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katnapped t1_j6wnbq8 wrote

You're drunk, Phil. Back to your nap.


topspin9 t1_j6x6489 wrote

OKAY campers, rise and shine ,and dont forget those booties cause it's cooooold out there today.


ProphGhXXst t1_j6wobx6 wrote

This is bullshit.. Phil has his hands in Big Winters pocket.


ahtzib t1_j6wvu9i wrote

Have we even had six weeks of winter to begin with? Feels like late fall/early spring with a few snowy days thrown in.


dudettte t1_j6x62fu wrote

seriously. i’m not complaining but it’s been mellow.


SammieCat50 t1_j6ykofc wrote

I’m going to complain … anything under 40 degrees & I hate it ….I’m out there looking like I live in the North Pole …


translove228 t1_j6xyc7h wrote

I think I recall a day or two where it got down to the low 20's. Does that count?


nardlz t1_j719la3 wrote

SE? because up this way we had -8 with a real feel of -35 for a couple days and that was enough winter for me!


worstatit t1_j6wqj5w wrote

Six more weeks of what we've had so far seems...bearable?


[deleted] t1_j6wojc2 wrote

I speak Groundhogese, and he said “E A G L E S, Eagles”


The_RonJames t1_j6z4ri8 wrote

Don’t be so sure he’s a western PA guy… but seriously I think Phil will be happy with any PA team winning


Thecrawsome t1_j6wrviz wrote

I'm in my thirties and when I was a kid we had winter, all-winter. The freak warm days would come once a season.

Now the whole season is freak warm days.

If you have the opportunity to sabotage a private jet, you should do it.


Mijbr090490 t1_j6wzmxx wrote

Same here. Blizzard every couple of years and bitter cold. I like the warmer weather, but it's kinda scary. All fun and games until PA is a coastal state.


SucksToYourAssmar3 t1_j6xlt8p wrote

On the plus side - shark fishing in the Allegheny, if things get crazy enough. Braeburn Beach could become a bonefish flat.

Sure, millions or billions will die, but the fishing!


SauceOverflow t1_j6x4oej wrote

It's almost like the climate is changing or something. /s


oldschoolskater OP t1_j6wwrup wrote

I know, I'm 50 now and in my teens and early 20s we were lucky to have one or two warm days all winter. I feel like snow was on the ground at least half of the winter.


Stupidpieceofshit77 t1_j6wore6 wrote

I'm in the Poconos. It's going to be really cold the next few days, then back up to near 50. If that's what 6 more weeks means, I'll take it.


YeeshOk06 t1_j6wzdva wrote

Yup. Just moved up here last summer and was all prepared. Now I’m looking around like Vince Vega in Pulp Fiction.


oldschoolskater OP t1_j6wn9i7 wrote

The good thing is he's only right 40% of the time. After Saturday swpa is forcast to be close to 50 degrees for about ten days.


lanfear2020 t1_j6wyw4c wrote

When is winter gonna start?


Middle_Aged_Mayhem t1_j6x0hcs wrote

So, since he's right only 40% of the time, isn't it more likely to be an early spring?


mostlikelytrash t1_j6x7lnp wrote

He’s really saying “more cold and muddy weather for you”


Puzzleheaded-Yard891 t1_j6wxt5r wrote

Winter haha... It isn't winter if your best snowfall was a dusting that lasted an hour.... By far the mildest winter I've seen in 39 years....

Where the hell are the 2+ ft blizzards at??


magnoliasmanor t1_j6xc6b9 wrote

You know... Reading all these comments of "we haven't had a winter yet" cool it guys. It's still February. I don't want all of us to jinx it and get 4' dumped on us in 2 weeks.


ho_merjpimpson t1_j6x1a0i wrote

Pennsylvania's second most annoying groundhog.


godofgubgub t1_j6x5sdl wrote

You watch your mouth, that lovely member of the Marmota Monax is a state treasure. Sure he is wrong more often than a coin flip, but what do you expect from him. He's like 100+ years old


C4bl3Fl4m3 t1_j6x7j07 wrote

They'll take away your right to have a PA driver's license if you keep going around saying things like that! They'll kick you out and make you live in a neighboring state! ;)


Semi-Hemi-Demigod t1_j6xdz4x wrote

If winter is just six more weeks of rain and 40 degree weather, how will we know when spring gets here?


Chocolat3City t1_j6y6etx wrote

Well it's a Fox News report, so I take it with a grain of salt.


DrJJStroganoff t1_j6xf9xr wrote

Thanks for the crappy news... Ya furry cute bastard.


jbot14 t1_j6ww3gu wrote

That would align with the celestial sequence of seasons. I believe the spring equinox is March 20th. Who gets advice from a ground dwelling rodent anyways? All woodchucks do is ruin my garden. No sanctuary for woodchucks.


enemy_of_your_enema t1_j6x1qmh wrote

Phil is wrong most of the time, so it's always safe to assume the opposite of whatever he says is true.


Tommy_Batch t1_j6x4rwp wrote

I wonder if he's up to date on climate change.


jmdunkle t1_j6xgfbd wrote

What an asshole


Fit_Lawfulness_3147 t1_j6xprfd wrote

It’s so cold I saw a politician with his hands in his own pockets


RowdySuperBigGulp t1_j6xv3fr wrote

Damn it, not six more weeks of jeans and a light jacket


hobbykitjr t1_j6xdh3l wrote

maybe he means it will start in 6 weeks?


Significant_Gap_9384 t1_j6xkmsv wrote

Maan, and here I thought because I was born today he and I would be tight😂😂😂 This is a new low.


LiggyBallerson t1_j6y15va wrote

Fuck you, you heretical meteorology rat.


Pappyjang t1_j6yb01f wrote

TIL Punxsutawney Phil has only been right 39% of the time


Oraanu22 t1_j70a8rj wrote

So like 6 more weeks of 40 degrees and breezy or like actual winter?


Tr0gd0r17 t1_j70h18p wrote

Friend: “It seems like sometimes he tries to bite them when they hold him” Me: “Imagine you’re asleep. Perfect-comfy. In your bed. Basically on vacation and don’t have fuck all to do til spring. Suddenly, some dickhead in a top hat nabs your ass and drags you out into the light. Cameras flashing. People and noises everywhere. Idk about you, but I’m trying to bite him 100% of the time.”


StaticNegative t1_j70pw40 wrote

from Feb 2nd to the first day of spring is about 6 weeks. so Phil is correct.


Cogatanu7CC95 t1_j6xbegs wrote

I still find it funny people fall for this stuff