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Real_Comfortable3467 t1_j9vffx4 wrote

That's terrible. As a parent they are living a nightmare of mine, losing a child.


Unique-Public-8594 t1_j9vjbf2 wrote

I feel heartbroken for the children who witnessed this as well. 💔

And her siblings, friends, and cousins.


nalgene_wilder t1_j9w0mcr wrote

Uuhhh they gonna say anything about the person who killed a damn child?


Left-Occasion-8445 t1_j9xdmh0 wrote

Local news says she stepped out into the street and was hit. The driver (I think female) stopped and stayed at the scene. LE thinks it was just an accident, although the investigation is ongoing. Locals said there is nothing alerting drivers that there’s a bus stop nearby. That’s going on what WPXI said on the evening news @ six.


DifferentJaguar t1_j9zqod2 wrote

This sounds like a really unfortunate accident, but do we think signs warning that there is a bus stop nearby would help? I don’t.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_ja3ojj4 wrote

Drivers are supposed to operate their vehicles at a safe rate of speed for the conditions. You'd think not slowing down in an area with a lot of kids and a bus would constitute negligent behavior, but it's completely legal in PA to kill people with your car as long as you weren't drinking or on drugs.

Last summer outside Pittsburgh, a driver creamed a guy in a crosswalk on Rt. 51 and killed him. Charges weren't even discussed.


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egJohn t1_j9w69xy wrote

oh please enlighten us


Luke_Orlando t1_j9ydguh wrote

Yo his profile is absolutely insane.

He talks about conspiracies, escaping this planet by becoming addicted to sex so you can "chain your life energy out of reality", and apparently he either does,or at least thinks people should... drink their own semen for health benefits?

He doesn't seem stable and I don't think you're gonna get an answer lol.


Illustrious-Elk-8525 t1_j9yat1o wrote

Hey man can you explain, I see you’ve commented on stuff since posting this but haven’t explained here?


vintageideals t1_j9x3vey wrote

My children have been nearly struck 6 times this year alone when the bus stops and they have to cross the road. Drivers do not care and or are on their phones and don’t see the bus stopped and they FLY right passed.


ktappe t1_j9zslre wrote

That’s not what happened.


vintageideals t1_j9ztpw2 wrote

Funny you claim that, because an eyewitness who was there, a man named in a news article, witnessed her death and said there are things we can do to prevent this from happening-“stop signs, speed limits, watch out for kids”. Sure sounds like someone was speeding and so distracted and or careless so as not to slow down at a bus stop where 3-6 children were waiting. The article also states she was going to cross the road to the bus, so it’s pretty safe to assume the bus was stopped and the driver of the car that hit her did not stop.


ktappe t1_j9zycq2 wrote

If the driver had passed a stopped school bus with flashing lights, they would have been arrested. They were not. So no, it's not safe to assume that at all.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_ja0bj3k wrote

> If the driver had passed a stopped school bus with flashing lights, they would have been arrested.

Lol have you been out driving lately?


ktappe t1_ja0bvsd wrote

Fine, be pedantic. If the driver had passed a stopped school bus with flashing lights, and hit and killed a child, they would have been arrested. Sorry for assuming that part was clearly implied.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_ja0bxsf wrote

Haha, but no, really, have you been out driving lately?


ktappe t1_ja0c50a wrote

I'm a bicyclist. I was nearly hit by two different pickup trucks on Thursday. Yes, drivers suck. But I still have trouble believing that if someone violates the law and kills someone, the cops do absolutely nothing.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_ja0dubu wrote

> I still have trouble believing that if someone violates the law and kills someone, the cops do absolutely nothing.

Ahaha you sweet summer child


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ballsonthewall t1_j9ybhzg wrote

You're a fucking idiot and should have your driver's license revoked


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ballsonthewall t1_j9yghvt wrote

When you see a fucking school bus, how about using an abundance of caution so you don't kill a child??? Is it really that hard?


Multiplehigh5s t1_j9yahvz wrote

The giant yellow bus with a stop sign isn’t warning enough to the driver?


RDGCompany t1_j9ycu9r wrote

Not mention all the flashing/strobing lights. Got no sympathy for drivers who run reds at a SB stop.

BTW, stops are not marked with signs as they can change from year to year. In short everywhere is school bus stop.


vintageideals t1_j9yiuce wrote

This. Exactly. Plus it’s the MORNING and you see kids with backpacks standing there waiting like… only a super distracted idiot can’t take all of the signs. And if someone is that much of a distracted idiot, they aren’t safe to drive.


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Multiplehigh5s t1_j9yhnjt wrote

Any time I see a school bus I assume it is going to stop at some point to pick up kids or for a train track. I also assume frequent stops.

Isn’t that what you are supposed to do?


vintageideals t1_j9yil6v wrote

Nah buddy I’ve been putting kids on the school bus since 2015 and I can tell you that I live on a 40 mph road, but right across the street from a t in the road that causes most cars to have to stop at my driveway and wait for those turning left off my road or those turning out into it and people legit still fly by at 60 mph ESPECIALLY in the mornings. The bus slows and puts its lights on and then the stop sign comes out and the we wait for the stick on the front of it to fully extend. ANDDDD we are standing right there about to cross the road.

And douchebags speed by. It isn’t the fault of the bus.


ScienceWasLove t1_j9yhg4q wrote

The white strobe light, the yellow color, the red flashing stop sign, what the fuck else do you need?

This has NOTHING to do with signage, and EVERYTHING to do w/ an irresponsible driver.


Ghstfce t1_j9x8nfj wrote

My heart goes out to that poor family.


tyrael459 t1_j9w4ojr wrote

And let me guess: the driver was driving a massive truck or SUV and was the only person inside it.


Neverendingwebinar t1_j9y73bw wrote

Kia Forte. From the sound of it, the driver was just driving and the girl stepped off the curb. I don't think anyone is really at fault here.

Remember that there were 2 kids at that stop, a witness with them, and the driver who will never forget today ever. I feel sad for a lot of people.


tyrael459 t1_j9yafng wrote

Yea it just makes me sad and angry as a parent. I read an article where a dad at the bus stop said this was totally preventable and people need to slow the hell down in areas with lots of kids.


Neverendingwebinar t1_j9ybfuo wrote

This is why when I had smaller kids I had a rule to how close to the road they could stand.

We waiting in a driveway and the bottom square of the driveway was off limits until the bus stopped. If they stepped forward, they weren't in the street.

Small kids don't get it, an adult needed to corral them and drivers need to be more careful. Poor girl.


RDGCompany t1_j9ydcl6 wrote

>this was totally preventable and people need to slow the hell down.

Fixed it for you.


zorionek0 t1_j9y9q2l wrote

It’s a nightmare for everyone involved.

That said when kids do dumb shit it shouldn’t be a death sentence! We need safer streets.

I’m sure the driver had no malice, just a reckless disregard for anyone not in her car. Distracted driving is as bad as drunk driving.