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sx70forlifexx t1_j9kxivm wrote

Dear god this is a pathetic piece of writing


PregnantSuperman t1_j9l704i wrote

Why? Spotlight is a legit bastion of investigative journalism. They're not some biased right wing outlet.


[deleted] t1_j9lzwar wrote



PregnantSuperman t1_j9m3aoj wrote

Criticizing a politician doesn't make an outlet conservative. I love Shapiro and I'm a bleeding heart liberal but I also respect Spotlight for being a hard working "good journalism" outlet. They're essentially a consortium of investigative journalists from various respected PA news outlets like PBS affiliates and the Philadelphia Inquirer (ie as far from conservative outlets as they come).

Obviously as an investigative outlet about state politics a lot of their focus is on Shapiro right now given he's the top dog. But look at their investigations and you'll see plenty of pieces about the general bureaucracy or GOP legislators.

I highly recommend you actually familiarize yourself with something before you criticize it just because you don't like a headline.


ewyorksockexchange t1_j9mms5f wrote

To add to this, Spotlight PA has produced the most rigorous, thorough, and honestly critical investigative journalism in the state out of any news group dealing with state and local issues since their organization came into being. They tend to lean left if anything, but are not afraid to take up any issue if they sense something amiss is going on, regardless of what parenthetical letter comes behind the names of those involved.

I consume a lot of their content because it’s syndicated in a digital newspaper I subscribe to, and I can confidently say this is a Ben Shapiro vs Andrew Neil thing for the commenter you’re replying to.


Ok-Twist921 t1_j9oqoys wrote

And this is and example of why Democrats don’t actually have to do anything they promise to get elected