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TheyCallMeTBone t1_j2sqnxm wrote

This was just a few months before the 2020 election, so you know it was a charged atmosphere nationwide in general and so maybe they’ve repurposed their stock. But yeah, it was one shop after another selling the ‘Trump riding a bald eagle holding a machine gun’ kind of bullshit and it was so prevalent it was nauseating. Of course the sidewalks were crowded with families of obese leather vest MAGA hatted types and not a mask in sight. The historical value of visiting is now literally zero

If you can ignore all that stuff and want to just enjoy all the outdoors there has to offer, the hiking and fishing is some of the best in the country IMO

If you’re


slightlyused t1_j2suzkv wrote

I can handle a smattering of that crap but if someone is wearing a political type thing it drives me kinda nuts. Go for a Ford t-shirt or even Winchester or wildlife prints. I can take that.