Submitted by AmaviAstra88 t3_11d4o8w in Pennsylvania

Is there anyway to have PA turnpike fees switch into someone else’s name?

I spent months picking up my ex’s daughter every weekend and taking her home every week, and originally I refused because of the drive, but my ex promised she would pay the toll fees to cut the drive down by almost an hour as she also didn’t want her young daughter to be stuck in a car for such a long drive twice a week.

She never ended up sending me any of the money for the tolls and almost a year and a break up later, the bills are well into the hundreds and I’m unable to pay them myself. I myself currently barely make it paycheck to paycheck as is.

She keeps telling me to just call and have them put into her name so they aren’t affecting me anymore, but I don’t even know if that is something that would work, even with her permission and information.

Anyone have any insight on this kind of situation?



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worstatit t1_ja77n8u wrote

The fees belong to the registered owner of the vehicle. It may be allowed for the ex to call and take responsibility, but I've never heard of it.


BeatsMeByDre t1_ja7l56s wrote

Your "ex's daughter" is 0 percent your responsibility. Be prepared to eat any costs associated with keeping that relationship.


WookieeSteakIsChewie t1_ja7fje0 wrote

No. Your options are either:

A) Eat it and move on with your life

B) File a civil lawsuit


EsJaGe t1_ja959bu wrote

B) File a civil lawsuit to have a Magisterial District Justice tell you to do A)*


ronreadingpa t1_ja7mvv8 wrote

If she hasn't sent you the money by now, that's a bad sign. However, worth asking her one more time.

Print out / screenshot the amount owed and ask her to send you payment via check (don't assume funds being available means they really are - wait it out several extra days) or Zelle (safer and convenient). Alternatively, via Venmo or Cash App.

EDIT: She might be able to pay the bill directly herself. Another option, but not sure how practical that is, since she's not on the account.

If she won't pay, then contact EZ Pass and explain you want to pay, but can't afford the amount. They may be able to reduce the penalties and/or offer other payment options.


CltAltAcctDel t1_ja7mh69 wrote

Have your ex buy an EZ pass for you to use in your car then only use that EZ Pass for those trips or don’t pick up her daughter.

If you have your own EZ pass wrap it foil and put it in your glove box.


AmaviAstra88 OP t1_ja82hro wrote

I don’t pick the kid up anymore since we broke up, this was when we were together. We broke up because she wouldn’t pay her half of anything😅


No-Setting9690 t1_ja7slhx wrote

You cannot transfer debt that easily, typically never. You agreed to financial responsibility on this, whether the ex paid your or not.


urcrookedneighbor t1_ja7f081 wrote

is she willing to write a check if you show her the bills?


AmaviAstra88 OP t1_ja82d56 wrote

She knows the bills, but she’s also broke so she can’t pay them either but they keep racking up in late fees and It’s just impossible for me to catch up at this time so she said to just try to get them switched to her name


Annahsbananas t1_ja8epd4 wrote

No. It's tied to the car owner

You could take it to civil court but you'll need her written agreement to the fees and even then I'm not sure


fatherofallthings t1_ja910tj wrote

Yeah I’d just eat the cost and take it as a lesson my guy. This seems like it could turn into a foul situation really quickly.

Hundreds of dollars isn’t worth it imo. I know it sucks, and you were tryna do the right thing, but now you know the kind of person she is and won’t be doing that again.


lexispots t1_ja9as9a wrote

Unfortunately no and you wouldn’t have much luck in a small claims court. The toll is connected to the license plate, if the plate is registered to you, you are responsible for the tolls. You made the drive, knew the expense, and still drove roadways that included a toll, it sucks that your ex screwed you over. Just be careful PennDOT doesn’t issue a warrant for unpaid tolls.


blue5801 t1_jaa196i wrote

No. Turnpike tolls go by PA vehicle registration. You would either need to have your ex purchase you a funded EZ Pass or file a lawsuit in District Court where you live for the money.


ktp806 t1_jaacgeu wrote

Live and learn.


ktp806 t1_jaacje4 wrote

Judge Judy time. Parties have been sworn in.


queenoftheidiots t1_ja6r4ju wrote

Did you call them and ask? I know we switched a pass to a different license.