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martymoran t1_j8spxfz wrote

i dont think what OP is saying here is crazy at all. No one even knows wtf kind of chemicals were vented or burnt off.


ktxhopem3276 t1_j8srv04 wrote

Use some common sense. The chemicals would spread out over a massive area. A plume 150 miles away and 50 miles wide would be diluted in a huge amount of air of 7500 square miles. The number of toxic molecules is going to be on the order of one part per trillion and you are probably exposed to more toxic gases released from plastic items in your house. You should probably be more concerned about dozens of factories releasing toxic chemicals nonstop while the train burned for a couple days over a week ago.


IamSauerKraut t1_j8svh5l wrote

>i dont think what OP is saying here is crazy at all.

There's none of it over Ship today. Wreck was nearly 2 weeks ago. Any exposure or smell would have been within a day or two of the burn-off. Only places it remains is in soil or waterways near side of derailment.


BlaccAtlassStan OP t1_j8sq4rl wrote

Yeah, most people don’t know, but I do. I have tons of inside information about the derailment, about what happened on the train before it derailed too.


IamSauerKraut t1_j8svlyw wrote

>I have tons of inside information about the derailment


Oh, the moon is made of cheese. I have tons of inside info on that, too.


BlaccAtlassStan OP t1_j8svsaj wrote

My best friend was a conductor on it 😂 so please, skip me with that


IamSauerKraut t1_j8sxlwn wrote


troll elsewhere, dingus. before you get run out on a rail.


BlaccAtlassStan OP t1_j8sxv1y wrote

Sure, but 32N was doomed from the get go when it left illinois, but hey I’m not here to give y’all information that’s slowly being given to the public 😂