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mynameisalso OP t1_j7mk6y0 wrote

When was the last time the soil was tested for lead?


Dredly t1_j7nyvpw wrote

No need to test, they know its there, everywhere... and zinc, and every other hard metal possible


ReformedDeviant t1_j7mne6q wrote

Litter boxes in schools is believed by the mentally unwell.


MathewMurdock2 t1_j7niu1w wrote

It was one teacher in Colorado years ago that did in case of an active shooter. So it happened but not in the way right wing media portrays it.


BurghPuppies t1_j7pyjit wrote

I think I’m going to need to see a source on that.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j7q1pj1 wrote

I don't know about that specific case but kitty litter is in every school in the country because it's useful for bodily fluid spills. Dump the litter on the offending fluid, sweep it up.


BurghPuppies t1_j7qhn74 wrote

Pretty sure that guy wasn’t talking about AbsorbAll.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j7qimyx wrote

It doesn't matter, they will refer to buckets of absorball as kitty litter if it suits their narrative. Reality doesn't matter, the narrative does.


BurghPuppies t1_j7qi9q5 wrote

Thanks. Kitty litter on hand, but not out in a litter box for kids to pee in. And of course the GOP neglects to mention the other items with it. A-holes.


yuefairchild t1_j7qis26 wrote

There are multiple things weird about this. While the furry controversy is a descendant of the 2000s "next they'll want to marry animals" trope, the idea of ripping on furries in particular as an anti-trans dogwhistle is from, of all places, 4chan and Something Awful. It's cross-pollination from /pol/ and gamergate lol


Dredly t1_j7nz8k2 wrote

They already said its Palmerton... you don't need to rub it in


[deleted] t1_j7nb7hw wrote



eviljelloman t1_j7ne9n2 wrote

This is a lie. Either your sister is lying or you are lying. Fuck off.


kellzone t1_j7nkt50 wrote

Plot twist: One of the students is a very intelligent cat.


Lemonbrick_64 t1_j7nv1ct wrote

These outlandish right wing bias confirming anecdotes are always lies.. sad times


tehmlem t1_j7pzujx wrote

My cousin's roommate's brother said it was true! How much more concrete evidence do you need than that?!


breich t1_j7nbk2o wrote

Cool. You should have your sister post a picture with proof of date and location. She's gonna blow the lid off this thing!


[deleted] t1_j7ndp8p wrote



MathewMurdock2 t1_j7ni5lr wrote

Ah so we all just supposed to take your word for it? Sure thing bud.


[deleted] t1_j7niqc9 wrote



MathewMurdock2 t1_j7nj4n1 wrote

If anything it's there for active shooters like the teacher in Colorado (where all this bullshit started). But never actually used. That's where my suspicion is.


libananahammock t1_j7nr3ef wrote

Every single person in regards to this says I know it’s true because a friend of a friend or a sister in law or someone like that said it’s true but not one single person can provide proof


oscar-the-bud t1_j7ncplc wrote

Normal people don’t want to watch kids going to the bathroom anywhere.


breich t1_j7nd2tx wrote

I should clarify. She should not take a picture of the fictional furry child in the fictional litterbox. She should take a picture of the litter box with some sort of proof that it truly exists where the comment or claims it to be. People make claims like this all the time with zero evidence to back it up. Bring litterbox receipts or shut up is what I'm asking.


oscar-the-bud t1_j7o0gae wrote

Weird I’m getting downvoted. The first comment was not clear of the commenter’s stance. I would never want this to happen to me or our daughter.


ImperialIIClass t1_j7mrh9q wrote

What an expensive way to out yourself as an utter imbecile.


translove228 t1_j7rdmke wrote

Well two things the GOP seems to have in abundance is stupidity and money.


Dirt_dawg21 t1_j7n1c2i wrote

None of these paint chip eating, knuckle dragging cult members have ever used a portapotty at a concert, event, or a job site? Do these knuckleheads realize "unisex bathrooms" don't mean people use them together? It means a line forms, and you wait your turn to do your business.


WhiskeyandScars t1_j7npc5k wrote

I really don't think they get that. To me, it's no different than the "family" bathroom places have. Hell, I worked for a church owned coffee shop and we had TWO unisex bathrooms. Each had a single toilet and sink with a locking door. It's really not a hard concept to grasp. Unfortunately, the only thing done people seem to be able to grasp are their pearls. 🙄


peeehhh t1_j7o7pn9 wrote

I once read a negative review for a fast food restaurant because they’d “gone woke” for the exact kind of toilet arrangement you described. The reviewer taught 3rd grade.


ticktocktoe t1_j7o3c8j wrote

> Do these knuckleheads realize "unisex bathrooms" don't mean people use them together?

