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tan-499 t1_j6gujb6 wrote

Damn! That kid on the right looks like he's 12 going on 47.


the--larch t1_j6gkjjz wrote

You got young Uncle Fester on the right...


ox45talls t1_j6gow0f wrote

They all got doobies and the kid in back is pointing a gun. Nice!!!


phinbar t1_j6gyvih wrote

The resistance.


fiatfighter t1_j6ipeew wrote

Wait, which have you not seen until yesterday? Your dad or this photo?


sdtriathlete OP t1_j6iru50 wrote

Haha. Ok, you got me with my imperfect grammar. The photo is new to me. I recently went through an old photo album I had. The black paper pages were literally falling apart in my hands. A lot of the photos, including this one, were only the size of a negative as he likely just did a direct transfer exposure by laying the negative sheet directly on photo paper rather than having access to en enlarger. I wish I could find the actual negatives so I can scan them in a bit better quality than just taking photos using my iPhone to preserve them.


alexgardin t1_j6gyc04 wrote

if the pic panned down you'd see they all have a bottle of wine.


griffin885 t1_j6h09dc wrote

Think on this, back then it was a cool pic. Today at least 2 federal and 2 state and local authorities would show up to toss their houses and steal the gun.


Adh1434 t1_j6hdobq wrote

The Goonies if they were part of the French resistance.


After-Map-1725 t1_j6hcbty wrote

Could you imagine yourself as a kid living under a war and with no time to think "whatahell is going on?"

But, thinking twice I remember theres kids living like this till today e.e


callsignxray1 t1_j6j6pxa wrote

The dude in the front reminds me of Gregory Sporleader in THE ROCK


heresmytwopence t1_j6gsrlt wrote

I think they may have been born with cigarettes in their mouths.


Mediumaverageness t1_j6hf3yk wrote

I live in Normandy and did some historical touristing in the vincinity. Lemme tell you a story: after the fall of Falaise Pocket (Aug 1944), where 10000 germans, thousands of horses (and the local iconic cows), hundred of vehicles were obliterated, air soil and water were so polluted kids as young as 5 were given cigarettes and alcoholic cider in order to bear the stench and stay "hydrated". Fields, woods, were so saturated with destroyed military hardware authorities granted "mining" rights for scrappers in order to clean the country.


DougieSenpai t1_j6h14v0 wrote

You never seen your dad until yesterday???


silver4814 t1_j6hoi4f wrote

Your dad gave them the cig's...


vinnydaq t1_j6isoin wrote

Looks like an all kids remake of "Goodfellas". 😎


Mobile_Pangolin4939 t1_j6heisw wrote

The Goonies took place in the 80s I think. The kids definitely weren't like this. Even the kids in Stand bye me weren't this tuff unless you're looking at the older kids that seemed a bit crazy. Kieffer Sutherland always scarred me in that movie.