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Blu_Skies_In_My_Head t1_j8pwav1 wrote

It’s gonna spread, everyone knows this. It will continue along the seam. It will emit crazy amounts of CO2. It already does.


randomnighmare t1_j8qa7mc wrote

Is this the Centralia fire? Because everyone is aware that it will continue to spread for another 250 years, give or take of course. The who seam is going to be burned and estimates is that there is enough coal to last 250 years. Keep in mind the fire actually started in the 1962, so it was burning for about 61 years, as of now.


BMPW666 t1_j8rvw5k wrote

The article says this fire has no discernable connection to centralia and has only been burning for 19 years, but as some point they will connect


starcom_magnate t1_j8rxh9x wrote

The article does say that PA DEP claims they are not connected, but they also admit:

>that monitoring had been limited to surface surveys with "thermal imaging cameras."

So, it is very possible that there is a connection deeper than what they have probed. It almost seems like the DEP is fearful to actually discover that connection.


Spooky_Geologist t1_j8tx17n wrote

More like there are no funds or technology available to monitor it.


o_liv_abuse_hole t1_j8rsbo0 wrote

Build a marshmallow factory, a Graham cracker factory and bring chocolate, perfect


Shad0wSmurf t1_j8q4v08 wrote

There goes the neighborhood.. literally


IamSauerKraut t1_j8rxh6p wrote

The tv station could run this entire story in one clip instead of the stupid 2-minute teaser segments that essentially repeats old news.