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No-Airport1235 t1_j8sldwf wrote

Did you test the rainwater for any acidity? I'm from Ohio and curious if anyone in Pennsylvania has done that yet.


MycologistQueasy22 t1_j8slnc9 wrote

Kind of meaningless unless you tested it before all this


BlaccAtlassStan OP t1_j8sn3c6 wrote

Like average people have litmus tests just laying around for a random use.


krammiit t1_j8tfgud wrote

Ohio state reps said they were giving them out free as a part of the "cleanup process" but only to people who have wells.


IamSauerKraut t1_j8suy72 wrote

Believe they have in Econ Valley, Darlington and other places down the Rt 51 corridor.