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jjj49er t1_j4v29lc wrote

He looks like the antagonist in an 80s teen movie.


Cool_Dark_Place t1_j4v7kqy wrote

We're gonna have to really train hard to defeat him!

  • que up training montage music

FD4L t1_j4w2j65 wrote

Push it to the limit....LIM-EHHHHHHH


AVBforPrez t1_j4vtgbw wrote

Your Dad looks like he's fucking 35 here, he's a sophomore in college?


Ricky_Rollin t1_j4zme5w wrote

Smoking, getting beaten by their parents causing large amounts of stress, breathing in lead air and a complete lack of respect for skin cancer caused a lot of them to age prematurely. The thinning of the hair only added to their look.


i81u812 t1_j4zxdhx wrote

It's not their dad, they legit grabbed a photo of someone else's dad from a similar sub and just posted it here. This place is gettin' cringey. It is from r/TheWayWeWere and it is basically what this sub used to be. Actual old school stuff.

AH - that also reminds me..


my_name_is_forest t1_j4uzyty wrote

He was definitely in a frat and he looks like an 80's asshole who played tennis or lacrosse. I'm guessing his name is Brice? Hope he grew out of being an asshole for his kids sake.


boondoggie42 t1_j4v4c40 wrote

His name is Todd and he's clearly into sailing.


BaluePeach t1_j4vb4xb wrote

I’m pretty sure his name is Chip or Dale and he’s a corporate financial planning lawyer.


cheyennevh t1_j50j22f wrote

This is actually my dad! He wasn’t in a frat, he played basketball, and even at this age, he spent his Saturdays volunteering at charities and helping with the Special Olympics. He married the nerdy accounting girl, and lost his hearing in his left ear after he saw a guy trying to force himself on a girl at a party and the dude clocked him on the side of the head. Around the time I was born, he had actually qualified to sail in the Olympics, but he didn’t go so that he could spend time with me. He taught me how to sail instead, he carried me around in a little backpack, and because I was adopted from a Creek reservation, he made sure to teach me my culture every chance he got. He was an amazing man through and through. Oh, and his name was Mike lol


FeSpoke1 t1_j4vyvrs wrote

I played lacrosse and was in a frat. Hey, wait a minute….


Mybenzo t1_j4vnunx wrote

Give him a long thin cig and Uncle Duke lives from Doonsebury!


buster23459 t1_j4v5242 wrote

Is it ok for one to repost a picture of someone else’s father when they do not know the original poster? Seems to be a pathetic karma grab.


cheyennevh t1_j50j82j wrote

This is actually my post, it’s weird but I’m cool with it


buster23459 t1_j50mk2a wrote

Yeah, cool picture. I found it funny someone else would repost your picture as if they knew you or your dad.


collapszar t1_j4w12qe wrote

Where it all started for Lt. Dangle


Killowatt59 t1_j4wiw9l wrote

Why does every young adult pre 1995 look like they are 40-50 years old when they are like 20?


Lanky_Day5566 t1_j4x5jon wrote

Every generation gets younger - really crazy to see same age 1940s-1960s lol


IllustriousArcher199 t1_j519at6 wrote

I think partly it’s the clothing that we associate with older people and with this guy in particular, he has a receding hairline.


pzpsdad t1_j4vfmmo wrote

Get an upvote from me because of banquet beer alone!


AlienAmerican1 t1_j4vvqtd wrote

Did he go and beat up Daniel Larusso right after this photo?


thunder1967 t1_j4w26hg wrote

Back when Coors was considered quality beer.


IllustriousArcher199 t1_j519s3s wrote

Well, there weren’t many choices back then. It was Miller light, Bud, Coors, and if you wanted to get fancy Heineken or Becks.


Emotional_Area4683 t1_j4wvjmv wrote

The era where Coors was the mystical good beer only available West of the Rockies. Someone bring a case back from out west as something special?


Lanky_Day5566 t1_j4x5t3y wrote

Yeah it was a really good brew until they started messing with the recipe - nothing could beat a cold Coors (in a can!) back in the hot days lol


bustedaxles t1_j4w0pp0 wrote

...fifty-thou a year will by a lot of beer...


seahorseMonkey t1_j4wdj3n wrote

Stand back everyone, he's pointing directly at that beer!


tripp_hs123 t1_j4wos6c wrote

Is your dad Colin Cowherd?


IllustriousArcher199 t1_j5190r8 wrote

The requisite, white and blue striped shirt and tight jeans with a conservative side comb. 1980 to a T.


stonabus t1_j4vrin4 wrote

What college “kid” had posters of sailing in his dorm room? Wtf.


cheyennevh t1_j50jeqw wrote

This is my dad! He was an avid sailor, he actually qualified for the Olympics but he didn’t compete because I have amazing timing and was born right after his last tryouts lol


yamaha2000us t1_j4w7umv wrote

Grandfathered into the 18 drinking age.


GTOdriver04 t1_j4wa0xp wrote

He looks like Marcus Ericsson! A high compliment!


tikifulwood t1_j4wmgpt wrote

He looks like “Guy who just bought a boat on SNL.”


Dylsnick t1_j4wutuu wrote

Goose! Where's your tasche?


LazyZealot9428 t1_j4x91os wrote

So…did your dad graduate and go on to proclaim “Greed is good”?


cheyennevh t1_j50jujs wrote

He graduated and taught me that hard work and dedication was key. He also taught me that kindness and empathy should be placed over everything else. He grew up in a blue collar family, and even though he built up this huge company before he died, he never forgot where he came from. He actually didn’t make any money for the first 10 years because he wanted to make sure his employees were getting paid what they deserved. We lived off my mom’s wages


jamiekynnminer t1_j4xawvl wrote

Does your dad still look like James Spader


WhippetRun t1_j4xf59z wrote

He *really* looks like Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee) there!!!


duderonomy12 t1_j4xmyx5 wrote

Is your dad named Bret or Chaz??


NJdeathproof t1_j4xpadd wrote

That was Crockett's partner before he met Tubbs


crazyasusual t1_j4xq0b4 wrote

Looks like dad had some shit !! Just sayin 😛


Tenaha t1_j4yflf8 wrote

Maybe had the same shirt, we drank them new Silver Bullet’s!


p777s t1_j4yhsdj wrote

Tuck with no belt? Bold.


solvent825 t1_j4yqoit wrote

Dad looks like he’d be friends with James Spader in a movie.


nurupartnerhtx t1_j4yt7mp wrote

Lots of Coors comments, but no one mentions the cases of Natty Light?


ProfessionalBed1623 t1_j4vd65q wrote

Actually he is a ‘felon’ he has Coors in his hand, and I don’t know where he is but I think those were still illegal in most states because the beer was not pasteurized or something like that.

People would drive out there to get it and smuggle it back.

However, I am appalled at the nasty comments, he looks like a guy doing his part in life. I was an SAE at USC Delta at that time - and fraternities were nothing like the movies. It was fun, no one got seriously hurt while I was there. Lifelong friends doing everything from manufacturing Screen Tite systems, to owning Shakespeare Fishing until sold, to being the largest log home manufacturer in the southeast, to 3 guys that became long range stealth jet pilots.

So as usual generalizations are generally…


Alonso2991 t1_j534rum wrote

Looks more like that guy who still hangs around and graduated a decade ago


CareerMicDrop t1_j4vildu wrote

Who can afford coors banquet beer in college. Damn bouggie ass yuppies. Yuppy ass bouggies.


Curtainmachine t1_j4wh7j4 wrote

I mean, he’s so excited to have the one, he’s taking a photo displaying it. There’s two cases of much more reasonable natty light literally right behind him.