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Redlar t1_j77ket3 wrote

>Having reporters jot down their questions, either on paper or via a notepad app, and then holding it so Fetterman can read it himself, is also on the table, as is pulling reporters into less crowded or somewhat quieter locations to help cut out confusion. 

This makes me so happy to see! Very simple accommodations that mean he can fully participate instead of having to limit himself

One of the ways my (this is not everyone's experience) ADHD expresses is having difficulty with audio and background noises being jumbled together, it's hard to filter out the sounds I don't want to hear from the things I need to hear. My medicine helps, however, I can't medicate 24/7


jessiebeex t1_j77ujfu wrote

It's because he has auditory processing disorder due to his stroke. APD can also co-occur with ADHD. People can be screened for APD by a speech-language pathologist and formally diagnosed by an audiologist and get treatment.


PirinTablets13 t1_j77vo1i wrote

Same. And it’s stressful being in situations where I don’t want to mishear and inadvertently answer incorrectly, which in turn makes my auditory processing and working memory issues even worse. I hope these sort of accommodations become more widely used because I don’t think the average person realizes how many people would benefit.


27thr0waway856 t1_j793d6z wrote

I have adhd, have my whole life but have managed to get by without medication because the side effects for me are not good. I tell people I have hearing damage sometimes because of how much trouble I have in situations like this


OneHumanPeOple t1_j78in4m wrote

Same here with the ADHD. After about 5pm, I can no longer understand what’s being said to me. If the TV and my husband are both speaking, their sentences blend together into one. Sometimes the things people say will blend with my own internal monologue. It ends up like word salad. I often reply, “I heard you speaking to me, but I didn’t understand what you said.” It pusses my family off to an extreme extent. I’m fine in the morning though. Lol.


corky9er t1_j7aojou wrote

Omg my wife can’t stand it! If I don’t make her repeat herself 3 times, I mishear. Hard to tell jokes with me


badpeaches t1_j7z4dg1 wrote

People think I'm rude or uninterested when I look down or keep my head down in classrooms or to speakers in meetings, I'm actually trying to focus on what I'm listening to. By removing visual overload.


Legitimate_Host9444 t1_j78p22y wrote

As someone with an audio processing disorder that can make communication kind of spicy sometimes, I am thrilled to be represented by Fetterman.


PrincessGwyn t1_j7805n6 wrote

This is great, and how things should be. Politicians supporting and working together, excited to work FOR THE PEOPLE who elected them.


glitch83 t1_j77gdvh wrote

That was pretty cute honestly.


Redlar t1_j77lkup wrote

His facial expressions are great, I hope his time in the US Senate doesn't blunt his personality (no pun intended)

The picture of him beaming while showing off a hoodie from the Vermont Senator is perfect because it's so on brand for him, I just have to laugh


artificialavocado t1_j77nwhe wrote

I hope so too. We’ve seen DC change people over years I have my fingers crossed with John.


ripmaster-rick t1_j77lkge wrote

Senator Fetterman needs to go to a cutter (shoutout to the outfit!) and get a suit that better fits his body.


SophiaofPrussia t1_j7806a6 wrote

The poorly fitting suit is kind of on-brand for him though. He’s just not a suit guy. It doesn’t surprise me that he couldn’t care less whether or not it’s perfectly tailored. There are other things he cares about more than being a perfectly coifed fashion-forward pretty boy.


artificialavocado t1_j77nl3t wrote

It isn’t too bad. I was expecting the pants legs to show 3-4” of ankle and the jacket sleeves to be the same lol.


joyfullypresent t1_j79p4dj wrote

As mother to a 6 ' 8.75" tall son, finding clothes that fit "better" is a gargantuan task. You wouldn't believe how short the sleeves can be on a tall size dress shirt. I guess they figure they won't show under the sport coat, so they'll just save a little fabric!


Sea_Childhood_810 t1_j78ptwn wrote

I think he has lost some weight right? And that is the cause of the oversized suits.


IamSauerKraut t1_j78r6qk wrote

He has long worn baggy clothes. Does not like the "skinny" or tight look. Wants to be able to move around without popping the seams.


pAul2437 t1_j78w1jb wrote

Lots of room to improve without going skinny


joyfullypresent t1_j79p86i wrote

I'm pretty sure that's not something that keeps John up at night.


