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Allemaengel t1_j981jqv wrote

I grew up at the south edge of the Coal Region and my family came from northern Skook and remember Route 61 on the hill still open and pre-demolition populated Centralia.

Bad roads, bad schools, crappy housing, poor economy, poorly-documented old tunnels getting fire in them and a state/federal government that sees the area as basically invisible. A shrinking and aging super-conservative population suspicious of outsiders sure doesn't help either.

No one really knows where these fires are moving and among the powers that be there's no sense of urgency to do anything substantial because there's no money or incentive now to do more in an area without much value to most people in this state.

So it burns on as the area continues to hollow out economically and depopulates further.


IamSauerKraut t1_j8v2y6l wrote

Watched the first 2. Decided they were a rehash of old news. No longer clicking on unoriginal "reporting."


JustSomeF-ingGuy OP t1_j8y9ijr wrote

Tell that to the people who live in Shenandoah who had no idea the fire had come that close to their homes and businesses


Cogatanu7CC95 t1_j8wksfx wrote

Theres no reason for these to be posted. Theres been no new developments to Centralia for years aside from the road being buried due to idiots.