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Der_Missionar t1_j8qds2x wrote

Seriously? Mail is the most official way of sending legal letters.

But honestly. It's likely just a note that you're late on rent.


Will2428 OP t1_j8qedey wrote



IamSauerKraut t1_j8rwfea wrote

Is it sarcastic to suggest you pay your rent sooner than mid-month unless you are supposed to pay mid-month? Maybe.

Why does he want to toss you out?

First class mail is a legal form to deliver legal notices.


unique-scarecrow t1_j9f1w0k wrote

Looks like OP has a gambling addiction and has been committing fraud by doing illegal charge backs on his account. Would explain why he doesn’t have the money for rent


delcodick t1_j8r68nr wrote


boringreddituserid t1_j8rx9c3 wrote

Why use Google and have to go through all of the ad and sponsored results, when you can post on reddit and have a 15 year old answer your legal questions.


KardashianLifeCode t1_j8qh0o4 wrote

Could be a belated Valentine’s card. If you’re lucky, there’ll be a treat attached.


Will2428 OP t1_j8qhikl wrote

Why even comment


No-Setting9690 t1_j8sxvj3 wrote

Same reason you responded. Dude, this is the internet. As you see, some comments are serious, others are jokes.


OscarTangoIndiaMike t1_j8w4xp4 wrote

Instead of responding to these comments, how about you look up some sources to help with rent or evictions⸮


Unlikely-Hawk416 t1_j8su0f2 wrote

philadelphia has a eviction diversion program. that is step one before eviction. Should get that first.


artificialavocado t1_j8qlzjz wrote

I’m not a lawyer but my understanding in PA eviction orders come from the magistrates office and typically take 90 days. Philadelphia is allowed to have a slightly different process I believe but I’m not sure being a month late is enough. You should probably search PA eviction law and Philadelphia eviction law.


IamSauerKraut t1_j8rwknc wrote

He's asking about providing the notice, not the entire process.


artificialavocado t1_j8rywfb wrote

I get that but I was just making the point to OP or anyone that might find this in the future that Philly and Pittsburgh sometimes have their own way of doing stuff different to PA state law at large.


somberblurb t1_j8urtqj wrote

Yeah I think he meant notice to quit / notice to vacate.


throwaway224 t1_j8zqz6z wrote

Some PA leases have a waiver of notice-to-quit-or-pay-rent. Does OP have a copy of the relevant lease?


hardtofindusernames t1_j8t74oq wrote

Mot an eviction notice cause not time for that yet. But probably a demand to pay rent. they’re probably sending it certified mail, return receipt requested. Even if you don’t open it, they’re going to have proof that it was delivered which covers them as far as their responsibility goes as far as I know.


Squashey t1_j8uf51c wrote

Maybe if you didn’t gamble all your money away you could afford rent… but this is not illegal of your landlord.


Sergeant_Gunface t1_j8v983z wrote

Please find help for your gambling problem, and quit lying to yourself and others. There’s resources out there, you just have to put fourth the effort. I know how addiction can be, albeit drugs in my case. But please man take all the help you can get that isn’t in the form of loans. I wish you the best, you can turn your situation around.


CrzyDave t1_j8u99uo wrote

If it isn’t hand delivered- landlord must post the notice on the door AND send a copy in the regular mail. I’m not a Philly landlord though. Last time I did an eviction this was PA law.


000111000000111000 t1_j8urcj2 wrote

I've been through this.... in order through it to be legally enforced, it has to go through a court. It should be served through a process server, which is normally a constable in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or by certified mail. To be honest, once an eviction notice to quit/vacate process starts, it can take 6 months or more to actually be enforced if you or your attorney are versed in the law.

I've successfully brought action against a landlord who tried to evict my family illegally without an attorney because I used free resources available to do my research.


dizzle_1212 t1_j8vw3ib wrote

Yes very legal pay your rent….


Deerbooty t1_j92fea4 wrote

Pay your rent dummy


Will2428 OP t1_j8qd362 wrote

I’m only asking because I see that I have something coming from my landlord tomorrow. I’m a month back on rent. Which he knew about I had of time and agreed it was OK to pay double in March. But I have no written agreement


Tria821 t1_j8qgxov wrote

It may well be a letter reminding you because IF you don't pay double in March as you verbally agreed to, he is one step ahead in the magistrate's eyes when it comes time to file for eviction/possession. Normally you aren't in danger until something is sent certified. For really bad situations a constable will hand deliver it to you or post it on your door.


Will2428 OP t1_j8qhu7w wrote

It would have to be Certified mail?


witqueen t1_j8qr5jc wrote

Read your lease. Terms should be clearly stated.


IamSauerKraut t1_j8rx0v0 wrote

You both have discussed the situation. You suggest you know what is coming. You have been put on notice. First class is legal.

You can always fight it on that basis in court, but I doubt Philly judges will put much weight into that type of argument. Pay your rent or move. Landlord has bills, too. Property tax, mortgage, etc.


TreeMac12 t1_j8t5azg wrote

>But I have no written agreement

Maybe the letter is the agreement. You have to open it first.