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QuickNature t1_j771lcm wrote

You must know them very well. Or are making assumptions based on some comments here and will defend them with "well because of this, they must be like that".

This is r/Pennsylvania though, so I'll probably be downvoted, but this is a tragic situation. And the comments here show why these people will never reach out for help and ultimately never change their beliefs.

It also seems that people here have forgotten that they had family and friends who will be effected by this.

Edit: Would just like to point out I accurately called out the downvotes lol. You people are so very predictable.


five_eight t1_j77hfws wrote

"these people will never reach out for help and ultimately never change their beliefs". Not sure what you'd like to see here.


QuickNature t1_j77jjzo wrote

I would like to not see people pushed into becoming radicalized as a start. There were a series of failures and coincidences that lead to this family dying. I highly doubt they got to the point they were over night.

Also, because of their political beliefs/religious choices people are shitting all over them without actually knowing them. People here got a snippet into their life from a news article, and a neighbors commentary and suddenly know everything about them.


underscore5000 t1_j77l8qc wrote

If these people were Trump fanatics after EVERYTHING he has done prior to even running politically...they were already radicalized. If you want to start pointing fingers at HOW they became radicalized...look up the people actively voting to defund education and health care in this country. That's where you can start the blame then. Me personally? I choose to blame the adults who chose to not think like rational adults, but defunding education can assist in making that a pipe dream.


QuickNature t1_j77mji5 wrote

Yeah, and here is my problem with pretty much everything being said about this family. It all starts with If because no one actually knows them.

I am not debating politics right now, I am saying it's tragic not only because a family died, but for their surviving family members and friends. No one here actually knows them, and the speculation about them is just one big circle jerk of people agreeing with each other.

Also, I never mentioned when they may have been radicalized, just that it may have occured, and if this sub is at all representative of PA, I could see why they became reclusive. The hate and vitriol towards absolutely anyone who isn't extreme left and also apparently atheist now is absolutely disgusting.


terr1bad t1_j7avqdb wrote

I grew up 15 minutes from here. Red Lion, PA (another nearby York suburb) went down the Trump hole to the extreme. This entire story and their beliefs are completely unsurprising if you’ve spent any amount of time here.

I’m just a random person on the internet so you don’t have to believe me, but it’s hard not to run into people like this in SoYoCo (or anywhere in YoCo)


Potativated t1_j7izh93 wrote

This is Reddit. Any response less belligerent than gleeful smugness that there are 3 less “Trumptards” and “religious fanatics” is considered insufficiently supportive to the “communities” that Orange man “harms.” There are a lot of genuinely sick people, especially here on the internet, especially in heavily moderated upvote consensus-manufacturing apps, that openly wish the half of the country who disagrees with them would keel over and die.