Honestly - I would PREFER that thats what they believed/thought it meant - because at least then I could play them off as just stupid....the truth is that they are stupid and abhorrently bigoted:

> But I knew there was more to it. Then all of the sudden it comes out about if we have students who are transitioning, they can use that bathroom. We don’t need to have that bathroom in the plans.

Literally saying - there are transition people at the school - and we dont want 'those type' to have a bathroom.

They're fighting this battle to prevent a group of students, of teenage kids, from receiving even the slightest consideration.

Literally the most despicable thing I've read in a while.


[deleted] t1_j7npg5c wrote



djb25 t1_j7nyk7f wrote

I think you’re having a stroke.


scottthang t1_j7mw5gi wrote

I will never not point out that the whole “litter boxes in schools” thing actually started because of a school that did have litter in classrooms…stored away in the event of a school shooting, as the litter was a cheap way to absorb blood spill.

THAT is what the GOP is mocking


No-Setting9690 t1_j7mpgz7 wrote

Spread them lies. There has never been a litter box. This shit was almost taken to the next level over the election lies. The MAGA/GOP claim to be smart but the shit that comes out of their mouths blows my mind. IF we were animals, they would have been left to fend for themselves along time ago.


sneakysquid102 t1_j7n7cbz wrote

I agree it's all a hoax to get people's panties in a bunch. Courtesy of the magats. But there are kids out there who really think they are cats or dogs or whatever. It's overly exaggerated but I know personally of someone who really tried to identify as a cat. And I fully believe if those few people are that dedicated to being something that they absolutely can not be now matter how much they tried, then they should be forced to do the most ridiculous things like use a little box.

Malicious compliance. Wanna be a cat then great you get cat food and a little box. Spspspspspspspsp


Sunkitteh t1_j7ncs4q wrote

You know the cat litter in classrooms is for school shooting lockdowns, right? The kit comes in a 5 gallon bucket with TP, wipes etc.


sneakysquid102 t1_j7nd1pi wrote

I was unaware. But that's just as bad lol. Automotive shops don't even go as cheap as to get kitty litter. Says something about our schools...


sneakysquid102 t1_j7ngi5r wrote

I guess it doesn't ? Lol. Morons


whitetiger56 t1_j7nhkxf wrote

It's because you said "That's just as bad lol" in reference to an explanation of why something is needed for school shootings. You said Laugh Out Loud to that idea. Of this fucked up thing that happens due to the laws in the US. Your words have meaning, and apparently your response is to laugh at it

/S moron

Edit: wrong use of Your because I'm a product of said shit school system


sneakysquid102 t1_j7o0rca wrote

What's laughable is how the American school system uses cheaper products for a much more serious and awful situation than a rat infested Mavis discount tire that uses better materials for oil clean ups. Which is a fact because I worked at said shop and have got to said shit school system. There's nothing else to do but to laugh. The people that know how awful the school systems are won't do anything. And the others are fighting the "woke" saying that there's nothing wrong with the school system.

A minimum wage of 7.25 is starving people and putting people on the streets. Starving the same kids in the same shit school system. But we laugh about that all the time. The minimum wage, imo, is enabling those tragic shooting. Maybe if these kids didn't have so hard of a life. It wouldn't happen as often. Ofc there's other reasons. But it's a factor. And we joke about that. Cuz what else are we gonna do.


delusions- t1_j7o2lx3 wrote

>. Cuz what else are we gonna do.

Downvote idiots who do


sneakysquid102 t1_j7o3a74 wrote

Both actions equally don't do anything to better to problem so downvote away ig if it helps you sleep at night.


[deleted] t1_j7mvxvb wrote

Having graduated from Palmerton…this tracks.


MaverickTopGun t1_j7ngmmy wrote

Is Palmerton like deep MAGA country?


[deleted] t1_j7nhnen wrote

A bit. Meth + Failed economy + white dummies.


mano412 t1_j7nkl2v wrote

A bit?? Every pickup was flying flags during that time. It is 100% MAGA country


[deleted] t1_j7nmxln wrote

It’s all relative. Drive through Bedford County.


Tria821 t1_j7s2y7j wrote

And an active KKK chapter, it's the trifecta of gullibility, hatred, and Fox News overload.