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porkchop_d_clown t1_j78efxu wrote

Yes, he did, but he should do it just for himself. It's amazing how much a good, well-fit, suit can boost your self-esteem.

Source: I once weighed 310 pounds. At the age of 50+ I got down to 190 my daughter took me to a tailor and helped me pick out the fabrics for my first-ever-bespoke suit.

I looked fucking amazing.


porkchop_d_clown t1_j78e156 wrote

The man does not know how to stop looking like your disappointed father.


Apprehensive-Access1 t1_j78ayo8 wrote

Yay more politicians doing politician things that will likely just disappoint us. This comment is non-partisan.


Unlikely-Hawk416 t1_j7b5cnk wrote

I take from this article he’s committed to doing the work - albeit in his current capacity may be limited to voting on bills and talking with other politicians. I couldn’t give one singular fuck if he ever answers a reporters question directly. He could start a new normal of politicians answering the week’s pressing questions on a YouTube channel…


rone_the_bone t1_j7b5re1 wrote

So now he has a built in excuse to suck. How and why did he get elected. Sad.


dirtypawscub t1_j7bvh1n wrote

because he ran a great campaign against a quack from Jersey?


Finrodsrod t1_j7l2e9c wrote

Cry more; move to Jersey with Mehmet and give him a big, wet kiss.


artificialavocado t1_j77ns62 wrote

I remember seeing pictures of Obama in different meetings and with different advisors and you could almost see the low key distain on his face for the people around him. Yeah John is just wearing that shit in the open lol.


SophiaofPrussia t1_j7814jv wrote

You do know the people he’s surrounded by in that photo are his family, right? Are you saying his expression indicates “low key disdain” for them?


artificialavocado t1_j78215h wrote

Omg you people today yes I know that is his family Jesus. I thought it was pretty clear I meant the cretins in DC. I think I done with Reddit for the day.


porkchop_d_clown t1_j78er2s wrote

Reddit doesn't do humor well.

And, yes, I agree with you. I voted for John Fetterman because I like his positions and, as a bonus, he looks like half the men in my family... but part of that is his permanent look of annoyance. 🤣


artificialavocado t1_j78h2eq wrote

I voted for him too. He’s the only politician or candidate I ever donated to. Not only are his positions good but I feel he actually believes in them and will fight for them. I knew people in PA would like his “look” too. If “Pennsylvania Man” was a thing it would be John. It good to know one of the most progressive guys in congress is from here.


IamSauerKraut t1_j78rbhg wrote

You still butthurt about Obama keeping the bitter twitter quitter on the sidelines?



Yelloeisok t1_j77zbsl wrote

So are you a fan when MTG and Boboert do it?


artificialavocado t1_j77ztwb wrote

What standing there looking displeased for one frame? No I’m more concerned with their constant misinformation, insane ranting and raving on the house floor or heckling someone when they are telling a story about their son dying from cancer.


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arkwald t1_j77bw56 wrote

Maybe next time don't pick an out of state shill because some imbecile in a suit picked him out.


Deadendbend t1_j77dvms wrote

Yeah tell me about it. The options were awful


PopeGeraldVII t1_j77fo2z wrote

The article was about how he made friends, sponsored legislation, cast his first vote, dealt with the fallout from his stroke, and avoided some reporters questions.

Hardly... strange for a freshman senator.


MarkFerk t1_j77iyv4 wrote

One piece of advice. Put your phone down once in a while. U make a post like every 10 minutes it’s crazy. That’s actually a real life thing that should embarrass you.


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MarkFerk t1_j77mgf1 wrote

U do know that it records all our comments and posts right. And your the only one who seems angry and annoyed. Peace out ✌️


Yelloeisok t1_j77z1c4 wrote

Time to move to Florida so you can fanboy DeSantis!


avelineaurora t1_j787qno wrote

> Look at all the pride for a man who can’t form a sentence.

Never stopped y'all praising a giant carrot, shockingly.


oscar-the-bud t1_j77sd23 wrote

Exactly what people from Georgia, Colorado, Texas and Florida are thinking but for different reasons. MTG, Bobo, Abbott and Cruz, and we certainly can’t forget Desantis.