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Redlar t1_jai142a wrote

>Let's not stereotype so much, please. I'm a boomer and think it's a great idea

For what it's worth, the youngins say "boomer" refers not just to someone from the Boomer generation, it's used to refer to people that behave like the worst attributes of Boomers, it can also be used by people that don't care about the meaning, they just want to annoy others. It's also used to be dismissive, ex: "okay boomer" could be a response to someone overly explaining something (yes, I do get the irony of my comment)

It's funny being GenX, mostly ignored but now I get to look at the older and younger generations and see that they are using the same words but the definitions have been added to or changed and it doesn't seem anyone's been notified (the word "liberal" being another one)


ackmon t1_jaj9wrs wrote

Ok. I suppose it means many things to different people. In the comment that prompted my response I'm pretty sure it wasn't meant to be so nuanced.