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kormer t1_jd9wdbo wrote

It's cheaper to go to West Virginia as an out of stater than PSU in-state. Let that sink in for a moment.


Chimpskibot t1_jdd6jd0 wrote

WVU is really only considered for most jobs here in PA or surrounding Appalachian states. A degree from PSU is highly regarded in almost all major metro areas. This isn’t a fair comparison.


wvuhskr t1_jdda6kr wrote

That’s not true at all? My degree from WVU got me a job right after graduating in Atlanta


Chimpskibot t1_jddbcxx wrote

Are u joking. This is why I say it’s not highly regarded. Atlanta metro is in Appalachia LOL.


wvuhskr t1_jde99xk wrote

Wtf are you talking about? It's one of the fastest growing metros and economies in the country

>Atlanta metro is in Appalachia LOL.

If we're calling "part of North Georgia" as the Atlanta metro, I guess? You should get out more.


FolesNick9 t1_jddf7zz wrote

Unless you're shooting for a fortune 100 company, nobody is gonna balk at a degree from WVU.. Additionally, after being in the workforce for a few years nobody gives a fuck about the school, just that you've got a degree and what your experience is


wvuhskr t1_jde9tmz wrote

> Unless you're shooting for a fortune 100 company

Even then it really comes down to your degree. I had a few friends get jobs with ExxonMobil & Lockheed with their engineering degrees after graduation.


Pink_Slyvie t1_jdb5vl2 wrote

What do you expect from a state that is pushing for genocide on its trans youth.


wvuhskr t1_jde9k80 wrote

Glass houses... PA is just purple enough that Republicans could take back the House & governor and we'd be right there with all these other states passing "don't say gay" laws and trans healthcare bans. Don't think it can't happen here too.


Pink_Slyvie t1_jded9o9 wrote

I know it can happen here. That's why we are so vocal about it.

Also, call them what they really are. Genocide Bills.


YonderMTN t1_jdas9fp wrote

Makes sense. WVU is a better school in a better location IMHO. State College sucks donkey balls.