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ba1993 OP t1_j8yte1l wrote

I’ve passed by Altoona numerous times but I’ve never stopped. I’d like to catch a Curve game there one day


WookieeSteakIsChewie t1_j8yuogq wrote

Best ballpark in the minor leagues. I don't live there, but last time I was there, downtown Altoona is really in the middle of a Renaissance. It's interesting, the mall is dying and the old downtown is coming back with really nice, little stores and restaurants.


shanafme t1_j91xo1v wrote

M’eh. Just keep driving. At one time, the games were fun and they had a lot of entertainment between innings. Now it is just kind of a blah experience with a “here’s that actor from a 10 year old obscure TV series” celebrity night thrown in every once in a while.