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ChickenGreaseLips t1_j8sqb5g wrote

Bud. Go look at the radar maps, this rain is coming from West Virginia, nowhere near the train wreck. The northwest corner of PA is plausible, but not your location. You’ll be okay.


UpsideMeh t1_j8t4de5 wrote

That stuff definitely spread out. And it’s in the Ohio river basin which feeds 8 states including W. Virginia.


ChickenGreaseLips t1_j8t7cgg wrote

No question that it is traveling through the watersheds, but I think it’s a bit irrational to think that the material has completed the entire water cycle of being spilled, hitting a river, diluting in the body of water, evaporating, joining the preexisting rainy conditions, which would dilute it again, and then falling as rain in south central PA in a density that would be noticeable to the OP.

There’s plenty of reasons to be concerned with the effects of this incident, I just don’t think this is one of them. 👍


cutiecat565 t1_j8smt6d wrote

Do you have allergies? The plants are blooming early and rain causes pollen bursts


Dredly t1_j8spqtm wrote

Yup, my pond looks disgusting already with pollen and ice. Its a mess out there


KindKill267 t1_j8splyi wrote

I live in Shippensburg. Everything is normal.


Groan_Of_Wind t1_j8ssuj5 wrote

The most sophisticated atmospheric modeling would have any residual from the controlled burn long gone off the continent and out over the ocean many days ago. The powerful front that pushed through late Thursday night into Friday purged air over the state like a 50mph snow plow. Winds aloft were persistently well over 100 mph.

That is not to discredit what you are experiencing. It could either be a coincidental headache and you are thinking about the derailment (most of us still are), or there was a local noxious source from industry that is triggering it. It shall pass, worry not.


BamitzSam101 t1_j8so3ag wrote

I live in Carlisle which is pretty smack in between Ship and Harrisburg. Smells fine and no headaches. Maybe lay off the weed for a bit and see if the paranoia stops.


Dr_Worm88 t1_j8sp851 wrote

There is nearly no chance products from the Ohio incident made it to you. You are 250 miles away. Even with the most optimal wind it didn’t make it.


krammiit t1_j8sqlwb wrote

This. I live 10 minutes away and it's definitely out of the air. I smell nothing.


Dr_Worm88 t1_j8sr7se wrote

Good to know. Hope you are safe. Personally I would be more curious about soil deposits nearby.


Dr_Worm88 t1_j8sr8jt wrote

Good to know. Hope you are safe. Personally I would be more curious about soil deposits nearby. L


krammiit t1_j8srrqs wrote

True. I'm more interested in the rain today because it's the first rain since the controlled release and saturate the ground making some of these inactive chemicals "active" again.


Dr_Worm88 t1_j8srybh wrote

I would be more worried about what’s deep in the soil that may remain for years and years. Those are the long standing impacts that can hurt people and generations.


IamSauerKraut t1_j8su4sd wrote

None of the stuff from the derailment is in the ground anywhere near Ship. Nor is it ever likely to reach Ship. Just not happening.


Dr_Worm88 t1_j8sutf3 wrote

Absolutely not even close to ship. Nearby as in nearby the spill site. Not nearby them.

Though who knows what’s in their soul. Probably some good ol’ PCBs.


IamSauerKraut t1_j8sxfn4 wrote

Fresh fruit and veggies may be good for the soul, but PCB's? That'll just cool down your inner hydraulics.


Dr_Worm88 t1_j8sxryp wrote

Sprinkle a little PCB dressing on your salad for a well rounded diet.


martymoran t1_j8spnxb wrote

a cloud cant move 150-250 miles in one week?


Dr_Worm88 t1_j8sr3aa wrote

A cloud can. But the contents of the cloud are constantly changing. The “cloud” over Ohio will not just retain the exact properties it had at that moment.

Ten miles. My money is you will find evidence of products ending near the 10 mile marker down wind.


