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OrangeLoco OP t1_j3w7l4w wrote

Six year old me on Christmas Day 1977 with my Red Ryder bb gun. I still have that bb gun and both eyes.


Brunrand t1_j3wl1ct wrote

Whats the cat's name?


OrangeLoco OP t1_j3wl9a7 wrote

Gimpy. He only had use of three legs when we found him.


Brunrand t1_j3wlnig wrote

I knew a Gimp with tree legs once too.


Xuliman t1_j3wws63 wrote

That look, "you know I only have three legs to run with, be careful where you point that thing!"


Ghosthost2000 t1_j3wl2fs wrote

Me too! My little bro had the same construction crane in the picture.


nooshaw t1_j3xqb2x wrote

Great Scott! I had that same BB gun. If I recall you have to unscrew the end of the barrel and pull out the magazine to fill with bb's one at a freaking time. One day it got lodged putting it back in and it accidentally discharged with my had over the barrel. Had a black welt in the palm of my hand for a month.


OrangeLoco OP t1_j3xrwyh wrote

BBs were fed into that smaller barrel underneath the main barrel. You had to slide the lid to the smaller barrel off to the side, pour the bb's into it, and then slide the lid back to closed. A trick my dad taught me was to make a funnel with my hand by grabbing the top of the barrel with just my pinky and hand with the funnel top being between your thumb and index finger. You could pour the bb's into that part and they would funnel down through my hand and into the barrel. That way you didn't have to spill them trying to pour them directly into the system.


Homerdk t1_j3xqppl wrote

Ah it's a bb gun lol, I just watched the movie Revenge and thought you lived in Texas and this was an actual gun :D


OrangeLoco OP t1_j3xsi50 wrote

Well, I did live in TX when this photo was taken.


EDHblvd t1_j3yff86 wrote

My bro was 3 days old that Xmas.


Calkky t1_j3wqydo wrote

I hope you didn't do target practice on that cat. It looks like it was a pretty chill critter.


guestpass127 t1_j3wdh79 wrote

Ah, Kiss’s “Love Gun.” The album I begged my parents to buy me for my eighth Christmas, 1982.. featuring such delightfully age-appropriate songs as “Christine Sixteen,” in which Gene Simmons tells an underage high school girl that he’s having a hard time not raping her


OrangeLoco OP t1_j3wg83w wrote

With lyrics like this, " She's been around
But she's young and clean."


guestpass127 t1_j3wj5ri wrote

I mean, if they could have gotten away with calling the album “Penis” they wouldn’t have even bothered with the “Love Gun” euphemism

I don’t know if anyone has noticed this yet but Kiss was…kinda sleazy


redlion496 t1_j3wl3vd wrote

So are most rock musicians!


guestpass127 t1_j3wmp8m wrote

Well, most rock musicians of the past

Most rock musicians today are hobbyists and have jobs that support them because there’s no market for rock music anymore

That doesn’t mean they can’t also be sleazy, only that it’s a lot harder to be a sleazy rock pig on the level of a Gene Simmons circa 1977 when you’re broke, no women want to hear your music, and you can only play gigs locally, on nights when you don’t have to work the next day


DAE_le_Cure t1_j40dao7 wrote

I felt this in my soul

Source: sleazy rock pig currently facing most of these obstacles


gbethea1117 t1_j3wl2oo wrote

Wasn't that the destroyer album


OrangeLoco OP t1_j3wlr16 wrote

Love Gun album, but Destroyer was pretty similar.


[deleted] t1_j3wvvm4 wrote

Destroyer was my first ever LP, circa 1981.


guestpass127 t1_j3wm6yg wrote

Most Kiss albums were interchangeable but Christine Sixteen was definitely on Love Gun. Like I said I got that album for Christmas when I was 8, I vividly remember trying to understand all the weird dumb sex lyrics on this album at that age


Lord-Velveeta t1_j3wdxh3 wrote

Had the same poster, BB gun and that amazing crane!


OrangeLoco OP t1_j3wfdxm wrote

Yeah, the crane was really cool. The rolled up green thing was astro-turf, which was for the train set that is in the boxes on that chest behind the crane. The yellow tin on the dresser is what the bb's came in. All Christmas day scores.


Lord-Velveeta t1_j3zco0q wrote

Nice! My father had set up my train set on a 4x8 plywood sheet (green turf carpet glued on, tracks nailed on). We had the coolest toys in the 70’s.


OrangeLoco OP t1_j4133qb wrote

Nice, thank you for sharing that. We did have some great toys in the 70's. Good time to grow up.


Jsimpson059 t1_j3wnd7c wrote

Its crazy how long that design of bb gun lasted, I think every little boy either had one, or knew someone who had one since the 60s. I think they still sell them at walmart.


