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Stalese OP t1_j9wfrss wrote

One of the mods named Sovereign2142 has been going out of his way to defend the woman in this video and delete any posts that bring what she did up


Sovereign2142 t1_j9wksk8 wrote

I locked the other thread because of the doxxing. Most of which was incorrect information from Twitter. You’re more than welcome to make a post supporting Amy’s but it ain’t going to be this one.

Post removed for counter modding.

Please see our rules.


Unique-Public-8594 t1_j9wgo9j wrote

Well, obv there are legal issues on things like this. Ownership of the video may be a factor. Who has the legal right to share it. Does their lawyer recommend they not share it. Have defamation lawsuits been filed. Reddit admins get involved guiding the mods through the complex legal issues, I suspect. It may not be Sovreign214’s choice. An admin or reddit lawyer may be inserted onto the mod team to monitor.