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TiberiusCornelius t1_j858f9w wrote

Supposed to but honestly it seems pretty common not to. I've known several people who moved and never switched over. I had an ex who moved up from DE and never changed her registration, license, whatever. From a paperwork perspective if she got pulled over it looked like she was still living down there and just working here.


nayls142 t1_j85awf4 wrote

People do this all the time. But then related notices are mailed to the old address. Whoever used to live in my apartment gets red light camera tickets all the time, and past due notices on parking tickets. It's going to be a surprise when he finally has to renew the registration...


OneHumanPeOple t1_j85frj2 wrote

That’s gonna catch up to you. I hope it doesn’t! But I’m afraid it will.


nayls142 t1_j85grp4 wrote

It's not me, it's Brendan Layden. He moved out at least two years ago.


Aggravating_Foot_528 t1_j8b1kzn wrote

Pretty sure that red light camera tickets and parking tickets are civil and not part of PennDOT driving/car registration record in PA.


nayls142 t1_j8b71at wrote

They're mailed to the address that the car is registered to.


dogmomdrinkstea t1_j84yqsa wrote

Thought so. My landlord company is a POS, not surprised they don't enforce it - they don't enforce anything here.


JimmyEatWhirl t1_j852hth wrote

Is it their job to enforce state laws like that? Why would they care of their tenants have out of state vehicles? They’re not liable for that.


dogmomdrinkstea t1_j852yic wrote

Nah, probably not, but they do kick your car out of the lot for expired tags. Mostly just saying I'm unsurprised they don't care, they let people get away with much more dangerous things. It is insurance fraud, is it not?


Aggravating_Foot_528 t1_j8b1nmy wrote

It's not insurance fraud. It's against state law.


dogmomdrinkstea t1_j8c2f3c wrote

If you have a lower rate where you're registered but don't actually live there (and you're not a student, I mean permanent resident) how would it not be? You're not paying what's required.