Dirk_Tungsten t1_j3wxrrj wrote

They do still sell them to this day! I've jokingly asked for one every Christmas for decades, and my wife finally got me one this year.

FWIW, I didn't shoot my eye out, but I am wearing my old glasses. Those icicles have been known to kill people!


MrNastyOne t1_j3x9ei8 wrote

I grew up in southwest Missouri, not too far from the Arkansas border. When I was young, my dad took me to the Daisy HQ in Rogers, AR to pick out a Daisy BB gun.


kewlbeanz83 t1_j3wkxwm wrote

"You'll shoot your eye out!"


AngryErrandBoy t1_j3wq2hv wrote

That is the most 1977 picture I've ever seen.


deebosbike t1_j3wrqmj wrote

America may have peaked in 1977. It was a helluva year.


rda889 t1_j3wfuk4 wrote

I had that same cat


Original_A_Cast t1_j3wtswv wrote

Everything about the picture screams 70s and I LOVE it!


Mizzle6 t1_j3xz89l wrote

You probably also got Roman candles and lawn darts. LUCKY. That cat doesn’t give a FFFF


percygreen t1_j3w8oi6 wrote

Point that thing at Gene, not Ace.


redlion496 t1_j3wlkjt wrote

Ace is just as much of a sleaze/jerk as Gene, somehow Ace always gets a pass.


percygreen t1_j3wphut wrote

He probably is, but I don’t know because he’s not in my face about it.


CentralHarlem t1_j3wmaeq wrote

No Star Wars toys? What kind of outcast were you?


captainflowers t1_j3wp5qu wrote

And famously during that first Christmas after Star Wars was released there weren’t any toys. They sold cardboard boxes with images of the toys, and a certificate to take into the store to exchange for the real toys when they were finally completed and real to be sold.


OrangeLoco OP t1_j3wpsqh wrote

Very interesting fun fact. Thank you for sharing that!


wojo_lives t1_j3xaa6h wrote

I don't temper exactly, but I think only a few figures were available by Christmas '77, but you could order them and they'd give you a cardboard certificate of sorts that promised the toy was coming. Something like that?


CentralHarlem t1_j3xb004 wrote

I remember a kind of cardboard platform you could buy to hold the figures when they came out.


OrangeLoco OP t1_j3wobu8 wrote

Star Wars premiered exactly 7 months prior to this day. I saw Star Wars while I was in the first grade, but not sure if I saw it before or after Christmas.


DavoTB t1_j3wo6rl wrote

Love Gun and BB gun! What could go wrong?


[deleted] t1_j3wv0dh wrote

I had that Kiss poster, in the early 80’s.


gertalives t1_j3watpd wrote

Did you settle on a glass eye or an eye patch?


OrangeLoco OP t1_j3wwtme wrote

Too bad I didn't have the fore"sight" to photoshop an eyepatch into the picture.


Diehard_NZ t1_j3wb6gm wrote

Fluffy's last xmas


OrangeLoco OP t1_j3wc4el wrote

That cat only had use of three legs. And not because I shot it. We heard it meowing while in the drive-thru line at a Hartz Chicken. I opened the car door and it hopped in. We named it Gimpy.


[deleted] t1_j3wrciz wrote

Aww that’s a sweet story. Cat’s never hop in my car when I try to lure them hahaha! J/k kinda


aeondru t1_j3xiwes wrote

I've got posters on the walls...


OrangeLoco OP t1_j3xx5jx wrote

My favorite rock group KISS
I've got Ace Frehley, I've got Peter Criss


LurkysGoCart t1_j3xypiz wrote

Is that a Red Ryder carbine action 200 shot range model air rifle?


dendenp t1_j3y19hl wrote

Careful. You'll shoot your eye out, kid.


groovemongrel t1_j3yeo8y wrote

We are probably the same age. I had a bunch of KISS stuff too.


gbethea1117 t1_j3wl0q7 wrote

And the kiss destroyer poster on the wall legend


InternationalBus8936 t1_j3wo7zy wrote

What was the cat’s name?


OrangeLoco OP t1_j3wos6r wrote

Gimpy. It had all four legs but could only use three for some reason. It was that way when we found it. That cat could still zoomie though.


ActNo8507 t1_j3wqem3 wrote

Not till you’re 12, son.


DrRotwang t1_j3x35ih wrote

Good lord, I remember that poster.


eqpmgr t1_j3y53fj wrote

Did you shoot your eye out?


HeartlesSoldier t1_j3yeu0z wrote

People today think that if you're giving a gun at a young age it means he'll shoot up with school when they don't realize is that that's always been a thing, the difference is the generation of people getting the guns


ShazadM t1_j3ymtom wrote

You’ll shoot your eye out kid.


Spudwrench77 t1_j3znuds wrote

How long did it take before the Gimpster got winged?


Tube72 t1_j3zqzuz wrote

You’ll shoot your eye out kid