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mburke6 t1_j2qvpwb wrote

I don't drink where I'm the only fucking one with balls.


calatranacation t1_j2ttfuq wrote

Just restarted Deadwood last night for the first time in ~10 years


mburke6 t1_j2u07yz wrote

I recommended it to my nephew a couple months ago, he loves it. It was one of my favorite shows and maybe the first to be HBOd.


calatranacation t1_j2u3tvw wrote

Yeah I still recommend it, too.

Crazy that a show with such a short run can be in my top ~3. Same with the Knick.


xoomax t1_j2u7l9o wrote

Did you check out the short-lived LUCK (also by David Milch)? I was so disappointed when that got cancelled.


calatranacation t1_j2xgbkg wrote

Totally forgot about that. Is that the one with horse racing? A horse died irl I think?

Is it worth checking out now, or would I just be mad at the loose ends and potential?


mburke6 t1_j2uo1ih wrote

The Knick was fantastic. So was Boardwalk Empire.


mbattnet t1_j2v6bji wrote

Deadwood was awesome, and it followed the Sopranos. Best shows on TV for several years.


isecore t1_j2r2vyv wrote

Jane Cannary. She idolized Wild Bill Hickok and after her death it was arranged to have her buried next to him, allegedly as a kind of joke since he didn't like her particularly.

Edit: spelling.


a4dONCA t1_j2s2dzl wrote

She didn’t prefer to dress like a man - she preferred to dress in practical comfortable clothing


TRON0314 t1_j2urz3p wrote

Exactly. Looking for this comment. Like the fuck you wanna corset and five layers of bed sheets for a dress shit back then.


nibord t1_j2qx2uu wrote

I loved her in Deadwood


Mountainpilot t1_j2ttikl wrote

"This happens to be a rig and contraption of my own devising against repeated accidental falls which has temporarily malfunctioned."


Zombiewski t1_j2t4nml wrote

It's not a funny or even memorable line, but my favorite Jane quote is, "IT'S ONLY WILD BILL HICOCK YOU GOT STUCK HERE IN THE MUD!"


abscessedecay t1_j2t7lyy wrote

Every once in a while I’ll say “oh Bill” like her from Deadwood and my wife thinks it’s hilarious.


Friendly_Award7273 t1_j2rqhl0 wrote

I have been to her grave in Deadwood, South Dakota, beautiful and historically fascinating area


TheyCallMeTBone t1_j2s85ii wrote

I went in fall of 2020 and it was one of the biggest letdowns of my life.

Sure the Black Hills are a natural wonder and worth visiting for the outdoor opportunities. But the city of Deadwood itself is a shithole tourist trap overrun by tacky MAGA shops, bad food options, seedy casinos and other low-class bullshit meant to appeal to the over-50 retiree Harley biker boomer subculture.

Edit: oh and you even gotta pay to get into the dumb graveyard


slightlyused t1_j2snktn wrote

Thanks for this travel advisory. Until I read your post I was about to suggest to my buddy (we're in Seattle) that we needed to roadtrip out there this summer. I can handle tourist traps but not political BS all over it.


TheyCallMeTBone t1_j2sqnxm wrote

This was just a few months before the 2020 election, so you know it was a charged atmosphere nationwide in general and so maybe they’ve repurposed their stock. But yeah, it was one shop after another selling the ‘Trump riding a bald eagle holding a machine gun’ kind of bullshit and it was so prevalent it was nauseating. Of course the sidewalks were crowded with families of obese leather vest MAGA hatted types and not a mask in sight. The historical value of visiting is now literally zero

If you can ignore all that stuff and want to just enjoy all the outdoors there has to offer, the hiking and fishing is some of the best in the country IMO

If you’re


slightlyused t1_j2suzkv wrote

I can handle a smattering of that crap but if someone is wearing a political type thing it drives me kinda nuts. Go for a Ford t-shirt or even Winchester or wildlife prints. I can take that.


