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WookieeSteakIsChewie t1_j8ysj5o wrote

Altoona is mentioned in a lot of movies and TV shows for some reason, George Burns even mentioned it in the title of his biography.

I stand by my opinion that Altoona pizza is just an internet meme, I never saw it in any pizza place when I went to Penn State.


ba1993 OP t1_j8yte1l wrote

I’ve passed by Altoona numerous times but I’ve never stopped. I’d like to catch a Curve game there one day


WookieeSteakIsChewie t1_j8yuogq wrote

Best ballpark in the minor leagues. I don't live there, but last time I was there, downtown Altoona is really in the middle of a Renaissance. It's interesting, the mall is dying and the old downtown is coming back with really nice, little stores and restaurants.


shanafme t1_j91xo1v wrote

M’eh. Just keep driving. At one time, the games were fun and they had a lot of entertainment between innings. Now it is just kind of a blah experience with a “here’s that actor from a 10 year old obscure TV series” celebrity night thrown in every once in a while.


Steelplate7 t1_j8z6kyz wrote

Go to the Boyer’s plant and get yourself some Mallo-cups. You can get seconds in a cardboard box for next to nothing. Just don’t let them sit in your car on a hot day while doing other things. Speaking from experience. I threw like 9.5 out of a 10lb box away because it turned to a blob of goo.


snarkyBtch t1_j8zk9v1 wrote

Several places serve it and it looks gross, IMO. I've never seen anyone order it.

Altoona has some interesting features to explore but it needs a lot of rehabbing. There's not a lot of jobs bringing people in.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j8zkpqb wrote

Sheetz had to build their technology center in Pittsburgh because they couldn't convince young people with an education to move to Altoona.


WookieeSteakIsChewie t1_j8zm60r wrote

>couldn't convince young people with an education to move to Altoona.

Come to a mountain city of 45,000 people or a major city with professional sports and lots of things to do.

This isn't the insult you think it is.


Entire-Job7656 t1_j900o4y wrote

A co worker of my fiance moved from Pittsburgh to right outside there to work at their HQ. I've kept in touch, he says there are more young people and they've made more friends there than they did living right outside Pittsburgh.


Entire-Job7656 t1_j901opj wrote

Lol I mean idk he's always posting pictures with new people. I suspect they also all work there, but tbh it really does seem like your money can go a lot further in more rural areas if you're willing to forgo life in the city. Their house is huge compared to what they were living in before. Obviously there's the trade off of moving to a completely different environment though. But from what I'm seeing in my age bracket it seems like moving to small towns/more rural areas is becoming all the rage for a subset of people, obviously limited to those who can work remotely or find a decent paying job.


talianicolewingate t1_j8z8tq3 wrote

I went to psu altoona and still have ptsd for stuff i’ve seen there. hahahah place is wild


WookieeSteakIsChewie t1_j8zbyfp wrote

Probably the second nicest Penn State commonwealth campus only behind Erie, but Altoona City has all the problems you'd expect from a city that's losing it's main industry.


tinymonesters t1_j91hs4v wrote

I lived there for like a decade during/after college. I never heard of Altoona Pizza, and I'd definitely call those my pizza eating years.


shanafme t1_j91x70b wrote

Agreed. “Altoona Pizza” is just a meme that a few local businesses are trying to capitalize off of in their final days. However, “Altoona Hotel Pizza” was a legitimate thing and is what these memes are based off of. The Altoona Hotel did in fact serve pizza like that for years prior to its burning down maybe 10 years ago.