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ramvan t1_ja83he5 wrote

Come on, GOP, you’re almost there. If a med card shouldn’t get in the way of owning a gun, make the next tiny leap and legalize it recreationally. Raise more tax money and reduce crime and the prison population!


beef_is_here t1_ja86du8 wrote

They were with you until you said “reduce the prison population.”


ramvan t1_ja8bn4i wrote

People are still getting arrested for pot, as dumb as that is.


beef_is_here t1_ja8bz50 wrote

Yeah, just as the GOP wants. They don’t want to STOP putting people in jail, they would prefer to put MORE people in jail.


--Cr1imsoN-- t1_ja99773 wrote

Yeah, the GOP needs their slaves ummm I mean they need their forced labor... wait...that's not right either... ummm


drxdrg08 t1_ja8p9y2 wrote

> they would prefer to put MORE people in jail

What's the incentive to do that do you think?


WallStSucksChinaDick t1_ja8skuh wrote

Are you asking why? Because private prisons will not filled themselves up on their own. Follow money. Profit.


drxdrg08 t1_ja9qrnu wrote

There are no private prisons in this state.


Dagon_Targaryen t1_ja8ze41 wrote

The for profit prison industry for one but mainly who do you think gets disproportionately arrested and convicted of these crimes….


drxdrg08 t1_ja9qt70 wrote

There are no private prisons in this state.


Dagon_Targaryen t1_ja9s9dq wrote

The state owns the prisons but contracts out to private for profit security companies like The GEO Group to run our prisons. Nice try though.


drxdrg08 t1_ja9uz6h wrote

That's not true. Prison guards are unionized civil service positions.


Dagon_Targaryen t1_ja9xn6n wrote

My guy I don’t think you are quite grasping the concept that PA has a mixture of state run and contracted facilities.

What’s funny is you can even look through by district and region on the site and see which are contract too.


Odd_Shirt_3556 t1_ja914xb wrote

Do you know where a lot of people get arrested for weed? College and Universities… The reason why is even more bizarre. The Federal Government has a law that says if they don’t charge drug crimes that the school could lose federal funds and aid. Also once you are convicted, you are ineligible for federal aid.


[deleted] t1_ja8d9me wrote

I don’t think very many people are going to jail for weed these days, unless it’s use was a parole violation or something. Or if they’re dealing, but the easy way to get rid of the street dealers is to legalize it recreationally.


Black_Fish1 t1_ja8f6rj wrote

Smelling pot still a valid suspicion for searching a car?


dallasfan1985 t1_ja9vdn7 wrote

Don’t know why this got downvoted. I work in a state prison, and can assure you there’s nobody in there for weed anymore. That is a leftist misconception. As a matter of fact parolees don’t even get brought back for weed/failing a urine test. The people that belong there are there. The woke DAs aren’t prosecuting violent offenses like they should be. I don’t see how much more we could lower the state prison population without becoming NY or California.


Fluiddruid4k t1_ja8zm80 wrote

You’d think Republicans would all be down for loosing up gun restrictions. Smh not the republicans that they use to be


[deleted] t1_ja9i6kt wrote

Yeah, they are no longer the party of small government. They want to tell you who you can love, they want to force Christianity through the government, and now they prove they don’t really support the 2nd amendment.


AdriftAtLast t1_jac1ngi wrote

It's really strange actually. Whenever it counts, meaningful gun legislation protecting gun ownership and cleaning up purposefully obfuscated laws is never brought to the table.

Gun rights should never be a politically sided issue. An armed populace is harder to oppress.


Subliminal87 t1_ja8m0il wrote

When we past medical marijuana, the top republican literally cried to the news. We have a few years to go sadly I’m sure.


[deleted] t1_ja8d3gg wrote

If I can’t own a gun because I use medical marijuana, then anyone prescribed medication or who consumes alcohol should also be prohibited.