SeesawMundane5422 t1_j2u8ku5 wrote

Actually I have family in that area and I’ve been there multiple times, and I think the commenter was being a bit harsh. I don’t remember too much maga crap. I mean, not any more than any other small town in America, and maybe less, because it really is a tourist friendly area.

I think you can emphasize the bad in any area if you want to. For example: I was just in Seattle and enjoyed it. But if I wanted to describe it as a shitty shore town city with a tourist trap market, a homeless problem, and trash everywhere because all the hippy dippies are so in love with recycling there’s no trash cans….

I wouldn’t be lying. But… it’s not a good representation (for the record had a really good time in Seattle).

Black hills South Dakota have lots of things to do. The hotel built by Seth bullock is still standing.

There are lots of craft breweries and… decent restaurants can be found.

The politics aren’t too in your face.

Spearfish canyon is a beautiful drive. Rough lock falls is a beautiful hike. Mount Rushmore is worth seeing once. Sylvan lake is beautiful too.

There’s honestly a lot to see and do, and in Spearfish right down the road they’ve actually got a college town vibe with sensory deprivation tanks and multiple coffee shops and a good walkable vibe. Id say go for it. If you’re not happy with this advice I’ll refund all the money you paid for it.


slightlyused t1_j2umt6u wrote

Thanks for the counterpoint! I really do appreciate it.


SeesawMundane5422 t1_j2uody3 wrote

My pleasure. I feel a little bad directing more tourists there.

Back in the 80s my mom put a spearfish South Dakota bumper sticker on the car (we lived in Indiana at the time).

My grandpa told her to take it off. We didn’t want to advertise what a cool place it was and ruin it with hordes of tourists. :)

Just don’t go in… august, or whenever the national biker rally is (should be easy to Google). That’s when things get nuts and crowded. Even cheap shitty hotels get sold out then.

I can’t vouch for the restaurants in deadwood (though I remember there being one or two good ones), but I enjoy the restaurants in spearfish. Good local taco place. Good local pizza place. Usually there’s a good Italian place, though those seem to rotate. Good place down by the creek next to the rec center. Reasonably good sushi place. Couple of breweries in town on the main strip.


Meetzorp t1_j2uco3c wrote

Deadwood lost a lot of its historical buildings in a devastating fire in 1987. I remember going up there just before the fire (like one month before!) It used to be a real pretty town.


Litup-North t1_j2t9r5j wrote

When did they start charging at the fuckin cemetery? Up that steep street with the little parking area..??

Oh, and keep walking to the top, there's more graves up there.


1ndomitablespirit t1_j2ul856 wrote

What did you expect? Prostitution was still legal there until frighteningly recently and it was started as an illegal mining town that existed to exploit all the gold from the miners. Sounds to me that it's just staying true to its disgusting roots!


ConcentricGroove t1_j2s2m09 wrote

It's impossible to know the authentic old west since popular culture latched onto it seemingly instantly and pulp fiction even in the 1880s about the old west proliferated. Tourists and journalists and novelists toured the western towns looking for the old west and its icons. Many played up to the interest and became caricatures of themselves for the dough.


Bakelite51 t1_j2t2bp6 wrote

Travel through middle of nowhere New Mexico far from the tourist traps. There are still towns that look straight out of the 1880s. One bar with a hitching post and one general store that sells everything and cowpokes and outfitters who still sleep on the range at night.


FluorideLover t1_j2v8teg wrote

It’s so true! As a Texan, I only knew Davy Crockett from the Alamo but I got into history in college and learned he was kind of a poser fake Wild West guy at the time. Blew my mind


ConcentricGroove t1_j2v9swr wrote

I think a lot of them have genuine cred but later played the role for the sake of fame & fortune. Even Benjamin Franklin, viewed by the French court as a rustic, took on the role to gain popular support.


