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Vergenbuurg t1_j41s8tg wrote

Huh, TIL that, not only was there an "NBL", but that they did, in fact, have a team named the Denver Nuggets, unrelated to the current NBA team.


TaiKorczak OP t1_j43a5wk wrote

Oh they went through a bunch of name changes too. Denver Safeway Pigs, Denver Nuggets, Denver American Legion, Denver Ambrose Jellymakers, Denver Nuggets again, and then the Denver Refiners.


31_hierophanto t1_j447z14 wrote

And the NBL actually merged with the BAA (Basketball Association of America) in 1949 to become the NBA that we know today.

Teams like the Detroit Pistons (then known as the Fort Wayne Pistons) came from the NBL.