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Shiatis11 t1_j6kjqx6 wrote

Audrey Hepburn


Fierobsessed t1_j6lgqgd wrote

She’s in a different class. She would basically get 100% and it would be a pointless poll.


Marine__0311 t1_j6m6u71 wrote

Yep, invalid list with out Audrey.

Plus she was a great human being to boot. BB for example went off the rails and revealed herself to be a racist and fascist.


Briggsieman t1_j6kbl3x wrote

Ann Margaret


shittyfatsack t1_j6khl0j wrote

100% I only knew the name from the reference in “Full metal Jacket.” Then i saw a clip with her in it on Reddit… Wah wah wee wah! What a hottie!

Edit: words


Lichenbruten t1_j6kdcwu wrote

It was a tough fight between Claudia and Sophia.


Marine__0311 t1_j6m6z2v wrote

I've always been a fan of Claudia. From everything I've read, Sophia was a real PITA to work with.


Lon72 t1_j6kfzxy wrote

Bardot by a mile . Loren looks like my auntie , lol . But I reckon Linda Ronstadt could put up a proper fight in her heyday.


jeff_ewing t1_j6l1v02 wrote

None of the above: Jeanne Moreau.


lswanier t1_j6li388 wrote

Gina Lollobrigida


astronaught002 t1_j6kd6oi wrote

I know that other people might be objectively hotter, but nothing will ever beat Elizabeth Taylor in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, caked in old age makeup and still managing to turn the sex factor up to 11.


gary_seven7 t1_j6kio6w wrote

Anthony Perkins. the rules!


Whateveryousaydude7 t1_j6kkxjv wrote

Hottest or most beautiful.

Going Bardot for hottest (which makes me feel kind of gross as it’s extremely sexist to even put this up here)

I guess Taylor and Deneuve for most beautiful.

I’m only voting because I like all of them and want them to be recognized by young people. Not for just their looks.


Unable-Ladder-9190 t1_j6m8jhi wrote

Claudia Cardinale being last leads me to believe most people voting have no idea who she is


Acceptable_Net_2658 t1_j6kgry9 wrote


LeadershipNo1875 t1_j6khcle wrote

Idk Sophia Loren's breasts are perfectly balanced imo.

Jayne's sag lower yes but I'd probably have more fun shoving my face in between Sophia's


Diseman81 t1_j6kmqeg wrote

Sophia Loren, but if Grace Kelly or Debbie Reynolds were on this list they’d get my vote.


teamsimple1 t1_j6kysnz wrote

Is this a bot that based on my answers will be able to drain all my accounts?


Mistapeepers t1_j6kyugs wrote

We really not gonna have Audrey Hepburn on this list?


dcal1981 t1_j6l0r8f wrote

you forgot Raquel Welch....She gets my vote.


jabby63 t1_j6l9vlo wrote

As expected most Americans choose American actresses because they aren’t familiar with European actresses. But if you are being completely honest to yourself, the three best if this bunch, by far, is Sophia, Claudia and Catherine. I mean look at these gorgeous women when they were around 25-30. Drop dead gorgeous.


jefferyuniverse t1_j6lysqp wrote

Out of those I said Elizabeth Taylor. I’ve always had a thing for Bette Page though


Munkyed t1_j6m9lvw wrote

Replace Claudia with Raquel Welch


Hutch_travis t1_j6mipfy wrote

Can we get some honorable mentions? Audrey Hepburn or Ingrid Bergman


abstutz t1_j6n9ivs wrote

Liz Taylor. ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’



GermsDean t1_j6oa0qi wrote

Grace Kelly by a country mile. Then probably Audrey and Lauren Becall


anasui1 t1_j6kthns wrote

Brigitte for me, a freight train of sex appeal (always wins in my book)