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itschikobrown t1_j6dt0l9 wrote

Hot but sad threesome


2lumpy4u t1_j6dwul8 wrote

I feel like Sarah would be selfish and lisa just generally disinterested


itschikobrown t1_j6dx63d wrote

Yeah, she looks like she only hears what she wants to… eh?!? eh?!?!


azad_ninja t1_j6fn9gf wrote

But you’d be waking up in the aaaaaaarms of an aaaangel….


deeptimeswimmer t1_j6fo255 wrote

Why sad?


itschikobrown t1_j6fp8s0 wrote

Their biggest hits are sad songs, one was used in a very sad dog shelter commercial. It was so sad i took back the $10 i donated to St .Jude and gave it to the shelter.


stinking_badgers t1_j6dy666 wrote

Speaking from personal experience, Lisa Loeb is somewhat unpleasant to deal with.


Motochapstick t1_j6dyz17 wrote

aww, that's disappointing. she comes across as fun and friendly on her radio show, etc


stinking_badgers t1_j6ex9w2 wrote

She may be nice to a whole lot of people. She gave a kids performance a few years back and was pretty sour in attitude both in the lead up and day of.


Khambodia t1_j6f52ls wrote

Are we getting her mixed up with Rachel Harris in Hangover?


CO_PC_Parts t1_j6fjsak wrote

Just to let you know I got my bartenders license recently.

Sick my dick


jnazario t1_j6fqnby wrote

funny story. a friend of mine from high school told me a long time ago (mid 90s era) a lisa loeb story. he finished school in nyc and tells me this story about a woman he meets at a party. she's all "don't you know who i am?" "no, not a clue" he tells her. "i'm lisa loeb." he tells me she's miffed and for decades i chalk it up to "wow she's full of herself."

fast forward to a few years ago and this oral history of the movie reality bites. so it turns out that lisa loeb got her break through ethan hawke, who lived in her building. something like how she passed him a demo tape, he shared it with the producers and they picked up her song for the movie, giving her a big break.

this was the missing link. my buddy mitchell was a dead ringer for ethan hawke, and when i read that story i began to think "maybe she really thought it was ethan and she felt like they should know each other and he was snubbing her."

mitchell, and lisa, if you're out there i wonder if that's what happened.


[deleted] t1_j6e7bci wrote



v4por t1_j6fwz6f wrote

It's hard for me to believe this is a picture from '98. I saw Sarah McLachlan in concert that year and I don't remember her looking like a teenager. I'm not saying it's not, it's just hard to believe.


ladyinchworm t1_j6gpa6l wrote

She's mid fifties now so, she would have been 30 ish in 1998. She does look younger than that to me in this picture. I saw her too, but it was at a later date than you saw her so I can't really compare.


MyTornArsehole t1_j6fzpmb wrote

Ok boomer


GimmeAMalt t1_j6ge3k7 wrote

This person literally said they were born in ‘81. Do you know when the Baby Boomer generation was born?


Hollybaby5 t1_j6dxq7n wrote

I remember a lot of girls in my school rocking the Lisa Loeb glasses.


ragnarok62 t1_j6ep564 wrote

The Reality Bites soundtrack that featured Loeb on “Stay” and the American release of McLachlan’s Fumbling Toward Ecstasy were in 1994. Both artists took off afterward.

This pic is most probably from one of the Lilith Fair concerts, which ran from 1997 through 1999.


Crystal_Pesci t1_j6f7qfx wrote

I’ve always had a random affinity for Lilith Fair and two weeks ago bought an Artist Backstage Pass from Lilith Fair 98 off eBay and have taken to wearing it around the house around my neck on a lanyard and shoving past my wife rudely while saying things like “TALENT COMING THROUGH!” It’s really been spicing up our love life. She filed for divorce and my new safe word is “joint custody.”


masterpainimeanbetty t1_j6e44ar wrote

lisa loeb is one of the reasons i love tina fey so much


cbessette t1_j6intjv wrote

Maybe it's the magic glasses. You put them on any average attractive looking girl and she becomes Lisa/Tina?


[deleted] t1_j6dsort wrote

Aww, so sweet!If either starts to sing, I'll cry!


RoninRobot t1_j6dv2s2 wrote

OP seems off a decade.


butterflypoo69 t1_j6f7ez0 wrote

This had to have something to do with Lilith Fair?


s55555s t1_j6ggsk1 wrote

Sarah - one of the best voices and songs ever


twwain t1_j6e4pmc wrote

My youth.


doveball t1_j6ez4tv wrote

Always dug Lisa Loeb.


skaomatic t1_j6fuvbv wrote

Lisa loeb my crush since the 90’s , anyone remember her horrible reality tv show .


ladyinchworm t1_j6goijb wrote

I watched it one time and she was always saying she was a vegetarian. I was too (around that time), so thought it was neat. But then in one episode she and her boyfriend? friend? husband?, I don't know, ate bacon and it surprised me because bacon is clearly not vegetarian. All these years later and I still remember this.


alpha3305 t1_j6gblog wrote

Lisa was 90s dating goals for college aged youth. Intelligent, cute, talented and approachable for casual conversations.


loveswalksonthebeach t1_j6glwzd wrote

They look SO young, considering I was from this era. Happens more often than not, lately. ☺️


Fishwhocantswim t1_j6h874f wrote

They look like the kind of girls you will meet for the first time at a house party and if you got really drunk, they'd sit with you and help you sober up and walk you back to your room.


BroadlyValid t1_j6fvlb8 wrote

They look like long term roommates


Matelot67 t1_j6g0ssw wrote

Whatever happened to Lisa Loeb?


imeeme t1_j6g5aum wrote

If God was in the arms of an angel.


partizan92 t1_j6gdibg wrote

I know Lisa Loeb but I don’t remember the girl on the right.


JonKoFyn t1_j6hmimx wrote

No idea who they are. At all.


[deleted] t1_j6irpkq wrote



JonKoFyn t1_j6isgrh wrote

In Denmark.


krokus_headhunter t1_j6hzhlt wrote

Endfest. Standing in the sun tripping on acid watching/listening to Sarah was something I'll never forget. Just fell head over heels in love with her.


Myitchychocolatestar t1_j6lxpoj wrote

I was standing next to Lisa Loeb about 20 years ago while waiting for a ride outside a downtown Minneapolis hotel. I said “Hey, you’re Lisa Loeb!” She said “Sorry, you’re mistaken, but I get that a lot.” Then her assistant came out with a guitar case labeled “L.L.” What a cheeky babe!


citznfish t1_j6h343b wrote

Loeb definitely going hard with the crazy girlfriend eyes


dildos84 t1_j6fy6dw wrote

Definitely a shit ton of man hate and stinky lesbian sex happened before and after this pic