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Redlar t1_j77ket3 wrote

>Having reporters jot down their questions, either on paper or via a notepad app, and then holding it so Fetterman can read it himself, is also on the table, as is pulling reporters into less crowded or somewhat quieter locations to help cut out confusion. 

This makes me so happy to see! Very simple accommodations that mean he can fully participate instead of having to limit himself

One of the ways my (this is not everyone's experience) ADHD expresses is having difficulty with audio and background noises being jumbled together, it's hard to filter out the sounds I don't want to hear from the things I need to hear. My medicine helps, however, I can't medicate 24/7


jessiebeex t1_j77ujfu wrote

It's because he has auditory processing disorder due to his stroke. APD can also co-occur with ADHD. People can be screened for APD by a speech-language pathologist and formally diagnosed by an audiologist and get treatment.


PirinTablets13 t1_j77vo1i wrote

Same. And it’s stressful being in situations where I don’t want to mishear and inadvertently answer incorrectly, which in turn makes my auditory processing and working memory issues even worse. I hope these sort of accommodations become more widely used because I don’t think the average person realizes how many people would benefit.


27thr0waway856 t1_j793d6z wrote

I have adhd, have my whole life but have managed to get by without medication because the side effects for me are not good. I tell people I have hearing damage sometimes because of how much trouble I have in situations like this


OneHumanPeOple t1_j78in4m wrote

Same here with the ADHD. After about 5pm, I can no longer understand what’s being said to me. If the TV and my husband are both speaking, their sentences blend together into one. Sometimes the things people say will blend with my own internal monologue. It ends up like word salad. I often reply, “I heard you speaking to me, but I didn’t understand what you said.” It pusses my family off to an extreme extent. I’m fine in the morning though. Lol.


corky9er t1_j7aojou wrote

Omg my wife can’t stand it! If I don’t make her repeat herself 3 times, I mishear. Hard to tell jokes with me


badpeaches t1_j7z4dg1 wrote

People think I'm rude or uninterested when I look down or keep my head down in classrooms or to speakers in meetings, I'm actually trying to focus on what I'm listening to. By removing visual overload.