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mrboozer OP t1_j9brdjb wrote

Probably both, but I'm not sure. Curwensville borough is located within Clearfield county.


five_eight t1_j9brot4 wrote

That's some serious double dipping! Maybe "previously" should have been in there somewhere. Pathetic story anyway.


Excelius t1_j9c7m06 wrote

You might be surprised by the number of places that rely on part-time officers being paid Walmart wages. Like anyone else in that situation, it often requires holding down multiple jobs to make ends meet.

Curwensville Borough has about 2500 people. The Curwensville Borough website lists a grand total of two employees for the police department, the Chief and a School Resource Officer. Very common to see part time officers in places with a limited tax base like that.

According to the municipal budget on the website the borough budgets for the chief, one full time patrol officer, one part time patrol officer, and the school officer. The budget for the part time patrol officer is $32K, the Chief gets $56K.