Guazzabuglio t1_jacm7dt wrote

Technically the question on the paperwork is phrased:

> Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance? Warning: The use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medicinal or recreational purposes in the state where you reside.

So it should count for other drugs too. The thing is, it's vague and not enforced.


fatherofallthings t1_ja8vqw9 wrote

I don’t get the “can’t have a gun if you smoke pot, but it’s damn murican to down a bottle of Jack and shoot your shotguns”


ScienceWasLove t1_ja9kbto wrote

Shooting shotguns while drunk is not legal.


LilDutchy t1_ja9lfv0 wrote

Can you bring up the statute for that?


LilDutchy t1_ja9vg5h wrote

Reckless endangerment doesn’t specifically cover getting drunk and shooting shotguns.


ScienceWasLove t1_jaa6y8h wrote

True. It doesn’t specify any specific action. Shooting guns while UI sure does qualify….

§ 2705. Recklessly endangering another person. A person commits a misdemeanor of the second degree if he recklessly engages in conduct which places or may place another person in danger of death or serious bodily injury.


HeyZuesHChrist t1_jacj76j wrote

Sure, it can be reckless but it absolutely is not illegal to fire a shotgun after drinking alcohol. That alone is not illegal. You know this.


PsychicSarahSays t1_ja7uxuq wrote

Interesting article. It sounds so complicated, how other states are adding in state-level legislature to essentially override the federal mandate that marijuana use prevents purchasing of firearms.

On the other hand, this move makes me wonder how much is it just a show for politics. I have not heard any stories of Pennsylvanians being arrested for purchasing firearms while holding a medical marijuana card. It would seem to me that police probably feel like that alone is not worth their resources or time.


HomicidalHushPuppy t1_ja7wsr4 wrote

> I have not heard any stories of Pennsylvanians being arrested for purchasing firearms while holding a medical marijuana card.

But at the same time, the threat of federal charges is enough to stop people from purchasing a firearm, which is itself a form of infringement on one's otherwise-legal rights.


Benanov t1_ja7x0fr wrote

It's not that they're overriding the federal mandate - it's that they copied the federal mandate.

If the federal mandate was lifted tomorrow, state law would still make it illegal to use cannabis legally and own firearms.

To properly lift the restrictions, both laws need to be repealed.


*rolleyes* Of course the Republicans in this state only care about positive Cannabis law when it affects their ability to own firearms


HomicidalHushPuppy t1_ja853vu wrote

>Of course the Republicans in this state only care about positive Cannabis law when it affects their ability to own firearms

I agree with the sentiment but at least it's finally getting attention, I'll take what I can get


H_P_S t1_ja86wp8 wrote

> Of course the Republicans in this state only care about positive Cannabis law when it affects their ability to own firearms

sometimes the worst people you know can make a great point


prmoore11 t1_ja7yxc8 wrote

That’s because people are lying on their 4473s, which is a big crime and they shouldn’t have to. I don’t see how this will really carry weight, but it’s something that should be pursued, and could be a potential hot issue if PA ever recreationalizes marijuana.

It’s not just regular gun sales that this rule discourages, but other NFA stuff like suppressors/etc which require much more paperwork/effort to obtain.


unenlightenedgoblin t1_ja88yh4 wrote

I’m against laws existing on paper which a motivated cop or DA can use to deny you rights if they wished to do so. Bad laws shouldn’t be unenforced, they should be eliminated.


BukkakeKing69 t1_ja8jl78 wrote

An Oklahoma circuit court judge ruled the federal prohibition of guns with marijuana use unconstitutional. This happened about a month ago. I don't know if the DOJ appealed the ruling or not but that's probably what has sparked state level interest in this law.


insofarincogneato t1_ja92q8e wrote

Maybe, but the law is enough for my very conservative father to put off getting his medical card. They stopped prescribing the only pain medicine that somewhat helped because it's an opioid and the illegal weed he's been buying is the only thing that helps. Medical card or not, they need to stop considering weed users a prohibited person on the 4473.... So now he's breaking two federal laws so that the government doesn't know he wants to own guns and use weed to treat his chronic pain.

