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HeyImGilly t1_j9c1745 wrote

“and we hope the community understands this is an individual’s act and does not reflect our law enforcement men and women.” Yeah ok. We all saw what happened at Uvalde. That guy’s coworkers probably saw signs of this sort of behavior and did nothing. Go a few years without a video of a cop using excessive force and then you get to say that.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j9c48jn wrote

Pittsburgh had a cop who couldn't stop shooting people and costing the city money through wrongful death lawsuits. He even left a bar completely shitfaced and pistolwhipped a random passerby and shot him over some sort of phantom disrespect, and no action was taken.

They finally got rid of him in 2021. 13 years after the incident in that story.


IamSauerKraut t1_j9fbrxy wrote

... and then there is the story of Jay Splain, the trigger happy PSP Trooper...


Thecrawsome t1_j9cdb98 wrote

They don't even charge him with attempted murder. No murder on there at all.

>felony aggravated assault, making terroristic threats, recklessly endangering another person and simple assault.

Also, the bar owner had to save the patrons from the cop:

>Police saw people leaving the building and trying to get away from the suspected shooter. When the officers made their way to the front door they found the building owner Joseph Morrison who had the suspect, later identified as Dodson, pinned to the ground and had taken the gun away from him, according to Clark.


HeyZuesHChrist t1_j9d3rn4 wrote

This blew my mind. If be were not a cop he would be facing attempted murder charges for shooting someone in the face.


Greeny427 t1_j9e2oo0 wrote

So I live in Clearfield a couple exits down the interstate, work with multiple people from Dubois. The firearm supposedly went off when during the fighting and the person who was injured was at the bar with the shooter. Therefore they might not be pressing charges for “attempted murder” but I have absolutely no idea how relevant that is to the charge.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j9f60bz wrote

The guy shouldn't be bringing a gun to the bar. Fuck's sake.
Booze and firearms do not mix under any circumstances.


andrewjm13 t1_j9h5pcv wrote

Police officers are required to be armed at all times there also required to be ready for duty at a moments notice

Hence the officer although off duty should not be intoxicated at all

But those charges would be brought by interal affairs after any criminal investigation


shanafme t1_j9hhow2 wrote

Trust me, Curwensville doesn’t have any form of an “internal affairs” department.


andrewjm13 t1_j9i2qda wrote

Then it falls on the public to pressure for a federal investigation


shanafme t1_j9i3boc wrote

Tell me you haven’t lived in Curwensville without telling me you haven’t lived in Curwensville.


TylerDaKid t1_j9kqxwm wrote

I'm sorry dude but that is vehemently not true LOL police are ALLOWED to carry their firearms at all times, but they are not required to. That would be ridiculous. That means you would never have a moment off work. No point in even taking off your uniform at that point. Google something for 10 seconds before you try to tell people things are a fact. This is what's wrong with the world today is that people just say things that are objectively false and everyone just believes it. Not to mention my neighbor is also a lieutenant police officer in Philadelphia, and he does not conceal or open carry.


No_Future9553 t1_j9el4zz wrote

Usually that’s when the county picks up the charges and does what needs to be done … guess they don’t do that with police . 🙄


worstatit t1_j9jz0da wrote

Possibly the owner grabbing him caused an "accidental" discharge? Not excusing the behavior, just explaining the lacking charge.


Thecrawsome t1_j9k02p1 wrote

Dude left and came back 8 min later with that same gun. Brandished it, and pointed it.


ksquad80 t1_j9dbz8j wrote

They may add charges. It just happened this weekend.


OneHumanPeOple t1_j9dh5p8 wrote

Then why simple assault? Aggravated assault involves a deadly weapon. Why didn’t they at least start there?


BackmarkerLife t1_j9do1h5 wrote

> felony aggravated assault, making terroristic threats, recklessly endangering another person and simple assault.

I made the text bold so it would help.


ksquad80 t1_j9ejycb wrote

I don't know why you're being upvoted (and I downvoted) when you've got the wrong information. It wasn't a charge of simple assault, it was an aggravated felony assault.

