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Synnapsis t1_j6xh8xr wrote

Curious: what's the point of saying only one will live forever lmao


T3hLemming t1_j6xykop wrote

Two immortal groundhogs? In this one Pennsylvania town? Inconceivable!


Castor_and_Pollux123 t1_j6ze210 wrote

> Two immortal groundhogs?

There can be only one.


randomnighmare t1_j6zyxtn wrote

They have to fight to the death, with swords, which only means that one will be decapitated and the other will absorb the former's powers into his own. Making the One more powerful as time goes on but they can't fight on hollow grounds so they fight in Indiana, PA.


arkol3404 t1_j6zhsnp wrote

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


[deleted] OP t1_j6y369f wrote

They also are very adamant that Phil has never had children. There will NOT be a succession crisis.


ThePopeJones t1_j6ze7ty wrote

If you ask why he won't have kids they tell you it's because groundhogs can only breed in the wild. Turns out it's true, and has kept a dude in a job exporting groundhogs all around the world for years.


Tyrone-Rugen t1_j6y5lcu wrote

Well they're not going to lie. Imagine having to try to find a look-alike whenever she dies


HerbertWest t1_j71catm wrote

>Curious: what's the point of saying only one will live forever lmao

What do you mean? They're just telling us the truth, here. There just isn't enough elixir to go around, unfortunately. :(