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12darrenk t1_jdlzjyh wrote

At least 2 dead and 9 unaccounted for at this time. I kinda of doubt this was employer negligence, but you never know. All signs are pointing to a natural gas explosion. Could have been a freak thing or an accident that caused the leak/explosion.


vintageideals OP t1_jdmccg4 wrote

Yeah, I’m waiting to hear the official cause. I keep hearing it was a gas explosion as well.


NeilPoonHandler t1_jdmh2rr wrote

Apparently it’s up to 5 people dead now and 6 missing :(


12darrenk t1_jdmleue wrote

That information has been corrected at a news conference. 2 dead, 5 still unaccounted for. Supposedly the earlier information came from PEMA. It's a bit concerning that the state is giving out information that has to be corrected by local officials.