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Super_C_Complex t1_ja356y7 wrote

Delay paying pensions to people who are working means we pay less each year


Hillbl3 t1_ja36z7v wrote

You cannot possibly believe that if you force retired troopers to choose between working a second job and fishing or hunting every day while living off their pension they're going to choose the job.


Super_C_Complex t1_ja385w3 wrote

Maybe they shouldn't be able to retire at 45 then


WookieeSteakIsChewie t1_ja396y3 wrote

To retire at 45 as a trooper you'd either need to start at 25 and take the 20 year retirement that is 50% of your highest salary or start at 20.

You can't get hired as a trooper until you have 60 college credits and are at least 21. So at best you're not retiring at 75% until you're 46, and even then most troopers don't start the job until they're in their mid-late 20s and there's a mandatory retirement age of 60.

What I'm saying is the concept you're after doesn't happen much and is a silly argument.


round_stick t1_ja3jiug wrote

That's a really high pension. Wow.


WookieeSteakIsChewie t1_ja3ksxf wrote

When googling the PSP retirement I saw a thing saying the average PA State employee retires at 82% of their salary. I can't find it again to prove that point, so it could be moot.


Super_C_Complex t1_ja3yvv5 wrote

They retire at 75% of their highest paid years. But that could include overtime.

So it could be higher than their salary if they get less overtime as they get older


WookieeSteakIsChewie t1_ja36myj wrote

So, they just won't work and collect a pension. Why work if you make more money retired than you would working?

I know my local school district has three retired troopers as SROs. They're fantastic with the kids and the school barely pays them because they don't have to, since they have their pensions.