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69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j8zkpqb wrote

Sheetz had to build their technology center in Pittsburgh because they couldn't convince young people with an education to move to Altoona.


WookieeSteakIsChewie t1_j8zm60r wrote

>couldn't convince young people with an education to move to Altoona.

Come to a mountain city of 45,000 people or a major city with professional sports and lots of things to do.

This isn't the insult you think it is.


Entire-Job7656 t1_j900o4y wrote

A co worker of my fiance moved from Pittsburgh to right outside there to work at their HQ. I've kept in touch, he says there are more young people and they've made more friends there than they did living right outside Pittsburgh.


Entire-Job7656 t1_j901opj wrote

Lol I mean idk he's always posting pictures with new people. I suspect they also all work there, but tbh it really does seem like your money can go a lot further in more rural areas if you're willing to forgo life in the city. Their house is huge compared to what they were living in before. Obviously there's the trade off of moving to a completely different environment though. But from what I'm seeing in my age bracket it seems like moving to small towns/more rural areas is becoming all the rage for a subset of people, obviously limited to those who can work remotely or find a decent paying job.