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reno_chad t1_j2qyrr9 wrote

They made her into a super based but short-lived cartoon on WB.


nicholkola t1_j2tp3db wrote

That show had a cool design. I loved it as a kid


Art-bat t1_j2u664w wrote

I think that show may be at least partially lost media at this point. Crazy to think something that ran in the late VHS era wouldn’t have more home video recordings of it surviving.


reno_chad t1_j2uaoh2 wrote

They did a Kickstarter just last year to raise funds to bring it to DVD. They found the complete digitized masters including the English voice actors (only 3 episodes aired in the US, supposedly, though I remember it being more).

So soon you'll be able to buy a DVD copy! They have stretch goals they're completing so probably not until years end.


Art-bat t1_j2uby4m wrote

That’s good to hear. From what I recall most of the surviving copies that were out there have Spanish or Italian language dubbed dialogue over them (presumably because they were recorded by someone overseas, rather than the US)


613vc420 t1_j2tskm0 wrote

I remember this, and it was great! Watched it a bunch as a kid