BlaccAtlassStan OP t1_j8spapi wrote

Actually, 167 miles straight line


ktxhopem3276 t1_j8sqhcj wrote

It’s going to be dispersed into a wide area and be so diluted that sniffing a pvc shower curtain will cause you more harm


IamSauerKraut t1_j8sucws wrote

It's already out of the state. Probably somewhere off Newfoundland by now.


Dr_Worm88 t1_j8spdb8 wrote

You got me. I didn’t utilize a straight line.

Point stands.


No-Airport1235 t1_j8sldwf wrote

Did you test the rainwater for any acidity? I'm from Ohio and curious if anyone in Pennsylvania has done that yet.


MycologistQueasy22 t1_j8slnc9 wrote

Kind of meaningless unless you tested it before all this


BlaccAtlassStan OP t1_j8sn3c6 wrote

Like average people have litmus tests just laying around for a random use.


krammiit t1_j8tfgud wrote

Ohio state reps said they were giving them out free as a part of the "cleanup process" but only to people who have wells.


IamSauerKraut t1_j8suy72 wrote

Believe they have in Econ Valley, Darlington and other places down the Rt 51 corridor.


BlaccAtlassStan OP t1_j8srfns wrote

Y’all are weird, I clearly stated I’m probably just paranoid and y’all seemingly just skipped over that part yet continued to reiterate where I mentioned being paranoid 😂 goofies


IamSauerKraut t1_j8svych wrote

>I clearly stated I’m probably just paranoid

We are just trying to help you get thru your mental health crisis.


IamSauerKraut t1_j8stvyx wrote

Before rainfall, the nearby farmers spread manure on their fields. Probably what you are smelling. Otherwise, just the cheap hootch you've been drinking.


meinkreuz89 t1_j8t492v wrote

What kinda weed you smoking bruh? Must be laced


FMG1978 t1_j8sklp8 wrote

Get a hold of yourself


BlaccAtlassStan OP t1_j8skpcb wrote

I did that and the headache didn’t go away, so what’s the next step?


FMG1978 t1_j8sl964 wrote

Pull yourself together


ktxhopem3276 t1_j8ssenm wrote

Suck it up. Is this the first time in your life you had a headache? Does your mom still kiss all your booboos. Are you incapable of reading the other hundred posts on the subject?


WookieeSteakIsChewie t1_j8srnju wrote

I have free range chickens who have been out in it all day, and unlike that fake story about the chickens dying 10 miles away, they're fine.


krammiit t1_j8tg8nl wrote

Im 10 miles away. My friend owns a farm in Enon Valley. Everything is alive.


WookieeSteakIsChewie t1_j8thy3l wrote

What's your thought on that chicken lady who claimed her birds died from it? I think she's full of baloney. There's no way it went up and came down only on her chickens.


PensiveLog t1_j8syf1x wrote

My recollection of Ship was that it often smelled like a combination of natural fertilizer and a sewage plant. Whatever you’re smelling is probably normal.


Phraenkinstone t1_j8sqewt wrote

Y'all should really stop making fun of this OP. It's a valid question, how far into PA is that shit gonna go? I've been wondering that myself. I'm near Philly so I'm not personally worried about it hitting here, but west PA has a right to be in edge with this shit.


krammiit t1_j8tfzvz wrote

I live ten physical miles from the site. I didn't go outside the week of the controlled release and turned off my furnace which sucked.

It has been weeks. If anything is still hanging around in the air that would be absolutely fascinating especially because we have had 45+ mph winds and fast moving weather systems twice since.


Phraenkinstone t1_j8tgidx wrote

It's been TWO weeks, roughly, and the area will always be poisoned. Go drink creekwater and let's see.

Why are you defending the train company?


WookieeSteakIsChewie t1_j8sx0l5 wrote

Plus, Did you happen to notice the wind yesterday? The really strong wind that lasted all day? There's nothing left from the burn.


eviljelloman t1_j8t0mtj wrote

The only thing funnier than the number of Russian bots spreading FUD about the derailement is the number of suckers who are just going along with the conspiracy theory without questioning how absurd it all sounds.

It was an accident. It was bad. People will end up fired or fined.

The rain isn't poison.


