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That's their decision then. I used to work in adolescent mental health and loved helping kids, but it didn't pay the bills. You have to look out for yourself, no one else is going to.


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>You’re in here arguing in favor of “fuck teachers”

🧃 Here's a straw. Grasp harder.

Saying the state should get out of the pension business and agreeing that teachers should be paid more, while simultaneously pointing out that teachers who are underpaid can move to different districts or jobs (just like everyone else can) isn't "fuck teachers."


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> Teachers have an unusual role in our society. We collapse without them. They’re vital. If “fuck teachers” wins, we’ll be fucking more than the teachers.

every occupation thinks society will collapse without them. But mainly the teachers and police unions use this argument the most. Society would collapse with firefighters garbage men, grocery store employees, farmers, doctors, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, custodians….the list is endless. Teachers take advantage of the fact that they work directly with children but teachers would be nowhere without all these other workers making their job possible. Teachers get sympathy from caring and more liberal people with this talking point but it also pisses off half the electorate. Pa spends the 11th most on teachers in the country but it just seems worse because most of the ten they spend more are our neighbors like ny nj and Md.