FluorideLover t1_j2vanwx wrote

Yes, exactly. He in fact did do a few years of cowboy work but most of his life wasn’t that way. He was in both a state Congress and then later US Congress. He only joined the Texas Revolution bc he lost his re-election. He played up that Wild West reputation when he wrote his autobiography.


pugs_are_death t1_j2s6znl wrote

Wearing men's attire had to be at least mostly out of practicality. For one, men's clothing would have been more available, and secondly pants are the only way one could endure very long rides on a horse. There are casual photos of her wearing a dress. I assume she mostly dressed like a man when riding. It was probably also out of safety, from a distance in that clothing she would have appeared to be a man and to an outlaw potentially less of an easy target to get bushwacked.


Mobile_Pangolin4939 t1_j2s2v8b wrote

To be honest it doesn't really make sense to dress in a long skirt if you're going to hunt and roam around in the forest. I'm not sure what the original logic was behind wearing dresses. If they served some kind of purpose. You wouldn't think they would be good for doing housework and raising kids either. Perhaps it had something to do with menstruation. I just read that women's dresses had some kind of ties in them to keep them attached to their legs. This might have made them easier to do work in, but I could still see them getting in their way.


dovemans t1_j2trw6m wrote

dresses used to be the norm for both men and women. It’s just the simplest design to use with fabric. Then when horse riding became the norm, trousers were invented and they took over.


Mobile_Pangolin4939 t1_j2ufj77 wrote

I'm not certain what came first. From what I've read women during this time period wore dressed because it was thought to reduce the chance of infection when bleeding from the vulva. When absorption pads were invented women could wear pants without worry. I know that the Irish and Scottish wore Kilts. I'm not certain what the Romans and Greeks wore. It didn't appear to be very much. It does look like the elite wore dresses or robes. More primitive people appear to have all worn loincloths of some sort aside from the Eskimos. If the bushman are examples women didn't wear tops. There are so many different cultures with different clothing that it's difficult to say. Many cultures in the 1800s seemed to have women with dresses and men with trousers. It may have been more for practicality at the time rather than any kind of identification with some vague idea of what they are. Clearly in this instance she is modeling herself after a man which may or may not have been a wise decision depending on varying factors at the time about how practical it was. Of course the Native Americans appear to have allowed women to identify as masculine or take on more feminine tasks. I'm not sure if this included the person wearing male or female clothing. I don't think it's as large an issue as people make it out to be honestly. It may comfort people to think about things a certain way and that's okay I guess. It's more of a luxury though. If we lived the old way we would be to busy trying to survive to worry about sexual identification or clothing other than it's practicality too much.


CLee1z t1_j2rkiph wrote

The men's clothes were probably more comfortable, so that's what she wore. Why label her as a crossdresser? I don't think she was making a statement, but today's society will put her in a sexual category anyway. Ridiculous


jbowling25 t1_j2rtzhh wrote

Wearing the opposite genders clothes is literally crossdressing and it isnt inherently sexual


CLee1z t1_j2rvw9m wrote

It's a modern term that is designed to put people into categories and create more division, and some go along with it. Putting that label on her is not necessary, and it further separates people, and I feel I should point this out more often.


jbowling25 t1_j2rwh7p wrote

Its not a modern term and people have been cross dressing for 100s of years has nothing to do with labeling them or division. She cross dressed by wearing mens clothing its as simple as that. Your not pointing out anything and your incorrect


CLee1z t1_j2rxc6l wrote

Nobody used that term. It's a new form of name calling, and I'm correct, it's to create division and further separate people from each other. If you called Calamity Jane that name she would punch you in the jaw. It's name calling and labeling. It's division


jbowling25 t1_j2rxoiw wrote

Man your dense. Its not name calling its literally the thing she was doing holy shit man. How does that create division.


CLee1z t1_j2rytu6 wrote

No, I'm deep. I won't explain it to you. Stay shallow and just go along if you want. I will continue to point out the obvious.


jbowling25 t1_j2rzi68 wrote

Youre about as deep as a puddle


CLee1z t1_j2sdh4l wrote

I wish Calamity Jane was here. She would understand what they're trying to do to the human psyche, then she would punch them all in the jaw for trying to make her change her pronouns


jbowling25 t1_j2slaby wrote

What does cross dressing have to do with pronouns?


