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Calint t1_jd9lkma wrote

Not OP, but here are some numbers I found.

During the 1980-1981 school year, public and private institutions spent $20.7 billion in total on instruction, and $13 billion on academic support, student services and institutional support combined, according to data from the National Center for Educational Statistics. By the 2014-2015 school year, total instructional costs had climbed to $148 billion, while the same grouping of administrative expenses had risen to $122.3 billion.

Put another way, administrative spending comprised just 26% of total educational spending by American colleges in 1980-1981, while instructional spending comprised 41%. Three decades later, the two categories were almost even: administrative spending made up 24% of schools’ total expenditures, while instructional spending made up 29%.

Forbes Article from 2017


Pink_Slyvie t1_jd9m7lu wrote

These are not things to cut.


Calint t1_jd9o1b7 wrote

That was not the question you asked in this thread. The claim was admins are 4x larger today than the 1990s. You said show the numbers. I provided numbers.