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Jiveturkwy158 t1_jd9mfwt wrote

Don’t get me wrong I agree with the sentiment, but if psu got rid of 16/17 admins at 60k/yr (inclusive of benefits this is a reasonable cost per employee) it would save them a mil/yr. Seems like a good solution instead of hiking up costs even more.


Jon3141592653589 t1_jdawxyk wrote

PSU has a $149M deficit for their FY23 budget. $1M is pennies in the couch, and a lot of lower-administrators actually serve key support roles. Something is horribly wrong.


Pink_Slyvie t1_jd9ry48 wrote

And who should start doing their jobs?


Roninkin t1_jd9vqh1 wrote

Have you ever seen the board of a college? They do no work their easy enough to abandon.