CLee1z t1_j2vh149 wrote

Wow, and you called me dense. Wow.


NMPapillon t1_j2sjubg wrote

I do realize that times have changed - but I don't see wanting to wear pants as making her a cross-dresser. Considering the petticoats and massive skirts and all the other nonsense women were expected to wear - wearing pants is just so much easier. I've always been surprised more women didn't just say screw it & put on pants to do their daily living, especially those women living on farms and ranches and having all the daily chores that goes with that.


sandboxvet OP t1_j2stes1 wrote

Back then, it was cross dressing. As for the comforts of the different gender stereotypes of clothes, as a trans woman, I much prefer the comfort of skirts to pants. As for the petticoats, they were uncomfortable, but they were also mostly worn by upper class women as they oftentimes required an assistant to get into.


drewkawa t1_j2sjtu1 wrote

TIL: rac·on·teur - a person who tells anecdotes in a skillful and amusing way.

Aka: story teller


MySocraticMethod t1_j2tsu6n wrote

Technically she was a “raconteuse” which is a female raconteur. (I just learned that today too!)


warh0g-927 t1_j2u98eg wrote

I guess this is probably where the english word ”recount” comes from?


reno_chad t1_j2qyrr9 wrote

They made her into a super based but short-lived cartoon on WB.


nicholkola t1_j2tp3db wrote

That show had a cool design. I loved it as a kid


Art-bat t1_j2u664w wrote

I think that show may be at least partially lost media at this point. Crazy to think something that ran in the late VHS era wouldn’t have more home video recordings of it surviving.


reno_chad t1_j2uaoh2 wrote

They did a Kickstarter just last year to raise funds to bring it to DVD. They found the complete digitized masters including the English voice actors (only 3 episodes aired in the US, supposedly, though I remember it being more).

So soon you'll be able to buy a DVD copy! They have stretch goals they're completing so probably not until years end.


Art-bat t1_j2uby4m wrote

That’s good to hear. From what I recall most of the surviving copies that were out there have Spanish or Italian language dubbed dialogue over them (presumably because they were recorded by someone overseas, rather than the US)


613vc420 t1_j2tskm0 wrote

I remember this, and it was great! Watched it a bunch as a kid


saturn_peaches t1_j2rih55 wrote

I can't help but wonder if this person would identify as queer/LGBT today. When people say "nobody was trans/gay/etc before! Now it's a trend!" I get super annoyed. Queer people always existed but that doesn't mean they had the knowledge or words to realize or express that whereas nowadays it's widely known about and people can more easily realize it and express it.


langdonga t1_j2rmaef wrote

Or…or..hear me out…dresses made it harder to do day to day things


saturn_peaches t1_j2rmpss wrote

For what it's worth, women had pants for sport (hunting, riding, tennis, etc) already during this time. They would be made to look like a skirt. Regardless this person seems to wear men's clothing for more than just function. They seemed to feel comfortable with presenting themself as masculine.


series_hybrid t1_j2ry3ed wrote

"In spite of Jane's financial success, she was so frugal that she shared her home with another woman to help with expenses. We can only imagine how lonely she must have been, having never found a man to share a life with her and her three cats"


I_am_BrokenCog t1_j2s1aj1 wrote

who do you listen to that the history of homosexuality is even slightly debatable?

The cross-dressing is not easy to identify with sexuality, individual cases might be, but there are numerous examples of straight cross-dressing, particularly for women to fit into a male role.

However that doesn't diminish the existence of non-binary, non-hetero sexual people throughout history. There are plenty of records of non-hetero people.

