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Unique-Public-8594 t1_j98ev6f wrote

They literally never even glance to see if there are cars behind them.

(The mirror isn’t even adjusted for them.)


tantamle OP t1_j98f0on wrote

Maybe. I've never thought of this really. It's one thing to see some drivers glance behind them more than others. But do some literally never look back??? Seems unlikely.


Unique-Public-8594 t1_j98gvkn wrote

Some do not adjust mirrors and never look in mirrors and never look back by turning their heads. What is behind them they do not consider important nor their problem. What is behind them is someone else’s problem. Selfish or dim witted “simple folk.”


Unique-Public-8594 t1_j98eph6 wrote

They falsely assume their speed will be the maximum speed for all?


tantamle OP t1_j98eun8 wrote

They might think that at first. But what prevents them from either observing that others are looking to pass, or moving over?


BeatsMeByDre t1_j98fnsa wrote

Because they don't understand that is MY RAGE KNOWS NO BOUNDS


NEPA570 t1_j98fo0b wrote

People don't care and you can't fix stupid.


thekush t1_j98gjar wrote

All three. And sometimes these driver qualify for more than one reason.

It's not uncommon for me to make the best time in the far right hand lane, especially where the turnpike is 3 lanes.


Bluejeep10 t1_j98j8wj wrote

Unaware. Also because they moved to the left lane to help with someone merging, but they are not comfortable doing 80 and cannot merge back to the slow lane in a timely fashion? I vote unaware as my first guess tho.


thunderGunXprezz t1_j98jg77 wrote

As a resident along a major (in this area anyway) 4 lane highway, I can extend a small allowance for anyone who needs to make a left somewhere in the near future, but it's almost never that.

Some people think that whatever speed they want to drive should be how everyone else drives. When that speed is 65+ it's generally not an issue in the left lane. However, when they think that 5+ the speed limit in a 40 mph zone and all the sudden become a gatekeeper complaining about the guy riding their bumper when they literally just did the same thing to the dude doing 40 mph half a mile down the road, I get annoyed.

My advice to my wife and my son as he starts driving has always been, stay out of the passing lane unless you're passing. If you aren't gunning it to get passed whoever is in the right lane (or as mentioned earlier, turning etc) you really don't have any reason to be in the left lane.

My Heaven includes highways where everyone just drives the same speed in the right lane and the left lane is empty.


Unique-Public-8594 t1_j98et17 wrote

They actually forget that they shouldn’t be there unless they are passing?


netfleek t1_j98hyr4 wrote

Sometimes because the heavier trucks mostly stay in the right hand lane, the right hand lane is beat to heck and really bumpy.


thunderGunXprezz t1_j98jo9j wrote

Equally annoying are drivers in the left lane who stay in your blind spot. Either pass me or don't.


Unique-Public-8594 t1_j98ll0x wrote

Some are deep in thought about their first time to St. John, how to help their distressed daughter, or how to prevent their dog from biting their toddler.


tantamle OP t1_j98lsa8 wrote

I mean...these are the most sympathetic narrative you could come up with. And they are ultimately doing something that is illegal.


Gymfrog007 t1_j98mfwk wrote

Because they feel entitled. And for a conversation I had with someone who does it. “Because if the Speed limit is 55, and I am going 55 in th e left lane, you don’t need me to pull over” They are also people who like to try to impose their will and beliefs on others. They want to be in charge. That…. And some are just stupid.


atlashoth t1_j98icwk wrote

Is the high way left lane not capped at around 65 or 70mph? I casually go 60 in the right lane. Too poor to afford a car that can go faster than that.


bobbycherry t1_j98iiq2 wrote

I think it's a matter of using both lanes to travel. A lot of people don't obey the rules of the road. For example, it's the same posted speed in all lanes. I wonder if all those people breaking the law by speeding by me truly follow the left-hand law and get over ever?


You have to remember that if they are passing someone driving slower in the right lane, their passing speed might not be the same speed you're crusing at. So, maybe, the speeding driver should readjust and follow the posted speed.


tantamle OP t1_j98j6t0 wrote

I'm talking about highways with several lanes.