BlaccAtlassStan OP t1_j8t0v0t wrote

Ok but I’ve been following the derailment with direct sources since it derailed, I had knowledge about the train and issues it had before it even derailed. I’m not some clueless nut case 😂


Jskerp t1_j8t0y5v wrote

There's a map of where the pollution plume traveled, it missed us in central pa.


OneTrueDweet t1_j8t8kkf wrote

But did these clouds travel through the plume and pick up particulates?


Ct-5736-Bladez t1_j8t0btz wrote

I’m slightly south of you and it just smells like rain. Maybe you stepped in something check your shoes


Unlikely-Hawk416 t1_j8srwev wrote

Ill take a tin foil hat over cancer any day. collected all dog toys from the yard in Chester Co PA, as I couldn't give a fuck if it's 0.01% chance of making it my way, i'M not going out at the hands of a train company LMAO


Castor_and_Pollux123 t1_j8snfgv wrote

Get an array of various types of metal, & leave it out for a few days. Check if any pieces are corroded.


martymoran t1_j8spxfz wrote

i dont think what OP is saying here is crazy at all. No one even knows wtf kind of chemicals were vented or burnt off.


ktxhopem3276 t1_j8srv04 wrote

Use some common sense. The chemicals would spread out over a massive area. A plume 150 miles away and 50 miles wide would be diluted in a huge amount of air of 7500 square miles. The number of toxic molecules is going to be on the order of one part per trillion and you are probably exposed to more toxic gases released from plastic items in your house. You should probably be more concerned about dozens of factories releasing toxic chemicals nonstop while the train burned for a couple days over a week ago.


IamSauerKraut t1_j8svh5l wrote

>i dont think what OP is saying here is crazy at all.

There's none of it over Ship today. Wreck was nearly 2 weeks ago. Any exposure or smell would have been within a day or two of the burn-off. Only places it remains is in soil or waterways near side of derailment.


BlaccAtlassStan OP t1_j8sq4rl wrote

Yeah, most people don’t know, but I do. I have tons of inside information about the derailment, about what happened on the train before it derailed too.


IamSauerKraut t1_j8svlyw wrote

>I have tons of inside information about the derailment


Oh, the moon is made of cheese. I have tons of inside info on that, too.


BlaccAtlassStan OP t1_j8svsaj wrote

My best friend was a conductor on it 😂 so please, skip me with that


IamSauerKraut t1_j8sxlwn wrote


troll elsewhere, dingus. before you get run out on a rail.


BlaccAtlassStan OP t1_j8sxv1y wrote

Sure, but 32N was doomed from the get go when it left illinois, but hey I’m not here to give y’all information that’s slowly being given to the public 😂


Shaso_Sacea_Vulhelm t1_j8snzww wrote

Try and see if you can get information from other people in your area if they have similar experiences. It’s not crazy to be worried about the smell of rain, especially since there was that big train derailment in Ohio over the border. It could be a placebo effect, like over thinking, or it could be just some shitty rain too- I would not recommend tasting rain if possible in general.


BlaccAtlassStan OP t1_j8so7sj wrote

My friend near Harrisburg experienced the same thing as I did today.


krammiit t1_j8sqsc1 wrote

OK now this is a huge reach. The cloud didn't even go that direction. It's been two weeks.


IamSauerKraut t1_j8svtbc wrote

Your friend near Harrisburg says you are trolling for attention. Bars not open in Ship yet?


AntaresBounder t1_j8t2kuy wrote

>Is there acid rain in Ohio?
Acid rain could have formed after the controlled release and burn of chemicals on Feb. 6, Kevin Crist, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering and the director of the Air Quality Center at Ohio University, said. If it did form and fall, it would have most likely occurred downwind of East Palestine.
"There would maybe be localized problems, but once that plume is gone, it's gone. Unless it's sticking to a residue," Crist said.
Vinyl chloride in the atmosphere breaks down into hydrochloric acid, a component of acid rain. East Palestine residents may want to wipe down surfaces in homes for possible residual material, Crist added.

From the Cincinnati Enquirer (updated as of 1:44 pm)