So, I'll take it🤷


WearySeaTurtle t1_ja8f2o8 wrote

I can get hammered then do some dumbshit with a fire arm, but don't you dare think of smoking the devils lettuce!


drunkmonkey176 t1_ja8liuu wrote

Purchasing the firearm doesn't change the fact that they will still throw the book at you if something happens and you have marijuana in your system. Just look at the bullshit DUIs they hand out to card holders that get pulled over.


JesusOfBeer t1_ja8mz5w wrote

GOP wants less freedom?


glitch83 t1_jaa530k wrote

Yes. Imagine what kind of characature of a high person would be threatening with a gun.


SSFx93 t1_ja8xuzt wrote

Okay but what piece of legislation are they going to sneak into this bill?


Atrocious_1 t1_ja93rbb wrote

That is required by the federal government. He doesn't even understand the issue.


insofarincogneato t1_ja94cau wrote

That's kinda good, but it's also kinda worse that police have discretion on which federal laws to enforce instead of senators actually changing a law.

Gee, I wonder which demographic will benefit from this 🤔

Fucking legalize it already.


artful_todger_502 t1_ja9cmgu wrote

It's all performative. Means nothing. When you fill out FFL form, it asks you if you use illegal drugs, have mental issues, and are wanted by law enforcement, etc ... Real stupid stuff like that. I'm going to go out on a limb here and bet that no one picking up a gun admitted to being a mentally disturbed drug addict and said, "gee gun shop man, I'm stoned right now and on the run, so I better not buy this." I mean, really, cannabis users are not affected in any way if they just lie about it.


Fine-Blacksmith-9330 t1_jaaan84 wrote

It’s a federal disqualifier the state police have no say so over it


Fine-Blacksmith-9330 t1_jaab0kk wrote

No law against target practice while you are drunk. No law against drinking while carrying a firearm no law against being in a bar while carrying a firearm.


raven4747 t1_jaciq0l wrote

well, you know what they say about blind squirrels and nuts...


artisanrox t1_jacxbca wrote

Wow, GOP, I hope you move this ffffn fast with voting rights, too.


RealLiveKindness t1_ja8hise wrote

Buy private prison stock.


ewyorksockexchange t1_ja9phbf wrote

PA has no private state prisons. I think the only private correctional facility in the state is Delco’s county lockup, and there the commissioners are trying to make that facility public.


drewbaccaAWD t1_jaah8ov wrote

You know, I never thought about this.. you're correct. Interesting trivia on PA I hadn't considered.


Safe_Can_6758 t1_ja8azo3 wrote

They need to be careful where they tread. They could get their asses caught up in a HIPPA violation.


ewyorksockexchange t1_ja9p7r4 wrote

HIPAA* only applies to medical providers like doctors offices, not the government or most other entities (except in the instances where the government is a medical provider, like the VA).


Bolmac t1_jab3mid wrote

Marijuana is only legal for medical use in Pennsylvania, so it does apply in this case.


Safe_Can_6758 t1_ja9scex wrote

That is correct however, neither the government or LE has any business knowing what you medicate with. If any dispensary released who their patients were it would hit the fan.


sx70forlifexx t1_ja7ueif wrote

But not pill addicts or drunks Typical bullshit


[deleted] t1_ja7vguw wrote



Benanov t1_ja7wt28 wrote

Not even technically. They're forbidden by federal law. I haven't seen any stories, but part of it is because most of the firearm owning people I know do not want to be the test case.


--Cr1imsoN-- t1_ja99oq4 wrote

Why are you being downvoted for this?

It's true. GOP goes after pot smokers, but then the VIOLENT alcoholic gets to own as many guns as they want? GOP are a bunch of hypocrites.