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Gothsicle t1_j9yeinl wrote

this why if you like your THC, you should seriously consider getting your medical card and get your shit from a dispensary.


jek39 t1_j9yp0x6 wrote

I just go to Jersey once a month now.


Jerryjb63 t1_j9z76sa wrote

I’m near the New York border and right on the border there’s an Indian Reservation that’s where I’ve been going. No state taxes as of now.


ksquad80 t1_ja0k5y2 wrote

You should look at getting a card. It's significantly less expensive.


jek39 t1_ja0mcx3 wrote

Yea I just feel weird lying to a doctor idk. That and putting my name on a list I guess


ksquad80 t1_ja0yfpa wrote

Yeah, if you use strictly for recreation that makes sense. But also know that you don't need to have severe or debilitating medical issues to qualify for a card, if you are using for stress management or a nagging injury it can qualify. Consultations can be done over the phone or online and are very straightforward.

As far as your name going on a list...your name is on a list anyway if you are going to Jersey.


[deleted] t1_ja143q1 wrote



ksquad80 t1_ja19f73 wrote

PA is not West Coast cheap, but it's better than Jersey recreational prices. More options and sales.


Zestyclose_Minute_69 t1_ja20fwd wrote

With my med card I can get $28-35 eighths, but they usually are $40-60. I usually shop the sales, it is a perishable after all. And I’ve also found I like tincture and topicals for pain relief.


Mets_BS t1_ja1ekv2 wrote

80 for an 8TH? No way, I just bought 2 8ths, a quarter, and got a free gram for 80.00.


[deleted] t1_ja20oex wrote



Mets_BS t1_ja2398y wrote

Curaleaf has eigths of certain grass-root stains for 25.00 plus an additional 15% off. Then they throw in a gram for a buck after you buy so much. You can buy an eigth of most anything for 35.00 in PA.


angeloistrash t1_ja0nlr5 wrote

hey could i ask is it really that easy to drive over to jersey and go to a dispo? does it matter if you have a PA id card? thanks


mbz321 t1_ja10ed5 wrote

Yes it's easy, it doesn't matter if you have a PA or whatever ID. The prices, at least when I stopped over the summer at a dispo, were pretty ridiculously high. If you are a frequent toker, it would be cheaper in the end to get a MMJ card, or find a friend with one :P


menofgrosserblood t1_ja0qtbs wrote

Really easy. Not all dispensaries in NJ are recreational. Cannabist is the closest to Philly, though the menu is limited for “adult use”. Nice people.


ahtzib t1_j9yprbx wrote

Or just don’t buy your d8 from sketchy brands in gas stations and smoke shops


Groan_Of_Wind t1_ja09odc wrote

Correct. There are reputable hemp dispensaries like Black Bear hemp dispensary


MrP3rs0n t1_j9z8w2h wrote

Too bad I seriously like my guns as well and i don’t see that issue being solved anytime soon


joeco316 t1_ja114s3 wrote

Can anyone answer what are the actual implications of this? It is a federal judge, but every commentary I’ve read on it sounds more like a “step in the right direction” than an actual change. I would assume that this is now the law of the land, but that doesn’t seem to be accurate. Does it have to go to the Supreme Court first? That doesn’t seem to be how other federal rulings usually work, but I don’t know enough to say for sure. When and how would this ruling actually apply to everyone in the country?


dclxvi616 t1_ja2534c wrote

> When and how would this ruling actually apply to everyone in the country?

Probably when you end up in court you have your lawyer cite this ruling as precedent and hope your judge/circuit buys into it too.


joeco316 t1_ja3vsmu wrote

Thanks! My follow up would be how would one get to that point? Can local law and state law enforcement and local and state prosecutors go go after someone for this? If a local cop discovered this violation could they arrest someone for it or would they have to call in the feds? Would the feds bother? I guess the fact that the case being discussed started off with a traffic stop tells me local cops can somehow escalate it (though that wasn’t mmj I believe), but would love a more accurate picture of how that would happen. I know these are a lot of hypotheticals, I’m just trying to figure out what the realistic risk to a gun owner who gets an mmj card and mmj.


Er3bus13 t1_j9yp5er wrote

Sure pay the state and lose your rights...


Critical_Band5649 t1_j9yvnv8 wrote

Not everyone gives a fuck about owning a gun. I'd rather live without chronic pain than have the right to buy a gun that I'll never purchase.


Er3bus13 t1_j9yw2ur wrote

If you are ok with signing away your rights that's fine. Not everyone is looking to do that and pay the state for the privilege. Shit should be legal across ed the board period.


insofarincogneato t1_j9z6vv0 wrote

I've yet to see prolific gun rights organizations support change in this law because they are Republican backed and the party has an anti weed stance. Going against their Republican donors would be suicide.