HogwartsKate t1_j7p7lr0 wrote

To Palmerston’s defense it used to be an educated area. I guess the heavy metals got to some.


artful_todger_502 t1_j7nj99w wrote

How can you chronologically be an "adult," and think something like this is real? This species has made totally rethink my views on evolution. That noise you hear when you enter Palmerton are Fish in the Lehigh River laughing at these these deviant freaks. Republicans will never miss an opportunity to live down to the cliche.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j7q1zjj wrote

I don't think they actually literally think it's real, I just think it's an excuse to oppress people they hate.
Same thing happened with the Satanic Panic in the 1980s; groundbreaking research in the 1970s on child sex abuse found that the perpetrators, contrary to popular opinion, were pillars of society - church officials, business owners, suburban football coaches. The Satanic Panic was a backlash against that and an excuse to victimize marginalized people.


mjgood91 t1_j7po3mc wrote

Honestly, ever since Trump won the GOP presidential nomination in '16, so much everything on the news I've heard has been kind of a "Oh... Well, I guess that's a thing now" that I just don't question the craziest stories the same way I might have otherwise.

When this first circulated back a little while ago, my first thought was "Sheez guys... We have, what, a very, very small handful of schools that are putting in litterboxes, and as we haven't heard anything from the students or teachers themselves, I guess folks in those classrooms are for whatever reason fine with this kinda thing... Can we like move on to something a little more relevant now?". Didn't even think to fact-check if it was actually happening or not with the way everyone was going on about it until like ...just now, I think.

I'm both quite relieved it was a hoax, while being even more disappointed with conservatives (sadly, they have quite the track record of disappoints) that so many of them let such a farce go this far. If you're going to open your mouth and say something, and you're going to say it loudly to a lot of people, you really should know what the heck you're talking about.


relaxed-bread t1_j7mzbou wrote

What is the point of complaining about one unisex, handicap accessible bathroom? Why be mad that someone who needs to use the bathroom will get to use the bathroom?


[deleted] t1_j7n1zbv wrote



relaxed-bread t1_j7n2kw1 wrote

Ugh, Palmerton school district has some of the highest taxes in carbon county. They have no problem spending money.


kellzone t1_j7nxafw wrote

"Don't you people go upsetting the apple cart in my insular, conservative lifestyle. I get to tell you what to do and how to live your life."


SunOutrageous6098 t1_j7mspj6 wrote

School Directors are on the ballot this year. Wonder if this bright spark is up for re-election or if the good people of Palmerton have to wait 2 more years.


IamSauerKraut t1_j7nawyq wrote

Folks interested in being a reasonable voice on a school board can pick up nomination petitions from their county's election office (usually located at the county court house) and collect signatures beginning next week. In most cases, you need only collect 10 signatures to get on the May primary ballot. It is best to cross-file so that you have the best chance of making it thru to the General Election ballot in November.

If you need more info, PM me.


MinimumGuarantee t1_j7mz0l3 wrote

There are already no litter boxes in any bathroom. I hate these people.


EricRower t1_j7mwx2e wrote

So there actually IS A school that has litter boxes in each classroom.

Columbine High School in Colorado.

Not for the GQP or soft thinking reasons…

So that if (when?) there is another shooting and/or school lockdown students can use them as a toilet.

This is America.


Opossum-Fucker-1863 t1_j7mxmng wrote

I see comments saying it’s either for kids to use or for absorbing blood spills…

Though most sources point to the former. I just find it so bizarre that this is what the GOP is wasting their energy on…


CltAltAcctDel t1_j7n6le8 wrote

How much bleeding severe enough that it needs to absorbed goes on in school? Is there any unusually high number of hemophiliacs in the school.


yankeeman9 t1_j7nbhzq wrote

Read up on Uvalde, Clown


CltAltAcctDel t1_j7ngzma wrote

I'm familiar with Uvalde. In a situation like that they aren't going to need cat litter on the scene for clean up. After all the investigative work is done a restoration company will handle the clean up. They have their own supplies.


Dredly t1_j7nzp1o wrote

In case anyone isn't familiar with Palmerton... it is a Super Fund site.


no really... not Super Fun... SUPER FUND... as in it was SO bad that they gov't had to come in and fix it... and in response, they started doing the same shit again that caused the super fund site to begin with. (no, I'm not kidding)



MRG_1977 t1_j7nmj2l wrote

So instead of focus on the declining graduation rate, the lack of adequate college prep and AP classes, or identifying better ways to partner to provide a path towards alternative education in partnership with the Palmerton school district, this school director does this crap.


[deleted] t1_j7njer6 wrote

The litter box thing is an urban legend. How can people be so dumb?


IamSauerKraut t1_j7na6vq wrote

Mentally ill people need treatment not a seat on a school board.


TrashApocalypse t1_j7nerl0 wrote

Wouldn’t it be cool if republicans actually cared about making our society better?

Would be so cool.


drewbaccaAWD t1_j7nui0p wrote

My 'rights' to gender-specific bathrooms? Does this nut want to start burning down all the homes with unisex bathrooms? These people are all so coocoo.