They start with lesser charges and then the D.A. can add on. That's how it works.

Reddit is collectively fuckin stupid.


ahtzib t1_j9c4r7k wrote

They’re letting 7th graders be cops now?


shanafme t1_j9cogze wrote

Sounds like the Clearfield County Man-Child DA is going to do all that he can to make sure no serious charges are pressed.


CostofRepairs t1_j9c30oq wrote

5’6” and loser phenotype. Bet he got beat up a lot in high school.


mrboozer OP t1_j9c3jpb wrote

He looks like someone who bit me in a fight once.


CostofRepairs t1_j9c74d8 wrote

I actually bit a guy in a fight once, so I don’t have room to throw that one around.


defusted t1_j9c4syh wrote

"I'll show you guys! I'll be a cop then you can't hit me!"


300blakeout t1_j9dpur4 wrote

As of late, the saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover” has lost its luster. It’s almost as if the cover of books always accurately represent the content within nowadays.


five_eight t1_j9bq11g wrote

"Dodson was employed by the Curwensville Borough Police Department and was a deputy sheriff with the Clearfield County Sheriff’s Department". Which? Both?


mrboozer OP t1_j9brdjb wrote

Probably both, but I'm not sure. Curwensville borough is located within Clearfield county.


five_eight t1_j9brot4 wrote

That's some serious double dipping! Maybe "previously" should have been in there somewhere. Pathetic story anyway.


Excelius t1_j9c7m06 wrote

You might be surprised by the number of places that rely on part-time officers being paid Walmart wages. Like anyone else in that situation, it often requires holding down multiple jobs to make ends meet.

Curwensville Borough has about 2500 people. The Curwensville Borough website lists a grand total of two employees for the police department, the Chief and a School Resource Officer. Very common to see part time officers in places with a limited tax base like that.

According to the municipal budget on the website the borough budgets for the chief, one full time patrol officer, one part time patrol officer, and the school officer. The budget for the part time patrol officer is $32K, the Chief gets $56K.


JohnDeere714 t1_j9dqtbg wrote

Reading some of these comments shows me people do not understand how weird and sometimes fucked up clearfield county actually is. This is actually one of the first few news stories I’ve read in a while on that didn’t involve 814 pred hunters getting someone from out of state arrested.


inflatabledancintube t1_j9el2pp wrote

what are 814 pred hunters?


JohnDeere714 t1_j9f3ntw wrote

It’s a group based in clearfield county. They pretty much bait predators and usually help get them arrested. That is if state police actually do their job. They’re sort of like to catch a predator


shanafme t1_j9hi1pp wrote

Hell, I’m just glad to see Curwensville in the news for something other than citizens being arrested for “sex with animals”. I wish I was making that up.


JohnDeere714 t1_j9hvrkx wrote

Nah. You gotta tell me this now. First I’m hearing of it


JohnDeere714 t1_j9hxbg4 wrote

That’s fucked


shanafme t1_j9hy4sx wrote

Yep, sure is. And I feel like there was another more recent story along the same lines but I couldn’t find anything. I know some good people in that town, but there are some pretty odd ducks as well.


Optimal_Spend779 t1_j9coxn3 wrote

From there. Total trash place filled with garbage humans. Not shocked at all.


drunkmonkey176 t1_j9fdd72 wrote

Cops will never have my respect until they are willing to hold their own accountable and not act like spoiled brats when they are. This piece of shit was kicked out of the State Police and never should have been given a job in law enforcement anywhere in the country again.


scotticusphd t1_j9crdhh wrote

Guns in bars should be illegal. Full stop.


Griever1983 t1_j9e57i7 wrote

Not only that, you should be keeping yourself out of any situation that could escalate when carrying a firearm. If someone is getting heated, apologize and bow out. Ego and carrying a gun doesn't work well.


Hib3rnian t1_j9d60p1 wrote

How'd this meatloaf get onto the force 😂


crazypants9 t1_j9f9iho wrote

Pull a gun and shoot someone and what?