Maybe until it's legal across the board we should be convincing republican lobbying groups disguised as gun rights groups to actually advocate for freedom.

The GOP doesn't have a monopoly on gun ownership, make groups like the NRA more appealing🤷


Jerryjb63 t1_j9z7tww wrote

Just the people that are realistic and don’t want people that use drugs to have access to firearms. To be honest, I bet if you had a similar law with guns and alcohol, gun deaths would be severely cut. Having people use a depressant that impairs judgment and giving them a gun is a recipe for suicide or violence.


Expandexplorelive t1_ja2n8cw wrote

You're sorely mistaken if you think cannabis has a comparable effect to alcohol on someone's propensity for violence.


Jerryjb63 t1_ja5ilnq wrote

You’re sorely mistaken if you think cannabis effects everyone the same.


Expandexplorelive t1_ja5jwgi wrote

Where did I say it does?


Jerryjb63 t1_ja7zjue wrote

When you say “if you think cannabis has a comparable….”

That implies that alcohol effects everyone worse than cannabis and that’s not always the case. Especially if you have a first time user with mental health issues. I’m a daily user of cannabis, but let’s be honest about it. It’s not for everyone.


GoodLuckWithWhatever t1_ja2x35j wrote

You obviously know nothing about cannabis if you think cannabis and guns are a recipe for disaster.

Alcohol is the real problem but thats legal so we ignore it.


Jerryjb63 t1_ja5igcm wrote

I use cannabis daily. I also sold guns for 3 years at a gun store. I also think that things only change through compromise, and I don’t think it’s ridiculous to not want people using drugs around guns…

Also, my point was that alcohol and guns do cause a lot of deaths. I know of at least 3 people personally that have killed themselves under the influence of alcohol. If we had a law that prevented people from owning guns that drank heavily or have depression it could prevent a lot of suicides (think red flag laws which many places are now implementing).


Mijbr090490 t1_j9yzh15 wrote

You can own a gun. Just can't buy one unless you want to lie. They can't access the MMJ database for a background check. You can buy long guns private party with no background check. Keep your card tucked somewhere safe unless you are getting from the dispo and don't have it on your person when in possession of a firearm.


MaybeADumbass t1_ja0amov wrote

>They can't access the MMJ database for a background check.

For now. That was changed by an executive order from Wolf. It can be undone in an instant by any other governor.

You cannot legally own a gun in any state if you use cannabis because federal prohibition makes any user a prohibited person.


joeco316 t1_ja11x2m wrote

How would this actually be enforced? For the purposes of this question, let’s assume that the mmj database remains how it is now, inaccessible. Let’s say someone owns guns and has a medical marijuana card and medical marijuana. How would this violation be enforced, and by whom? Can local police arrest you for violating a federal but not state law? Can they “call in” feds if they discover this violation? Assuming you don’t have federal law enforcement officers investigating you for another reason, how would you come onto their radar?


MaybeADumbass t1_jaafzac wrote

I'm honestly not sure. I think it's automatically illegal to possess a gun by PA law if you are a prohibited person by federal law or something like that but I am not a lawyer. I know that if you fail a background check the prosecution is done locally under PA law so it would make sense.

I would assume then that being caught with weed and a firearm in PA could be prosecuted even with a MMJ card, since you're a prohibited person by federal law. Supposedly just having a valid MMJ card (from any state) is evidence that someone is a user, so likewise I think being caught with just an MMJ card and a firearm (e.g. in a traffic stop or a visit to your house for something unrelated) could be prosecuted.

I don't know how likely that would be, but If I had an MMJ card, I would absolutely keep it 100% separate from anything firearm-related all the time. That's not a risk I would take but I'd guess most people would be OK for years.

What I would truly worry about is if the PSP were given access to the database again.

They already have access to the database(s) of people with a License to Carry Firearms . If they had access to the database(s) of MMJ card holders, it would be a pretty simple task to compare the names on one to the names on the other and see who lands on both. Anyone with an MMJ card older than their LCTF has automatically committed a felony and they have their signature on the proof. They can be prosecuted with just a little bit of paperwork. Everyone else could have their LCTF immediately revoked at least since they're known to be prohibited.

I'm not sure what they are allowed to do with the record of handgun transfers, you'd have to ask a lawyer. It wouldn't be hard to match people up, but I don't know whether they could prosecute you if you had an MMJ card when you did a transfer, but it's also a felony since you lied on the form and that would technically be proof. I think they could more easily prosecute anyone going forward. It probably wouldn't be difficult to link the MMJ database(s) to the PICS check and fail you when you try to buy a gun. If they didn't do that they could still easily cross-reference afterward and prosecute you just as easily.

I don't recommend owning firearms and holding an MMJ card at the same time, but if someone decided to do it, I'd suggest not buying any handguns or new long guns and absolutely not applying for (or renewing!) a License to Carry Firearms as long as you hold it.