What is likely to be true is that the per-capita numbers of non-hetero sexual people has increased. Why that is one can only speculate.


muscletrain t1_j2s2857 wrote

Have you read anything at all about ancient Rome/Greeks ? They were gay as the day is long and it was not frowned upon as it shouldn't be. Even for the middle East being queer being a bad thing is more of a western thing that was adopted.


Tryignan t1_j2ruy02 wrote

You’ve definitely got a point, though the reactionaries will downvote you regardless. While I don’t think it’s right to decide if someone is queer without their say so, there were definitely a high number of historical figures that would be considered queer today, many of whom kept it hidden. Queerness isn’t a new thing after all.


TexanTalkin998877 t1_j2t0s2l wrote

> I don’t think it’s right to decide if someone is queer without their say so

I don't think she minds the speculation at this point in the game, do you?


whiterazorblade t1_j2s20i5 wrote

No one, male or female wanted to have sex with Jane. She was known to have stds, particularly chlamydia and the clap. It's where her name comes from.


Noob_Al3rt t1_j2t46ua wrote

Lol she was horny as hell. She had like 4 kids by different fathers and worked part time in a whorehouse.


Bad_Prophet t1_j2t7ay1 wrote

She probably preferred to dress like a man simply because she preferred to wear pants


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ejpierle t1_j2qviyc wrote

Well, the pic is 140 years old. I'd be shocked if you hadn't seen it before, bot...


Darth-Hipster t1_j2ufqmv wrote

The rootinist tootinist muffinist divinist cowgirl ‘round these parts.


dreddpiratedrew t1_j2uour3 wrote

Fantastic character in deadwood


Ani_mrumru t1_j2v0e92 wrote

Fantastic character -- not entirely flattering portrait -- in Pete Dexter’s novel - “Deadwood”...... I never saw the series (w Ian McShane), but my understanding was that alot of the dialogue was profanity. The novel , not so much .... so am guessing the series was very loosely based on the novel. Read the novel.


gunitbeans t1_j2svmm1 wrote

Well, back then that’s what happened when you were lowkey lesbian


Spidremonkey t1_j2sxzb2 wrote

I drink when I am able; if that amounts to much, that’s the day’s affair and the liquor’s!


Appropriate-Disk-924 t1_j2unrdi wrote

she dressed like a man to protect yourself from further rape, which she suffered multiple times


phuzzy1deep t1_j2s4ugv wrote

Stayed in Deadwood after her best friend, Wild Bill Hickock was shot in the back of the head while playing poker by the coward Jack McCall.


64Iam t1_j2sydxi wrote

Bing Crosby


Beaker20202020 t1_j2t86ai wrote

A female raconteur is a raconteuse. "A female that tells anecdotes in a skillful and amusing way".


Boogaloo-Shrimps t1_j2tebpe wrote

Her real life is generally boring and most of the excitement in her life was made up by her when she dictated her memoirs.

Not as historically significant as originally thought.


jcurtis81 t1_j2tih77 wrote

Pretty sure that’s a picture of Bing Crosby😏


LadyMuhKuh t1_j2ttjxc wrote

Looks like the canadian PM 😃


nickcrap t1_j2uc9ll wrote

i apologize ….


fury45iii t1_j2uftar wrote

... and general badass.


GambitDangers t1_j2ukn3g wrote

Man, got some interesting terminology in this description.


theghostofgotti t1_j2uvkvc wrote

"I've seen you in some stupid outfits in my time, but that one takes the fuckin' prize.

  • Calamity Jane, while leaning against a wall piss drunk. Deadwood.

Minimum_Builder_9257 t1_j32cc3n wrote

The pistol is in an interesting spot and back facing on the left hip. . Was she right handed and if so why the odd placement , not on the right side hip ?


sandboxvet OP t1_j3aa05r wrote

It’s fashioned for a right handed crossdraw


StumpGrnder t1_j2t3m1r wrote

she was packin but was she packing?


pancerny67 t1_j2skhte wrote

His face looks like Justin Trudeau


Extension-Motor4666 t1_j2sysme wrote

She also help massacre the native Americans on the lands