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Vergenbuurg t1_j41s8tg wrote

Huh, TIL that, not only was there an "NBL", but that they did, in fact, have a team named the Denver Nuggets, unrelated to the current NBA team.


TaiKorczak OP t1_j43a5wk wrote

Oh they went through a bunch of name changes too. Denver Safeway Pigs, Denver Nuggets, Denver American Legion, Denver Ambrose Jellymakers, Denver Nuggets again, and then the Denver Refiners.


31_hierophanto t1_j447z14 wrote

And the NBL actually merged with the BAA (Basketball Association of America) in 1949 to become the NBA that we know today.

Teams like the Detroit Pistons (then known as the Fort Wayne Pistons) came from the NBL.


Lanky_Day5566 t1_j42nuu3 wrote

How those guys balled in those shoes should put them in the HOF lol


MonteLukast t1_j41clnn wrote

Ace Gruenig?


TaiKorczak OP t1_j43ae8c wrote

Not Ace no, my grandpa was Bob Salen. He was only on the team briefly before he started to coach at schools across Colorado


Your_Daddy_ t1_j4356cb wrote


I grew up in Denver - in the 80’s all we had were the Broncos and Nuggets, and the Nuggets were always bad.


Notch99 t1_j446ina wrote

Back when white guys, Chuck Taylor’s, and chest passes ruled the hard court!


zacktalsma t1_j4457ct wrote

He’s got that classic Stanley Hudson dribbling technique.


tehpwarp t1_j42p1o7 wrote

Let me guess, he's just 18 in this picture.


BronxBoy56 t1_j43ixy7 wrote

Love the Chuck Taylor’s


JellyPast1522 t1_j43rhmx wrote

I didn't know they made Skybox basketball cards back in '48.


[deleted] t1_j41k971 wrote



[deleted] t1_j4191kh wrote



jackylegssss t1_j41wc0n wrote

Yeah? What about pistol Pete Maravich ya fucking 🤡?


The123123 t1_j426ucz wrote

Honestly, I dont think pistols have any place in sport. This is why I advocate for metal detectors at all sporting venues.


pendletonskyforce t1_j41yb09 wrote

Actually, Wat Misaka for broke the color barrier in professional basketball in 1947 so this is around the time when they were allowed to play.


The123123 t1_j41yg69 wrote

Doubtful they had any significant presence by 1948


pendletonskyforce t1_j41zg37 wrote

Regardless, this player earned his time in the league.


The123123 t1_j426nsc wrote

He probably protested the desegregation of schools


pendletonskyforce t1_j426xi8 wrote

Because he's white? Not all white people were racist. You actually sound more racist based on your comments.


KatttDawggg t1_j42fj7w wrote

You know there are still white people that play basketball right?


The123123 t1_j42l9p4 wrote

Name one


Vic_Sinclair t1_j42n08s wrote

Uh, the current season-leading scorer Luka Doncic?


The123123 t1_j42n8s1 wrote

Ok, name another


Vic_Sinclair t1_j42npmt wrote

Nikola Jokic


The123123 t1_j42pn29 wrote

Ok, wise guy. Name one more


Vic_Sinclair t1_j42q4cq wrote

Lauri Markkanen on my Utah Jazz. You know, this is really a low-effort troll. Based on your comment history you're not a Russian sockpuppet. Are you really this dumb?