What's up with litter boxes? Is there a story there or is this some weird anti furry rant?


CoalCrackerKid t1_j7o10e8 wrote

> What's up with litter boxes? Is there a story there or is this some weird anti furry rant?

Sorta. Many teachers & schools have taken to putting buckets and/or litter in room closets in the event of extended lockdown due to school shootings. The presence of those supplies, no joke, have led to rants about students who identify as furries and just prefer to use litterboxes.

Refuted just yesterday (again) on a different sub:


ewamakakilo t1_j7nd13q wrote

That gets repeated for every school. Litter box in the bathroom for students who identify as cats is the new frozen hot dog rumor.


justjulesagain t1_j7nmnla wrote

“One guy with more money than sense embarrasses a whole town”



3_DOG_OUTT t1_j7nnyw1 wrote

Palmerton “Stand back and stand by”


all4whatnot t1_j7n80em wrote

Damn I have lift tickets to Blue Mountain this weekend. Did I just contribute tax $ to these clowns?


thereandfatagain t1_j7nuy04 wrote

I grew up playing them in sports and even compared to rural ass bumblefuck Bangor the kids from Palmerton always stood out. That place is like the Hills Have Eyes and it’s not just the awful slag heaps. Again, coming from Bangor I know slag heaps but at least ours have some charm!


BurghPuppies t1_j7pyft4 wrote

I would think that if they are remodeling, they’re probably required to have a handicap-accessible bathroom anyway, no? In most public places, those tend to be unisex. WTF is wrong with these people?


orangesfwr t1_j7n52li wrote

My school board just tries to gerrymander the map 🤷‍♂️


sx70forlifexx t1_j7n8dhq wrote

That's about right that area is dumb as fuxk and racist as all hell Homophobia is simply the latest atrocity


jetbag513 t1_j7n8ysz wrote




CoconutGrunt t1_j7nagxo wrote

Does the high school still have doorless cinder block stalls in the boy’s restroom?


defusted t1_j7nxkgq wrote

What a fucking moron


Chuck1705 t1_j7oygpj wrote

Still waiting to see some kind of proof that litterboxes are in public schools...It's a myth...


MartianActual t1_j7p68u5 wrote

Palmerton, proving why its Palmerton.


30686 t1_j7pdtia wrote

"Paules’ sign also made mention of litter boxes in classrooms, a nod to
the rumors that circulated throughout the past few years that schools
were accommodating students who identified as cats."

We have lost our f^&*ing minds.


drunkmonkey176 t1_j7phyl3 wrote

Conservatives never miss an opportunity to remove all doubt they are disgusting trash that needs taken out.


Impossible-Bit-5304 t1_j7pljtm wrote

It’s sad that some people are so dumb as to believe this is actually a thing.


Fun-Diamond1363 t1_j7po3k8 wrote

Well, Hickabee did say last night that there is no more left or right, just normal and crazy. Looks like she got something right for a change


alissa914 t1_j7ub5o3 wrote

“Taxpayers have rights!!”

So as a transgendered person then, I don’t have to pay taxes? :)


mynameisalso OP t1_j7ww31w wrote

I was on the fence about my gender but a tax break is a good incentive 🤔


[deleted] t1_j7mqyoz wrote

The idea that taxpayers should have so much say in how schools are run is so frustrating.

Taxpayers have a say but let experts make the decisions.


DamonRunnon t1_j7ngnl6 wrote

Bet that was a fun meeting! My mom doesn't allow me to go to places like that


chefNick92 t1_j7p027n wrote

I’m not a contractor but I’m pretty sure that any renovations of the sign could be achieved quite effectively with fire.


Thats_classified t1_j8dol9c wrote

Oh look, conservatives once again I venting a boogey man to go after instead of actually living in reality and dealing with any real problem.


Practical-Diver-393 t1_j7oxzyl wrote

People are weird up here dumb Republicans always want to be in other people's business it's not unusex idiots learn before you throw hate trans is nit unisex


skuc79 t1_j7qa111 wrote

There was a girl who identified as a cat. And everyone had to play along . That’s what this is referring to. Google it.


translove228 t1_j7rdwmh wrote


translove228 t1_j7rfhmt wrote

Interesting how you linked a story from the Daily Fail about an incident (original source behind a paywall too) that occurred in Melbourne, Australia and not anywhere in the US. Looks like you failed geography. Maybe you should Google "Where is the United States on a map?"


skuc79 t1_j7remvw wrote

I didn’t say google and read the first thing that comes up. It was a more recent story. Here . Every article BESIDES the one you posted, is regarding this girl, uh, cat, uh, feline.