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Dr_Worm88 t1_j8sp851 wrote

There is nearly no chance products from the Ohio incident made it to you. You are 250 miles away. Even with the most optimal wind it didn’t make it.


krammiit t1_j8sqlwb wrote

This. I live 10 minutes away and it's definitely out of the air. I smell nothing.


Dr_Worm88 t1_j8sr7se wrote

Good to know. Hope you are safe. Personally I would be more curious about soil deposits nearby.


Dr_Worm88 t1_j8sr8jt wrote

Good to know. Hope you are safe. Personally I would be more curious about soil deposits nearby. L


krammiit t1_j8srrqs wrote

True. I'm more interested in the rain today because it's the first rain since the controlled release and saturate the ground making some of these inactive chemicals "active" again.


Dr_Worm88 t1_j8srybh wrote

I would be more worried about what’s deep in the soil that may remain for years and years. Those are the long standing impacts that can hurt people and generations.


IamSauerKraut t1_j8su4sd wrote

None of the stuff from the derailment is in the ground anywhere near Ship. Nor is it ever likely to reach Ship. Just not happening.


Dr_Worm88 t1_j8sutf3 wrote

Absolutely not even close to ship. Nearby as in nearby the spill site. Not nearby them.

Though who knows what’s in their soul. Probably some good ol’ PCBs.


IamSauerKraut t1_j8sxfn4 wrote

Fresh fruit and veggies may be good for the soul, but PCB's? That'll just cool down your inner hydraulics.


Dr_Worm88 t1_j8sxryp wrote

Sprinkle a little PCB dressing on your salad for a well rounded diet.


martymoran t1_j8spnxb wrote

a cloud cant move 150-250 miles in one week?


Dr_Worm88 t1_j8sr3aa wrote

A cloud can. But the contents of the cloud are constantly changing. The “cloud” over Ohio will not just retain the exact properties it had at that moment.

Ten miles. My money is you will find evidence of products ending near the 10 mile marker down wind.


BlaccAtlassStan OP t1_j8spapi wrote

Actually, 167 miles straight line


ktxhopem3276 t1_j8sqhcj wrote

It’s going to be dispersed into a wide area and be so diluted that sniffing a pvc shower curtain will cause you more harm


IamSauerKraut t1_j8sucws wrote

It's already out of the state. Probably somewhere off Newfoundland by now.


Dr_Worm88 t1_j8spdb8 wrote

You got me. I didn’t utilize a straight line.

Point stands.