!


suicidefeburary62025 t1_j5vbpc3 wrote

I don’t know… In the last six months or so I no longer like Burger King. I don’t know what it is… But I don’t think there is good as it used to be.


YouGotTangoed t1_j5vlhfj wrote

Back when the burgers were actually good


VicarLos t1_j5vogx3 wrote

I miss the way Burger King fries tasted in the 90s. They were absolutely delicious.


Phenomenon101 t1_j5vr99e wrote

Damn. That must have been a nice neighborhood. I don't ever remember computers in any fast food places.


gerd50501 t1_j5w1w1x wrote

I dont know where this is, but I do not recall any Burger Kings with internet access in the 1990s in the DC area.


Global-Discussion-41 t1_j5w272w wrote

Was this a common thing or was there just like one random BK with a bunch of computers?


tables1935 t1_j5wki80 wrote

Can BK bring back these fries? That shit looks delicious


SgtSiggy t1_j5wmbuf wrote

This was peak living


Koffeekage t1_j5wukrv wrote

Why is this not a thing anymore?


ExoGeniVI t1_j5wvz59 wrote

I had Hotmail back in the day


AliasFaux t1_j5wz1h8 wrote



iprkuad t1_j5x7t14 wrote

back when their fries were good


norcal406 t1_j5x8338 wrote

Let’s talk about him not eating his tomatoes….


Owl-3040 t1_j5xk7d1 wrote

Reminds me of college


mrgoyette t1_j5urvme wrote

The 90s were fucking weird, man.


LupeDyCazari t1_j5uyuiw wrote

that kid is probably a grandfather by now.


Bourbonmmm t1_j5tug0g wrote

Old school product placement in Old School. It looks like Seinfelds kitchen or an episode of Friends.


KZMountainRider t1_j5uwyur wrote

Can’t trust a guy who doesn’t keep the tomato on his burger


ibethesmarterist t1_j5vv2wc wrote

The shitty fast food tomato that was picked early, then artificially ripened, so it's just white flavorless crap on the inside? Nah, you're the weird one.