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Nervous_Brilliant441 t1_j3nevo4 wrote

Probably unpopular opinion but Lauren Bacall was even more beautiful than Marilyn imo


bigpook t1_j3om1yq wrote

They are both beautiful in their own way but if I had to choose it would be Bacall. My gosh, she is beautiful.


FirstLightFitness t1_j3niptn wrote

I don't find Marilyn all that great. Never have. Never understood the hype.


HawkeyeTen t1_j3o26ez wrote

I feel like Marilyn looked fake, honestly. One, her hair often looks artificial blonde (unlike say, Grace Kelly), and two, the sex symbol appeal was just overdone. After seeing stuff like How to Marry a Millionaire, non-sexual comedy was much more her knack (I really think she could have ranked up there with Carol Burnett or Lucille Ball if she worked at it). Being a sex symbol will eventually fade, being able to make people laugh never will. Sadly, that's not what the studios and media wanted in her.


TheFrebbin t1_j3pbswl wrote

Totally agree. And have you seen Niagara, a rare example of an early 1950s film noir shot in color? She plays a vile human being using a sex-kitten exterior. She’s excellent.


IssuesandInferences t1_j3z5vgr wrote

In the immortal words of John Wayne, “I’d hate to have to live off the difference.”


BongoTBongo t1_j3ngmt6 wrote

I’ll take Bacall please…


I_am_BrokenCog t1_j3oau9e wrote

Two American Archetypal looks:

The Bimbo Cheerleader and the Sassy Librarian.


andybmcc t1_j3nelr4 wrote

Her eyebrows don't stop.


animator1123 t1_j3pehil wrote

One hell of a cleavage on Bacall though!


14338 t1_j3pesdp wrote

Man. Pretty girls are….pretty.


LastPlaceIWas t1_j3q6kyp wrote

Most people want to meet Marilyn Monroe, but I think Lauren Bacall is even more interesting. Something about her voice, her walk, her stance--something just so confident. She has the kind of beauty that demands to be taken seriously.


Lounat1k t1_j3rj2jq wrote

Lauren Bacall's first cousin was Shimon Peres, the Prime minister of Israel.


Wozar t1_j3qojni wrote

Becall’s eyes are just mesmerising.


aacawe t1_j3qqjmh wrote



youneverknow44 t1_j3pkkgq wrote

Bacall was never the same after she took a right hook from Chris moltisanti


neckos t1_j3o3rz9 wrote

Is that Patrick Swayze from Too Wong Fu on the left?


onlyspeaksinhashtag t1_j3ofbnx wrote

Bacall looks like a dude in drag in that photo.


numanoid t1_j3p22rt wrote

Whoever colorized it didn't do her any favors.